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Close 98 Brigantine Dr Coquitlam, BC V3K B.C.


Cliffhanger Coquitlam is Western Canada's largest indoor rock climbing facility Features: - Over 15,000 square feet - Bouldering to 14 feet - 45 feet in height - Crack climbing - Lead climbing - Outdoor bouldering wall - Party room for birthdays

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  1. Bruce
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    I'm at Cliffhanger Coquitlam

  2. Kasper W
    Kasper W
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Preferably later on weeknights (after 8 pm). Top rope or lead.

  3. Kai Yuan Li
    Kai Yuan Li
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Looking for a climbing partner on sat afternoon at climb base 5 604-339-5902 Kai

  4. Paul T
    Paul T
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hi. Looking for a climbing partner. Just getting back into TR & looking at taking Lead. Can climb 10a/b. Very flexible with schedule. Available weeknights after 5:30pm or Sat. Email me at

  5. Belle
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hey guys, I am looking for a climbing partner in Coquitlam. I have been climbing off and on for years but would like to get back to it again. Please text or call. 604-368-3020. thanks Belle

  6. Soni U
    Soni U
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hi I am looking for a climbing partner this Sunday between 11 am to 2 30 pm at Coquitlam climb base gym. I usually top rope 5 9- 510. I would like to get better and potentially get back into leading easy climbs.

    • Lawrence Paraszczynec
      Lawrence Paraszczynec 108 weeks ago

      Hi Soni, I am available at that time if you would like to hook up and I do lead.

    • Soni U
      Soni U 107 weeks ago

      Hi Lawrence. Are you available to climb next Thursday at cliffhanger Coquitlam? Around 7?

    • Lawrence Paraszczynec
      Lawrence Paraszczynec 107 weeks ago

      Hey there, I am guessing you mean next Thursday and not today? If so yes I am available. Would 7:30 work?

  7. Kirby Knittle
    Kirby Knittle
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hey, I used to climb regularily at Cliffhangers Coquitlam (I guess its changed names to base5), And id like to get back at it, looking to find a partner to climb with, ideally I'd like to get in an hour or two after work twice a week. Weekends kinda … ...

  8. Danielle Schmidt
    Danielle Schmidt
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    (female, 5'6'') I'm fairly new to climbing and would love to spend more time working at it! I'm out in Coquitlam Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and would be free from around 5pm on. (email:

  9. Ian
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    I'm looking for a regular climbing partner. ATM only TR certified. I'm available most days, and most times. Very flexible schedule. Into climbing because of the workout. Not many better ways to get a full body workout in an hour and half. Cur … ...

  10. Dawna Werbeski
    Dawna Werbeski
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    I'm at Cliffhanger Coquitlam

  11. Ron Rillorta
    Ron Rillorta
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hello starting to get back into climbing I have top rope certified and lead ( need refresher again ) I'm introducing my son ( 9 yrs old ) into climbing look for belay partner available Mon,Wed,Fri nights 6:30pm also Sat,Sun , Climbing up to 5-10 I thin … ...

  12. Tania Gosgnach
    Tania Gosgnach
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Would love to find partners who can climb weekday afternoons :) I've been mostly climbing top rope, but I also have my lead card.

    • Tania Gosgnach
      Tania Gosgnach 172 weeks ago

      I'm unfortunately working this Friday, but next Friday could be possible :)

  13. Kirby Knittle
    Kirby Knittle
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hello, new to climbing, I live right near the gym, available most week days after 5:30

  14. Rebecca
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hi, I'm looking for a partner who can climb at 4:30 or 5pm on either Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. I have been climbing for years at the Vancouver gym, and am tired of the crowds. I work in Burnaby not to far from the Coquitlam gym so I thought I would … ...

    • Melanie Begalka
      Melanie Begalka 175 weeks ago

      Hey Rebecca, I'm free to climb this afternoon. I TR or lead, coquitlam or vancouver. Let me know!

  15. Heidi Seo
    Heidi Seo
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hi all, I'm looking for a partner for weekday evenings (6PM). I can climb both toprope and lead. Let me know if anyone is interested! :) Heidi

    • Jason
      Jason 182 weeks ago

      Hey Heidi, i've been trying to find people to climb with with not much luck. I have been climbing off and on for a few years but had a number of injuries so i'd consider myself a beginner. If you're interested please let me know.

  16. Jing Liu
    Jing Liu
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Is there anyone looking for partner to climb Thursday/Friday/Saturday start evening time? Feel free give me text @ 778-773-0506 Jing.

  17. David Smart
    David Smart
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Just finished my intro belay course and looking for someone to climb with. I am available most nights except wednesdays. I would be looking to climb 5.8-5.10 and eventually I would like to get into top rope. Give me a text or call at 604-345-8612

  18. Nemanja
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hey! My regular climbing buddy is away for the summer.....I am looking to climb with someone in the next few days. Lead or Toprope! Send me message and we can see what time works the best. NJ

  19. Carina Kom
    Carina Kom
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hey all, I just started climbing (literally learned how to belay 2 days ago). Looking for a friend to improve with!

    • Jing Liu
      Jing Liu 200 weeks ago

      Hi Carina, this is Jing. Have you found a partner yet? I'm free Fridays and Saturdays evening and night. Let me know if you still looking for one. Also can msg me: 778-773-0506

    • Carina Kom
      Carina Kom 200 weeks ago

      Hi there Jing. Thanks for reaching out to me! Unfortunately, I am out of the country for a couple of weeks... but I will text you when I return and hopefully we can climb together! Good luck till then!

  20. Jing Liu
    Jing Liu
    Cliffhanger Coquitlam

    Hi, this's Jing. I'm looking for climbing partner on Fridays or Saturdays start evening or later. You also can msg me#778-7730506


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  • Edison Wong
    Edison Wong

    Largest indoor climbing in Vancouver, so I heard at least. Great place, lots of routes. More advance routes than beginner routes, like 5.10 or above.