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Climbfind introduces you to climbers in your local climbing community & around the world. It makes it easy to become familiar with and follow other climbers who climb where you climb. Use Climbfind to explore new climbing around you and find climbing partners to team up with.

  1. Elise Moore
    Elise Moore
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    Looking for a safe top rope belay. I climb 10's - 11'a. Need to be done by noon. I can also start earlier if that interest you. I like a partner that allows me to work thru harder climbs for myself. 941-448-6151

  2. Giulia Ciampini
    Giulia Ciampini

    Hi! My name is Giulia and I'm looking for a regular climbing partner starting in November. :) I started climbing 2 years ago but go inconsistently, though I'd really like to change that. At my best, I was able to climb 5.10- but 5.7-5.9 is probably w … ...

    • Ken Ng
      Ken Ng 7 hours ago

      Hi Guilia, this Ken Ng. Do you want to climb with Eva and I on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I could use a climbing buddy on the weekends as well. Let me know what works for you.

    • Giulia Ciampini
      Giulia Ciampini 1 hour ago

      Hi Ken!! How have you been? Unfortunately, I teach on Tuesday and Thursday out in Markham and am usually shooting on weekends. My schedule is fairly wonky and for now I don't think that will work out. Things change up in December though. :( I hope all has been well with you!! Hopefully I can make it down to Joe's on a free weekend!

  3. Becky
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hey There! Anyone interested in climbing at BIW this weekend? Cheers, Becky

  4. Lili Peng
    Lili Peng
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    Looking for a consistent climbing partner on weeknight evenings. Fairly flexible schedule, and I'm usually free after 5:30pm. I also on weekends. Started climbing in early September, and have advanced to 5.9-5.10a/b range. Would be most appreciative … ...

    • Jesse Escobar
      Jesse Escobar 5 hours ago

      I'm also looking for a consistent partner. I climb three times a week, usually every other day. I'm at Earth Treks around 6pm. Let me know if you're interested!

  5. Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward
    Westway Sports Centre

    Looking for someone to climb with tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. If you can lead, great! Just need a safe belayer. Text me 07904 955332. Thanks. S

    • John
      John 16 hours ago

      Oh the guilt! Sorry I had to move to Thurs this week. Steve's an excellent partner folks, but don't train him toooo well - I'm already getting burned off

    • John
      John 16 hours ago

      Oh the guilt! Sorry I had to move to Thurs this week. Steve's an excellent partner folks, but don't train him toooo well - I'm already getting burned off

  6. Tyler MacDougall
    Tyler MacDougall
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hi! Looking for a partner for lead or top rope 1-2 nights a week. climb 5-10's with top rope. New to lead last year so still at 5.8 level on lead.

  7. Pawel Janowski
    Pawel Janowski
    Berkeley Ironworks

    In Berkeley for a few days. Looking for partners to climb with at Ironworks. Any type (boulder, lead, tr), any level. Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri after 6pm. Paul

  8. Allen Draper
    Allen Draper

    Hi - Up for bouldering if anyone has that day free, supposed to be super great weather.

  9. Louis Biggs
    Louis Biggs

    Hey guys, In Berlin for a few weeks and need a partner for some top top or lead climbing did not bring my rope but am climbing at 6a>6c. Cheers, Louis

  10. ted
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I am looking for a climbing partner in Manchester. I can belay lead. I am fairly flexible timewise

    • Damien Helleboid
      Damien Helleboid 1 day ago

      Hi, I am in Manchester Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd Oct. I am looking to go climbing so if you are interested you can contact me 07951594717 or reply here :)

    • Damien Helleboid
      Damien Helleboid 1 day ago

      By the way, I can do top rope or lead. I can climb up to 6b/c (but realistically I do mostly 6a).

    • ted
      ted 1 day ago

      Hi, unfortunatly I am sick and doubt I will be climbing. However the hall has a social club on tuesdays at 6:30pm which matches you with climbing partners. You should check it out.

  11. Damien Helleboid
    Damien Helleboid
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi all! I am in Manchester for work today and tomorrow and was wondering if anyone would be interested by going climbing with me. I can do top rope or lead climb. My level is 6a/6a+ and can push to 6c. You can contact me through climb find or by phone/te … ...

  12. Lili Peng
    Lili Peng
    Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

    I'm at Earth Treks Rockville Climbing Center

  13. Stephanie Yue
    Stephanie Yue
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    I'm in town for a few months, looking for a regular climbing partner! I haven't climbed in years so it's like being new again. 10s are about right for me at the moment. It would be great to find someone to climb during the day, when it's less crowded. I' … ...

  14. Francis Villeneuve
    Francis Villeneuve
    The Boiler Room Climbing Gym

    Hey there, I'll be moving to Kingston in November and I would like to find someone who would like to climb on a regular basis. Any level are welcome

  15. Philip Kaake
    Philip Kaake
    Great Western Power Company

    Looking to find a climbing partner this week. Need to get at least 2-3 sessions in before I head to Josh next week. Midday works well for me, possibly evenings. doing low to mid 10's txt me to connect 510-847-2638

  16. danny saracino
    danny saracino
    Planet Granite San Francisco

    just starting out and looking for a steady climb partner at pg san francisco. flexible schedule

  17. Nicole
    Grand River Rocks

    Hi! I'm just getting into climbing (5.8-5.9). Looking for a regular partner for either Saturdays or Sundays and am flexible with time of day.

  18. Marc Cerulli
    Marc Cerulli

    Hey All, I'm from Toronto and will be in Vancouver for work over the weekend...would love to get out for a bit with someone who knows the area! Single/multipitch or sport. I have experience cleaning gear and climb 10- indoors and 7-8 outdoors. Will … ...

  19. Stephanie Yue
    Stephanie Yue
    Planet Granite Sunnyvale

    I'm at Planet Granite Sunnyvale

  20. morgan

    looking for a lead partner at joe rockheads. looking to get out regularly 3+ times a week in the evenings. If you're interested, give me a email/text/call! cheers morgan 647-471-2141

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