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#520 - 3771 Jacombs Road, Richmond, B.C. V6V 2L9


Cliffhanger Richmond is a first class bouldering and climbing gym located in Richmond, B.C. We have over 80 boulder problems and 80 routes up at all times. Our gym offers something for every level of climber.

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  1. Katie
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    Hi there! Here for two weeks from Toronto and would like to check out a gym in or around Vancouver. I climb 5.8-5.9 comfortably and like to try to tackle 5.10s here and there. My schedule is quite flexible. I'm looking for a climbing partner who's intere … ...

  2. Ching-Kai Chiu
    Ching-Kai Chiu
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    Hi, I am new in Vancouver and looking for a regular male climbing partner, who can climb 1 ~ 2 times per week. Richmond and Vancouver climbing gym work for me. Also, anytime after 5pm and weekend are good for me. I 'WAS' able to climb 5.11- and lead clim … ...

  3. Vivian
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    I am in Richmond for the next 3 weeks and would like to find a partner to climb a few times. I've been climbing for 3 years and I can lead climb too but was trained with a Grigri. Please message or text me (647-378-6595)

  4. Anthony Yan
    Anthony Yan
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    Hey, I am climbing at the Richmond Cliffys if anyone wants to join me here. I can do most week nights and some weekend. I would like to go to squamish most of my weekends, however. I climb around 5.10a-5.11a

  5. Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    Looking for a climbing partner who can do week day nights or afternoons. Or weekends during the day. I just started climbing 5'8

  6. Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    I'm at Cliffhanger Richmond after so many years off I am back on the wagon and working through 5.10's Got through a 5.10d

  7. Glenn Gregory
    Glenn Gregory
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    Hey looking to climb tomorrow (Sunday) at CH if its going to be raining again. Looking for a partner if anyones keen? Also looking for a partner for weekday gym sessions and outdoors in the weekend. Cheers Glenn 778 873 8711

  8. ryan lloyd
    ryan lloyd
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    If anyone needs a partner this week (evenings/weekend) I'd love to get out.

  9. Dawna Werbeski
    Dawna Werbeski
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    I'm at Cliffhanger Richmond

  10. Rob
    Cliffhanger Richmond

    I'm at Cliffhanger Richmond