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Climbfind introduces you to climbers in your local climbing community & around the world. It makes it easy to become familiar with and follow other climbers who climb where you climb. Use Climbfind to explore new climbing around you and find climbing partners to team up with.

  1. Ken Tucker
    Ken Tucker
    Bay Area

    My regular partner is off with his wife and I need a tr or lead partner for Thurs. I can do BIW or GWPC. I need my climbing time so...

    • Susan
      Susan 9 hours ago

      I am at Diablo Rock gym. That may be too far for you, but I could probably climb there tonight.

    • James Cranston
      James Cranston 5 hours ago

      I can probably do some leading tonight at Berkeley, GWPC, or Concord! Leading pretty low grade right now, but I'll be happy to belay on anything of course. Just shoot me a text -- 914.364.6142

    • Susan
      Susan 3 hours ago

      That's ok. My fingers are recovering from some gimpiness. I'm not really climbing much over 10D's. I can lead or TR and my leads are going to be really wimpy. =) I'm pretty open today.

  2. Spencer Martinez
    Spencer Martinez
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking to TR climb Friday night at 9 pm or so, instead of going to a dive bar, watching post-game highlights and playing billiards badly. Who's in?

  3. Bell Weiss
    Bell Weiss
    Great Western Power Company

    Hi, looking to top rope. I have belay experience! I'm focused and aware of safety. Getting back into it, my climbing is about 5.8/9 currently. Bell

  4. fabien
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking for a TR partner for Friday, any time from 6 am to 11pm

  5. Namitha Kumar
    Namitha Kumar
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking to TR in PGSF at 3.30pm this afternoon. Text me at 4085075497 if you're interested.

  6. Kristin Green
    Kristin Green
    Denver, CO

    I am somewhat new to Denver and am hoping to meet more folks in the climbing community. I climb about 4 times a week at Thrillseekers and am looking to get outside more. I can do 5.10s inside, and on those occasional low gravity days 5.11s. Looking for a … ...

    • Nathan Ward
      Nathan Ward 12 hours ago

      Im interested, Ill be in the area this friday through next tuesday. Ive got trad and sport gear and lead 5.7 and 5.10c respectively. also ill have my car so i can drive us to crag. lemme know, im really hoping to do some climbing while im in town 682-808-3728 Nathan

  7. Aaron Sefton
    Aaron Sefton
    Denver, CO

    Just moved to Denver from Nashville and looking for some climbing partners, friends, and outdoor adventure conspirators. I can lead 5.8's or top rope 5.9's and some 5.10's and have several years of experience belaying lead climbers. I'm looking for a par … ...

    • Nathan Ward
      Nathan Ward 12 hours ago

      Im interested, Ill be in the area this friday through tuesday. Ive got trad and sport gear and ill have my car so able to drive us to the crag. lemme know, 682-808-3728 -nathan

  8. Juan
    The Reach

    Anyone up for climbing on Sunday? Closest wall to me is The Reach. I'm flexible with times. Happy with leading or top-roping.

  9. Tina Tag
    Tina Tag
    Cliffhanger Vancouver Indoor Rock Climbing

    Looking for a climbing partner or partners on different days at Vancouvers own Cliffhanger for the next 2-3 weeks starting Aug 6th as they are under renovations for the next week. I did just begin so I can climb 8.7, 8.8 but really trying to push for … ...

  10. Tina Tag
    Tina Tag

    Looking for a climbing partner or partners on different days at Vancouvers Cliffhanger for the next 2-3 weeks starting Aug 6th as they are under renovations for the next week. Contact me at 604 339 4757!

  11. Samantha Gordon
    Samantha Gordon
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    I have recently lost my regular morning climbing partners. I like to TR Mon, Wed, Fri around 9:30 am for a couple hours. The gym is great that time of day, please get in touch if you are interested. Sam 908-242-0122

    • bob
      bob 21 hours ago

      Did he die--that's so sad :) ( fear not, I'll be back )

  12. Gabe Sukman
    Gabe Sukman
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking to TR or lead tomorrow afternoon or evening at PG Sunnyvale. Text 650-714-4143.

  13. elana k.
    elana k.
    Mission Cliffs

    Would you like to top-rope with me at Mission Cliffs? Send me a text at (415) 562-6098.

  14. michelle T
    michelle T
    Great Western Power Company

    Looking for a TR partner anytime Monday for GWPC. During the day preferred. I'm out of practice so climbing about 5.10a, but not a beginner.

  15. Richard Peterson
    Richard Peterson
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hello and thank you for reading. My name is Richard, I really want to get back into indoor rock climbing at planet granite in Belmont. I can meet mornings and evenings, weekdays or weekends. Saturday at 9:00 am is best. I'm open and flexible to time a … ...

  16. Carole Suarez
    Carole Suarez
    Joe Rockheads

    I'm a beginner climber who's looking to gain more experience. I'd really like to try climbing 2 weeks straight to get the most out of this unlimited 2 week pass I'm paying for. I live in the area and am down to climb anywhere from opening- 8 pm. Text me … ...

    • Carole Suarez
      Carole Suarez 1 day ago

      Or e-mail! at

  17. Spencer Martinez
    Spencer Martinez
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Just got back into this but apparently I am more enthusiastic than my friends. Is anyone up for a late rope climb workout tomorrow?

  18. angela chou
    angela chou
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Beginner climber looking for last minute TR climbing partner today from 4-5:30, or 7:30-8:30p.

    • MJ
      MJ 1 day ago

      I'll be down to climb around 7:30. Text me to confirm at 9196995183

  19. Chuck Barritt
    Chuck Barritt
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Anyone available for an early morning climb at PG S'vale - get in about 6am out by 8am to get to work. Let me know. Chuck. 650-533-4698 - Friday morning would also work if that's best for you.

  20. James Friedberg
    James Friedberg
    San Francisco

    I'm looking for someone who is trying to go outdoors at least once a week. I can set anchors for TR at all local crags. Learning to trad climb single pitch. My goal is to go on multi pitch cruisers and not to climb the hardest route possible.

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