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Climbfind introduces you to climbers in your local climbing community & around the world. It makes it easy to become familiar with and follow other climbers who climb where you climb. Use Climbfind to explore new climbing around you and find climbing partners to team up with.

  1. Ilan Grains
    Ilan Grains

    I have been climbing for half a year now, and am looking for a mentor to help me get into sport and trad climbing. I climb 5.10-11 depending on the techniques required. I am really hooked into this sport and going at it with full enthusiasm. I have a car … ...

  2. Aubrey
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    TR or lead starting around 4pm for 2 hours. Interested please leave number and I'll text back to confirm. Thx.

  3. Pablo Rodriguez de Mora
    Pablo Rodriguez de Mora
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a steady climbing partner! for weekend(afternoon) and weekdays late night. I have been climbing for 2years and around 5.11.

  4. Simon

    Someone for climbing Sunday? Wall or outside. cheers,

  5. Dieter Zechmeister
    Dieter Zechmeister
    west cornwall

  6. Danielle Traphagen
    Danielle Traphagen
    Mission Cliffs

    Hey everyone. Looking for a climbing partner to meet a couple times a week at Mission Cliffs. Currently on 5.10s myself... Will climb with any level. Must be OK with occasional jokes and bad dancing upon successful route completion. Dani: 949-331-8005

    • Gabbie
      Gabbie 1 hour ago

      Hi! When are you available? I could meet weekdays from 8-10 am and sometimes in the evening. -Gabbie

  7. Caroline
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hi, I am looking for a top rope partner for this Saturday (I climb 5.9s and am trying to hit the next level but am happy to belay a partner of any level). Please email me on if you are free. I am also sometimes free lat … ...

  8. Emanuel Moshiashvili
    Emanuel Moshiashvili

    Hi! I need to get a partner to go climbing in Montserrat Aug 7 - 8 or 18-19. I can pay cash if someone has experience in leading outdoors and can provide gear: rope, quickdraws and harness. If you don't have additional gear I can rent it. Please advice w … ...

  9. Emanuel Moshiashvili
    Emanuel Moshiashvili

    Hi! I need to get a partner to go climbing in Montserrat Aug 7 - 8 or 18-19. I can pay cash if someone has experience in leading outdoors and can provide gear: rope, quickdraws and harness. If you don't have additional gear I can rent it. Please advic … ...

  10. fabien
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking for TR partner tomorrow (friday) after 5:30pm.

  11. Jan Hofheiz
    Jan Hofheiz
    White Spider

    Hi. Anyone free to climb on Sunday afternoon, top rope our lead? I'm also looking for a regular partner who's free during the day. Text me or call on 07754077504

  12. Don Taylor
    Don Taylor
    San Francisco

    Looking to lead and or TR at MC or PG Friday -can start in am, but need to be off the wall by 3 pm. shoot me a text at 415-215-5220 if that works! Don

  13. Andie
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Anyone need a climbing partner (TR) this evening at Sunnyvale PG from 7:30-9? You may txt @ 650.305.9343

  14. Kristine Fisher
    Kristine Fisher
    South Bay

    Hello, I haven't climbed in almost a year. I'm getting back into indoor climbing this week. I am hoping to find someone who is available for regular Friday morning climbs at Planet Granite in the mornings between 6:30am and 8:00am. Please let me kn … ...

  15. Brena Jennett
    Brena Jennett
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    Hey, I am fairly new to climbing. I am looking for a climbing partner. I am free in the evenings after 7 or in the mornings on the weekends. Message me if you are interested.

    • jon t
      jon t 3 weeks ago

      Hey Brena. I have taken a break from climbing the last couple of months but looking to get back into climbing habit. Be glad to partner if want to go sometime. Jon

    • Patrick Luck
      Patrick Luck 3 weeks ago

      Hi Brena and Jon. I recently moved to the area and am also looking for climbing partners. I am available on weekends or after 6:30 PM. Email me at if either of you want to climb :-)

    • Anna Draganova
      Anna Draganova 2 weeks ago

      Brena, Jon, Patrick - Hi! I'm new too, and also looking for folks to go with. I'm currently climbing 5.7-5.8s, so if you're looking for someone experienced I'm probably not your best bet; if you want just any old belayer, message me or send me an email at I can usually make it to ET on weeknights after 7:00-7:30 (and later is totally fine) or morning/mid-day on weekends.

    • jon t
      jon t 2 weeks ago

      Hi Anna. You are welcome to join. The next time we are meeting up to climb is Wednesday at 7.

    • Patrick Luck
      Patrick Luck 2 weeks ago

      Absolutely Anna! We are always looking for climbing partners :-) Like Jon said, we are climbing at 7 on Wednesday. You can usually find us near the "Trade a Belay" whiteboard or just call mine or another member of the group's cell. My number is 920.382.1497

    • Raime Masket
      Raime Masket 1 day ago

      Hi all. I just moved to MD. I'm an experienced climber and I'm looking for partners. Is anyone up for climbing tonight?

  16. Raime Masket
    Raime Masket
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    I'm looking for someone to toprope with tonight. I'm an experienced belayer.

  17. Juan
    The Reach

    Hi, I'm looking for climbing partner(s) for August. I'm happy to belay anything. I climb at about 6b. I have a rope and I'm happy both leading & top-roping. I'm free to climb whenever (e.g. during the day when less busy etc).

    • nizam
      nizam 1 day ago

      Hi Juan, I can do an evening a week, climb at the same level. Can manage tomorrow if you are interested, away next week. Nizam 07967728248

    • Juan
      Juan 1 day ago

      Hi Nizam, cheers for the message! I won't be in London until the 2nd of August, but I'll get in touch once I'm there.

    • Andrew Young
      Andrew Young 1 day ago

      Tuesday and Thursday climbing Meet Up group at The Reach -

    • Juan
      Juan 1 day ago

      Thanks Andrew!

  18. Juan

    Anyone up for some sports climbing near Edinburgh tomorrow (friday)? North Berwick Law or Balgone Heughs? I climb up to about 6b.

  19. Larissa Phillips
    Larissa Phillips

    This is my first time on climbfind! I'm still not completely sure how this works, but I'm female, I've been climbing and teaching climbing for years, and I'm super laid back. I don't know anything in Seattle. I have a harness, but I didn't bring any othe … ...

  20. Steve Gubser
    Steve Gubser
    Yosemite National Park

    Trad climber with 20 years experience (incl Gunks, Tetons, Chamonix, and a few days following in the Valley). Ready to lead up to 5.7 and follow up to 5.9. Have rack, rope, car if needed. Prefer to start easy with a new partner. Valley or Tuolumne bu … ...

    • Paul Beaudoin
      Paul Beaudoin 1 day ago

      Hey Steve, I am thinking of heading out this coming weekend. Give me a call208-597-2127 Paul

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