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Climbfind introduces you to climbers in your local climbing community & around the world. It makes it easy to become familiar with and follow other climbers who climb where you climb. Use Climbfind to explore new climbing around you and find climbing partners to team up with.

  1. Karissa Shaw
    Karissa Shaw
    Planet Granite Portland

    Hello - Looking for a top rope climbing partner for Wednesday afternoon (2/10). The time frame is malleable, so long as it's in the afternoon. I'm mainly climbing 5.6s and 5.7s. And I am belay-certified.

  2. Nathan Henry
    Nathan Henry
    Earth Treks Timonium Climbing Center

    Hey All. I'm looking for steady climbing partners that can go earlier in the day (3-4pm), I'm a grad student and fairly flexible with my schedule. I'm not lead certified at ET yet but hope to change that soon. Skill doesn't matter as long as you can catc … ...

    • Chris Glotzbach
      Chris Glotzbach 6 hours ago

      Hi, i would really like to climb with someone on a regular basis. I will take off work once a week to climb with you. My regular climbing partner was injured last spring, and I have not been climbing much since then. Let's set something up. FYI I am 57 y/o, nobody my age climbs! If you would like to climb next week, please text me At 410-258-8998. Thanks, Chris

  3. Mariya aksenova
    Mariya aksenova
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hello, I'm looking for a top rope partner to climb about once a week on the weekends. Ive climbed on and off for a few years, and looking to get back into climbing shape.

    • Christen
      Christen 7 hours ago

      Mariya, I haven't climbed in a long time but I would love to get back to climbing. I am a 44 yo midwife and my schedule varies by week but I would love to climb once per week. Thanks, Christen

  4. Marcin Shamaniac
    Marcin Shamaniac

    Just found this GEM of an opportunity to climb some of the most incredible terrain in the world. Without much more than a flight to Calgary. Worth checking out!!

  5. Christine Kongkraphun
    Christine Kongkraphun
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking for lead or TR partner 1pm-3pm-ish Tuesday the 9th or Thursday 2/11. 510-696-0594

  6. Holly Wilkerson
    Holly Wilkerson
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for a toprope partner for after work today. Please contact me here if you are interested. Thanks!

  7. Aaron
    True North Climbing Inc

    Experienced climber who lives in Germany. In Toronto for a week. Looking for a partner any mornings/early afternoons this week. Email me if interested:

  8. Rafal Piersiak
    Rafal Piersiak
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    Looking for climbing partners during the morning/afternoon. Any day is fine. Any level. Txt 718-702-6365.

  9. Devin Wilson
    Devin Wilson
    Joe Rockheads

    Up for climbing any time today. Intermediate 5.8/ 5.9 normally... but up for anything. Cheers

  10. Angela Costa
    Angela Costa
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    top rope or lead climbing partner wanted late morning to early afternoon since I work nights. So 11 ish am to around 6 pm is my availability depending on the day. I live mile from gym. 334-791-7155

  11. Dave
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Greetings! I'm a beginner /intermediate climber. I just want to get out as often as I can. I live 5 mins away from the Rock, and my availability is all over the place as I work shifts. I climb around 5 8 to 5 9, but open to all levels. I am looking … ...

  12. Alex
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking to TR tomorrow, Saturday, around noon or early afternoon. Send a note to 215-279-3582 if interested.

  13. Jennifer Stephens
    Jennifer Stephens
    Planet Granite Portland

    Just getting back into rope climbing and looking for regular partners. Only top roping at the moment but I have some experience leading. Currently working outta my baby boulder endurance. Top roping up to 5.12, but down to climb with partners of any leve … ...

  14. Christine Kongkraphun
    Christine Kongkraphun
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Hi Been out of climbing but been belaying my kids during my break. Been so long I forgot I had to open another Climbfind account! I'm looking to T/R for a while before getting back to leading. Pls txt or call: 510-696-0594. Hoping to find regular mornin … ...

  15. stephanie j
    stephanie j
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a climbing partner for Wednesday or Fridays this month. I am also available on Saturday mornings at 10am. I climb 5.9-5.10-. Not looking for someone at the same level as me, just want a partner that is willing to climb regularly.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 5 days ago

      Hey Steph, what time on Wednesdays would work for you? I'm usually off work every Wednesday.

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 5 days ago

      I like to go noon on Wednesdays but anytime really works

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 5 days ago

      I have an appointment this Wednesday at 11am, free after. Sound good?

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 4 days ago

      This upcoming Wednesday I arranged to climb with another person from climbfind for noon, you can come after your appointment and join us if you would like.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 4 days ago

      Ok perfect. If you need to get in touch for any future days, feel free: 416-889-6425

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 4 days ago

      Hey Nicholas, I just found out today I need to travel to Kingston on Wednesday, this just came up so can we reschedule for the following wednesday?

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 4 days ago

      Not a problem. Just shoot me a txt or msg me here when you're back. Safe travels.

  16. Elaine Salinger
    Elaine Salinger
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for a top rope partner to climb for an hour or an hour and a half.

  17. Lily Cheng
    Lily Cheng
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for a climbing partner--any level is fine (I'm intermediate) as long as a safe belayer.

  18. Caroline
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to climb TR with me tomorrow morning/early afternoon (Saturday Feb 6th) and in the future as well at Joe Rockhead's. I would like to climb regularly again since I've fallen off track. I climb 5.10's although I'm just gettin … ...

    • Mylissa Prisner
      Mylissa Prisner 4 days ago

      Hi Caroline, I run the Ontario Rock Climbers meetup group. We have a very successful meetup that runs at Joe Rockheads 3 times weekly. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are 6:30pm starts, Saturdays everyone gets together for 2pm. You can meet the group near the couch in the lobby or ask the desk staff to point you in our direction. You will need to sign up as a member of to see this event posting (it's free) but here's the one for this Satruday, should you be interested. Happy Climbing! Mylissa

  19. Darcy Burgess
    Darcy Burgess

    Hi. I am still looking for a regular climbing partner. I am free after 430 weekdays and any time on weekends. I want to climb several times a week. Aim to climb outside doing sport and some trad.

    • todd duncan
      todd duncan 4 days ago

      im totally available, D. I climb 5 11 a on a good day, and live about 5 min from the east vancouver cliff hanger! todd 604 551 9413

  20. Tay Roth
    Tay Roth
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for an intermediate climber to go with me 1-2 times during the week and 1-2 times on weekends. Used to be alright but have gone on a long hiatus and am really eager to get back into.

    • morgan
      morgan 5 days ago

      Hi, I climb at rockheads and am looking to get out more frequently. I can almost always get out a couple times a week, either mid day or after 830 at night. If you'd like to go one day let me know. Thanks Morgan 647-471-2141

    • Tay Roth
      Tay Roth 5 days ago

      sounds good! im gonna try and climb a bit closer to 6 during the weekdays but i will let you know, even this weekend to get out would be nice. How is Rockheads, i visited it briefly but haven;t climbed there

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