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5155 Harvester Road Burlington, ON L7L 6V2



$15 climbing day, $54 climbing month

Top rope, lead, and Canada's best bouldering wall. Plus a modern yoga and pilates studio with both heated and unheated rooms.

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  1. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    Looking for TR Saturday, April 12th @ 2pm, it has been a while, and I climbed 5.8/5.9s regularly, attempting some 5.10- ... text me at (289) 681-6042, if you want to join.

  2. Stewart Dick
    Stewart Dick
    Climber's Rock

    Hey, I'm looking for a regular weekly climbing partner to train with on Wednesday evenings. Lead certified would be a bonus, but not a deal breaker, just someone who wants to climb hard and get ready for the outdoor season!!

  3. Stewart Dick
    Stewart Dick
    Climber's Rock

    Anyone available to climb TR tonight at Climbers Rock? Any level is cool, I'm hoping to get there for 7 if anyone wants to meet up, lemme know!!

    • Stewart Dick
      Stewart Dick 4 weeks ago

      Hey Krista, thank you, I'd normally take you up on it, but I've got a kid bday party thang tomorrow! Do you ever get out to CR on weeknights? I think you said you were out of town, so I'm assuming no?

  4. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    Will be at CLIMBER's ROCK tomorrow @ 6:30pm Looking for more TR partners to join text me (289) 681-6042 or e-mail :, **** I climb 5.9 and challenge myself with 5.10 minus, if your interested.

  5. Erick Paquet
    Erick Paquet
    Climber's Rock

    Looking for top rope climbers, Tuesday evening and/or Thursday. Msg me or txt me on 613 513 7306. I can be there on short advice.

  6. Erick Paquet
    Erick Paquet
    Climber's Rock

    I'm looking for climbing partners on Tuesday and/or Thursday after 6pm for the two next week (February 4, 6, 11 and 13). I climb top rope 5.8 to 5.10.

  7. Stewart Dick
    Stewart Dick
    Climber's Rock

    Anyone looking for a partner for tonight? I can do 6 or 7 p.m. start. happy to belay any level climber, just need to get on the wall!

  8. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    Wed. Jan. 29th @ 6:30pm, I will be joined by 3-6 people to climb with, and if need a belaying partner, just text me at (289) 681-6042. We can take turns climbing and belaying .

  9. Mandy Bennie
    Mandy Bennie
    Climber's Rock

    Looking for a weekly partner for a couple hours a week. I'm just returning to climbing and only top rope, currently at 5.8. Fine with any level climber. Looking for 430-500 till 7ish on week nights, or Sundays (flexible on time).

  10. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    SATURDAY, JAN. 25th @ 10am (CLiMBER's ROCK) I also climb weekly on WEDNESDAY @ 6:30pm I am currently climbing 5.8s, tomorrow i'll be trying some 5.9s There are going to be 2 more meeting me, but we'll have an uneven number of people and 1 more per … ...

  11. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    I got a 2 month membership at CR recently and would like to get out to the gym more often. I climb 5.8 currently and have just a few more routes to complete until i move to 5.9 Just need a belayer to help with TR If you want to contact me, text or … ...

  12. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    I am planning to get the 60-day membership deal, and hope to climb twice a week, if possible, starting this Wednesday. If you need a TOP ROPE partner, i'll be at CR around 5pm, and usually like to stay for about 2-3 hours. If you need to contact me … ...

  13. Alex
    Climber's Rock

    Looking to split gym bucks 4 ways. Need one more person. Message me if interested. Thanks.

  14. Brett
    Climber's Rock

    I'm looking for a top roping partner for Climbers Rock in Burlington, 1-2 times a week at 6pm or later. I'm not concerned about skill level.

  15. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    Climber's Rock

    I just started, and would like to improve Top Rope, and find a partner that has patience in my progress. Practice more Bouldering as well, since i am new to this activity. my e-mail is

  16. Calvin Lu
    Calvin Lu
    Climber's Rock

    I'm looking for a TR partner for Tuesdays and Thursdays nights. I'm free anytime after 6pm.

  17. Stewart Dick
    Stewart Dick
    Climber's Rock

    Anyone need a partner tonight (monday) at CR? 6 - 8 kind of thing?

    • Eugene Kuleshov
      Eugene Kuleshov 25 weeks ago

      Matt and I should be there at 6:30..7pm...

    • Matt
      Matt 25 weeks ago

      I was just about to say we'd be there - Katherine too probably (Ty's away)

    • Stewart Dick
      Stewart Dick 25 weeks ago

      Yea sorry guys, I did not get any notifications... just noticed like 3 messages I've missed as well, but thanks!! i shoulda just shown up!

  18. Ian
    Climber's Rock

    I'm looking for a partner to TR on Friday 25th anytime in the morning or afternoon. I been climbing 5.9-5.10, if interested text me at 647-378-2757

  19. Stewart Dick
    Stewart Dick
    Climber's Rock

    LOOKING FOR A 3-WAY SPLIT ON THE $1044.00 GYM DOLLARS DEAL at Climbers Rock! It works out to $348 each + tax between 3 of us and if you are climbing twice a week it lasts about a year + 1 free yoga class a month. Gimme a shout if you are intereste … ...

  20. Deryl Jean
    Deryl Jean
    Climber's Rock

    Looking for a regular climbing partner anytime on Sundays and Mondays. Also available Wednesday evenings. Possibly available Saturday evenings and Tuesdays. Climb around 5.10's and starting 5.11's, but happy to belay any level.


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  • Brian

    Amazing gym, huge area, great bouldering, somewhat accessible. Walls are not as tall though (about 30 feet max)

  • Vicky Chen
    Vicky Chen

    awesome bouldering and a lot of great TRs

  • david oak
    david oak

    awsome bouldering

  • Dina

    Sweet place with Top Rope, Lead and awesome Bouldering. The training centre in the back is a really chill place to pump the iron. Don't feel like climbing? Take a Yoga or Pilates class.

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Great gym. Good routesetting, very good bouldering area. Across the street from GO station.