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  1. Neil blake
    Neil blake
    Rifle Mountain Park

    I like rocks my email is

  2. Spidey
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking for a lead partner for ~2 hr session tomorrow. Prefer partners who weigh 170 or less. Prefer mornings but flex, must finish by 5pm. Pls have lead card already and leave number if interested. I'll txt back to confirm. Thx.

  3. Alex Hunt
    Alex Hunt
    The XC

    Hi there, I am a fairly competent climber, leading 6c/6c+ trying to push in to the 7's soon. i live in luton and cannot drive and my partner has recently relocated to swansea, if theres anyone wanting to climb in the evenings at xc give us a message.

  4. Drew Donato-Parayno
    Drew Donato-Parayno
    Westway Sports Centre

    Anyone available today 3 or 4 pm for lead and or top rope. Drew 07894336425

  5. Danny Grainger
    Danny Grainger

    Hello, is there anybody out there? I'm dying to get outside for a climb, anywhere at all, but unfortunately I don't have my rack nor rope with me, only shoes and harness. I am leading HVS and pushing onto E1 and really want to get E3 by the end of the su … ...

    • Jan Hofheiz
      Jan Hofheiz 2 weeks ago

      Hi Danny I'm planning to go to Harrison's rocks today if you're interested. Not what you were looking for I know but hey. Text me on 07754077504 if you want to meet.

    • Drew Donato-Parayno
      Drew Donato-Parayno 1 day ago

      Danny I'm going to Dorset Ariel via train next month . Do you want to climb indoors or first so we can get to know each other climbing wise. Drew 07894336425

  6. Jay

    I've newly moved to Vancouver, and looking for partners to climb. I normally climb 6a Which is 5.10a or b, But I'm not sure the system here yet.. Give me a ring at 7788638771 if anyone wants to climb, Thanks!

  7. Brian Chang
    Brian Chang
    Bay Area

    Anyone want to climb Mt St Helena tomorrow (Sat)? Looks like the only place without rain. I would be down for anything there. Can pickup in SF and on the way. Let me know, Brian.

    • Abdul Q Khan
      Abdul Q Khan 1 day ago

      if you are planning to go again next week or tomorrow(Sunday) I Will be happy to join.

  8. Vanessa Baker
    Vanessa Baker
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Hi folks! I'm looking to top rope at PG this afternoon. Pretty flexible on timing. I'm intermediate, climbing 10a through 10d now. (Dammit, last year I was climbing up to 11b but alas I've not been as regular in climbing this year.) Anyway, just loo … ...

  9. Randolph Wild
    Randolph Wild
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    Anyone interested in top roping tomorrow morning at about 9:30am? I can lead belay if you want to lead. Send an email to if you're interested.

  10. archana
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking for a beginner to intermediate belay climbing partner for today Sunday 25th. I'm kind of just beginner - had done up till 5.8. If interested pls text me at 408-768-3881

  11. Girish Wadhwani
    Girish Wadhwani
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking to TR around 11:15. Please text me at 415-370-4582 if you're up.

  12. Maya Chupkov
    Maya Chupkov
    San Francisco

    Looking to TR on Saturday in the morning at PG. I climb 10a-10ds. My number is 818 398 5659.

  13. shaul yogev
    shaul yogev
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking for someone to climb with (preferably lead) at Belmont tonight, because most routes in Sunnyvale are closed due to the comp tomorrow. text me (650)8884494. Thanks, Shaul

  14. shaul yogev
    shaul yogev
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for someone to climb with (preferably lead) at Belmont tonight. text me (650)8884494. Thanks, Shaul

  15. Pavel Volgarev
    Pavel Volgarev

    Looking for a climbing partner to climb Lead every Saturday or Sunday, indoor/outdoor any time of day (before noon is more preferable, though). I have all the gear (rope, slings, GRIGRI, etc.) and we can take my car to drive somewhere. Gym preference: a … ...

    • stas
      stas 6 days ago

      Hey Pavel. You are more then welcome to join us. We are out every weekend, usually Saturdays, climbing rock/drytooling. Drop me a line if it fits, All the best, Stas

    • Pavel Volgarev
      Pavel Volgarev 6 days ago

      Thanks, Stas. I might join you guys next week if that's okay (I'll PM you in advance). Cheers, Pavel.

    • stas
      stas 2 days ago

      Hey Pavel. We are heading to Elora for drytooling session tomorrow. Let me know if you're interested. my cell is 437-345-0134. All the best, Stas

  16. tina tag
    tina tag
    Cliffhanger Vancouver Indoor Rock Climbing

    Looking for someone to climb with today between 1 and 5. Can lead and working on top rope 11a/b right now. Text if you're available. 604 339 4757.

    • Alex S
      Alex S 3 days ago

      Cliffhagers Vancouver is closed today from 1 to 5 to private occassion, I believe.

    • tina tag
      tina tag 3 days ago

      just checked, they're closed from 230-5. So any time before 230 is good. ...Do you want to go? Haha

    • Alex S
      Alex S 3 days ago

      No, sorry, I'm working :) Just wanted to let you know :)

    • tina tag
      tina tag 3 days ago

      Shoot, okay hahaha thanks ;)

    • Soni U
      Soni U 2 days ago

      Hi Tina, I am available to climb next week any day between 1 and 5 if you are free as well

  17. Adam O'Brien
    Adam O'Brien
    Joe Rockheads

    Beginner-intermediate climber looking to climb either at Rock Oasis or Joe Rockhead's. Also available on the weekend.

  18. Marta
    Yosemite Valley

    Looking for a climbing partner for the weekends. I can lead and I have all the gear.

    • Bill Pasutti
      Bill Pasutti 6 weeks ago

      Hi Marta. I would be available for a Sat climb in late March. I've been to Yosemite many times and I lead trad 5.9-low5.10s. If you live in the Bay Area maybe we can meet at a gym and discuss routes. I climb at PG SF. -Bill

    • Spidey
      Spidey 6 weeks ago

      Hi Bill and Martha, I'm looking to get to know some routes outdoors as well in Yosemite, Red Rocks, etc. Can I meet up with you guys the next time you meet at the gym so we can get a sense of how each other leads and outdoors climbing style/preferences? I'm a member at PGSF but sometimes climbs at MC as well when I get a guest pass. Send me a private message if interested. Cheers!

    • Stacy Rose Bloom
      Stacy Rose Bloom 6 weeks ago

      I'm a solid follower up to 5.9 and I'd love to get out…have climbed in Yosemite and Tuolomne a bunch.. I gym climb at BIW and GWPC if you ever want to meet up. I also make it over to PGSF and MC occasionally. Send me a private message if you're interested and I"ll send you my number to text. ~stacy

    • Cayla Roberts
      Cayla Roberts 3 days ago

      Are you going to be around from the 3rd through the 6th? I'd love to meet up in the valley!

  19. Stephanie Armstrong
    Stephanie Armstrong
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    Anyone want to top rope climb tonight at 830? Text me at 2404783355. Thanks! Stephanie

  20. Marc A Lariviere
    Marc A Lariviere

    À la recherche d'un/e partenaire de lead pour grimpe à l'extérieur (sport), niveau intermédiaire, ayant congé la semaine. Journées variables, habituellement le mardi, mercredi et/ou jeudi... Le Parc de la Gatineau est tout près, allons-y! Looking … ...

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