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1555 rue Saint-Patrick, Montréal (Qc) H3K 2B7

(514) 989-9656

Allez Up is a gathering spot for those who are passionate about rock climbing. Our clientele and our staff have and always will be representative of a motivated climbing community seeking to exceed their personal goals. Our route setters continuously offer challenging routes for climbers of all levels, each one more interesting than the last. You will find that each hold is carefully selected, that the movements are creatively set and that we offer a variety of styles so that you can expand your repertoire of skills. Allez Up also offers a series of courses of the highest quality, developed to help our clients perfect and develop their skills in rock climbing. Our mission is to offer a safe environment and to abide by the highest level of standards of practice. All of our staff are certified by the FQME. You will find a team of staff who are always able and willing to motivate and guide you through your progress. It’s our job to to share our passion, and we are proud to do it! Our passion for climbing extends to our respect for the environment and into a sustainable business practice. Through the use of recycled and recyclable materials, we do our best to limit our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon emissions.

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  1. Emily Estelle Belanger
    Emily Estelle Belanger
    Allez Up

    Hi! Looking for a partner for Friday during the day, flexible on the time. I haven't climbed top rope in about a year and a half, so I may need to redo my accreditation, I weigh around 125 lbs.

  2. rhoda
    Allez Up

    hello im looking for someone to climb with, i cant belay yet so im also looking for a teacher, i really wanna get into rock climbing and would like to find a partner with patience and love and someone who really enjoys climbing and would love to make it … ...

  3. Aleksa
    Allez Up

    Hi, I am looking for a regular partner, for Monday morning and Friday morning, at 6.30 am. I live close to the gym and I like to climb early :) I am also open to a third day, either on the weekend or Wednesday, also in the morning. I am about 125 … ...

  4. mike T
    mike T
    Allez Up

    Ill be bouldering tomorrow since my friwnds are unavailable for climbing. If anyone happens to be available, please let me know. Mike 5,9; 70 kg Climbing 5,9 comfortably, and working on 5,10 Fyi i usually climb tuesday mornings and sat or sunday … ...

  5. D. Rele
    D. Rele
    Allez Up

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for a regular partner at Allez-Up here in Montreal. I am 27 years old, weigh about 150lbs, and am usually free in the evenings after work. Generally I lead/toprope up to 5,10+. Please feel free to get in touch if yo … ...

    • Samuel Rodion Romanovitch Tinchant
      Samuel Rodion Romanovitch Tinchant 67 weeks ago

      Hi there ! I am also looking for a climbing partner on a regular basis ! I can also climb till 5.10+ top roping, I can also lead but I still have to pass the accreditation at Allez Up... I am free any day since I am in between jobs right now. My phone : 514 792 9358 See you ! Sam

    • D. Rele
      D. Rele 67 weeks ago

      Hey Sam! Thanks for getting in touch. I'm down for anything - top roping, leading - I have yet to actually ever go to Allez up so either way will have to take an accreditation. How's this weekend for you? Either sat / sun works for me. Will also send you a text. Cheers! - Dave

  6. Brandon
    Allez Up

    I'm at Allez Up

  7. Mylène Lambert
    Mylène Lambert
    Allez Up

    Hello People, My name is Mylène and i'm looking for someone who would like to climb with me once a week at Allez-up. I used to climb 5.9, but i drop back to 5.7/ 5.8. Message me if your interested! M

  8. Casey Henley
    Casey Henley
    Allez Up

    Experienced climber/belayer looking to climb tomorrow if anyone is available?

  9. Maria Roca
    Maria Roca
    Allez Up

    Hey! im Maria, im 16 and im looking cor a partner to climb (top rope). I climb 5.9 and I also speak french!

    • Joe H
      Joe H 87 weeks ago

      Hi Maria, I'm 27 from the UK and am spending the summer in Montréal. I am a beginner - top roping around the 5.9 level and am looking for a partner at a similar level to climb and improve with. Do you have your belay accreditation for Allez Up yet? I don't have it yet and need someone to partner with on the test. If you don't have it perhaps we could do it together? Joe

  10. Marie-Andrée Coulombe
    Marie-Andrée Coulombe
    Allez Up

    I'm at Allez Up

  11. David Naylor
    David Naylor
    Allez Up

    I'm at Allez Up

  12. gculshaw
    Allez Up

    looking for climbing partners on a regular basis. for any evening after 6.30 mon to friday or weekends at any time.

    • Kateri Belanger
      Kateri Belanger 102 weeks ago

      we have a large group of climbers and have many organized climbing mettups every week.

  13. Anne
    Allez Up

    TR climbing on April 11 around 3 for a couple of hours? Just got back to it and climbing between 5.9 and 5.10-. PM me.

  14. Lucie Leduc
    Lucie Leduc
    Allez Up

    Anyone available to climb during the day at Allez Up, before 2 pm preferably.

  15. LaTavia
    Allez Up

    Hey, I am a beginner climber. I am looking for anyone to climb with either on a regular basis or occasionally. I just want to get all the practice I can get! I am mostly free in the morning. Cheers! PS: Je parle français aussi! :)

    • Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas
      Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas 106 weeks ago

      hi, im also a beginner and looking for a partner, let me know when you can be available and we'll practice together!

    • LaTavia
      LaTavia 106 weeks ago

      Hi Karol! I am actually looking for someone to go climbing with tomorrow after 6pm or later during the week. You can reach me at 514.653.6846! :)

    • Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas
      Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas 106 weeks ago

      ill call you later today then.. thank you!

  16. Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas
    Karol Andrea Ujueta Rojas
    Allez Up

    Im looking for a partner to climb at allezup, any day after 6:30

  17. Anne
    Allez Up

    Hello! I am visiting Montreal this weekend and looking for a partner for TR this coming Saturday evening after 7 p.m. I climb 5.9 to 5.10-. Let me know.

    • Gabrielle Guestier
      Gabrielle Guestier 106 weeks ago

      I am planning on going sunday morning if you are interested.

    • Anne
      Anne 106 weeks ago

      Thank you but I can't do Sunday.

    • Xiad Azar
      Xiad Azar 106 weeks ago

      I might be able to do Saturday afternoon, i tend to avoid the gym after 6 as it gets really crowded. Especially on weekends

  18. Ally Henderson
    Ally Henderson
    Allez Up

    Looking for a partner for tomorrow night at Allez-up. I'm an intermediate climber. Contact me if interested!

  19. Lucie Leduc
    Lucie Leduc
    Allez Up

    Looking for a partner lead or top rope, Thursday January 10 around noon.

  20. Anuja Shah
    Anuja Shah
    Allez Up

    Hi! I'm visiting Montreal for the weekend from NYC and would love to climb at allez up. I am TR and lead certified in New York and can get TR certification at Allez Up. Please let me know if you'd be willing to climb sometime on Friday or Saturday- text … ...