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341 John St, Victoria, V8T-1T2, B.C Canada


Open since 1995, Crag X has provided Victoria, B.C. with a complete urban climbing experience. Climbing is a modern and fun way to stay in shape and can also lead to some thrilling adventures outside.

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  1. Frank Whittaker
    Frank Whittaker
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    I'm going to be in Victoria form feb 18th till mar 11 just looking for a gym partner for evenings. Anyone interested let me know! Frank

  2. joe quin
    joe quin
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    i'm climbing monday wednesday and friday till january. have harness but just bouldering till i find a partner. used to lead 10's on trad gear but haven't been for the last couple years so it's time to get it back!

  3. sarah nicholson
    sarah nicholson
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    I am visiting Victoria from Toronto until the end of December. Looking to climb a couple of hours, 2-3 days a week. I am new to indoor climbing - have been successful with 5.8 -5.9's - looking to advance to 5.10's. If anyone is interested, please let me … ...

    • joe quin
      joe quin 171 weeks ago

      monday wednesday friday 330 till tired. climb to 5.10 looking to progress. just bouldering but i have my harness every day

  4. Rebecca D
    Rebecca D
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    I'll be in Victoria for the foreseeable future, let's climb!

    • Alex L
      Alex L 181 weeks ago

      Hi Rebecca, I'm in Victoria until Sunday, visiting from Toronto, and I'd like to try Crag X. Free any time today, and maybe later this week, so let me know if you'd like to partner. I can top rope or lead, but TR is better as I'm rusty on lead.

    • Rebecca D
      Rebecca D 181 weeks ago

      That's great! What time today were you thinking? I'm free whenever :)

    • Alex L
      Alex L 181 weeks ago

      1pm? Later is fine too. Sent you my mobile # by private msg.

    • Alex
      Alex 176 weeks ago

      Hey Rebecca! Are you still in Victoria? If so let me know if you want to climb :) I'd be down for Crag X or The Boulders.

  5. Alex
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    I moved here from Calgary for school and am looking for climbing partners! I am available to climb most evenings, some afternoons and weekends.

  6. Rebecca D
    Rebecca D
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    I'm at Crag X Climbing Gym

  7. David Killy
    David Killy
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    Don't know any climbers in the area so i'm looking to meet a few. If you're interested in going tonight text me 2506341017. I'll be starting to climb ~2x/week whenever i can get courses straight.

  8. Robin Samantha
    Robin Samantha
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    Recently moved to Victoria and looking for a climbing partner, I'm into a regular thing, every 2nd week or so.

  9. Mark Farrow
    Mark Farrow
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    Recently moved to Victoria. Looking for a climbing partner.

  10. Svenja Kraemer
    Svenja Kraemer
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    Anyone kenn going climbing (toprope) tomorrow?? ;) cheers, svenja

  11. Grant Gallicano
    Grant Gallicano
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    It was a pretty quiet time at Crag X Climbing Gym ... no waiting for ropes.

  12. tyler johnson
    tyler johnson
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    looking for any one into doing sum outdoor climbing at wells mnt 6048190186

    • Claire Houlihan
      Claire Houlihan 249 weeks ago

      Hi Tyler, are you still looking for people to climb with? I'm interested. Claire

    • tyler johnson
      tyler johnson 249 weeks ago

      Yes I am my numbers 6048190186 txt or call

  13. Jonathan
    Crag X Climbing Gym

    outside climbing anyone? i'm from toronto, here for a week, available pretty much anytime except saturdays. 416 774 8018 lead sport / some trad have belay gear, all the rest left behind