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2350, rue Dickson Montréal, Québec H1N 3T1


* Whether for top roping or lead climbing the center encompasses high quality, original and innovative surfaces covering over 27000 square feet of surface for all climbing abilities * Our team of twenty-five route setters is constantly changing the over 300 routes available in the center * With over 7000 square feet of bouldering surface, the center is graced with a variety of structures including an extraordinary bouldering centerpiece (impressive height, overall mass and top-out capacity). You will also find a bouldering cave on site. * A multi-faceted technical climbing section characterized by a mega roof and stalactite. His wall easily challenges the top competitors on the planet. * Top roping areas of varying and challenging relief * An area for stretching and flexibility * A training area with finger boards and variable inclination campus board * Facilities specifically designed and arranged for children three years of age and up * Two mezzanines overlooking the climbing areas in the center * A relaxation area equipped with TV, video. tables and chairs * Changing rooms equipped with showers and lockers * An equipment rental service * Close to a metro station (l'Assomption) * Free parking * Natural lighting

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