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29 Fraser Ave, Toronto, M6K 1Y7


Not only was Rockhead's Canada's first indoor climbing gym, it remains the best, largest and most evolved in the country. As leading-edge innovators, out pioneering facility has directly influenced hundreds of climbing gyms who have followed our footsteps. Our route setting and safety standards are unparalleled

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  1. Rafal
    Joe Rockheads

    hey there, I'm available to climb during the day so if you're up for climbing - give me a shout .. I'd prefer RockOasis but Joe's works as well .. this week any of Wed-Fr work .. message me here or try my cell 647-404-6175

  2. Natasha
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi there, I am looking for a climbing partner at any level of climbing performance to climb once a week on a weekday night and once during the weekend at JR. On weekends, mornings are preferred. I climb 5.9s at the moment. Message me if you are intere … ...

    • Shaun Montano
      Shaun Montano 9 days ago

      Hi, I am looking for a partner too. My buddy climbs but not as much as I want too. Do you wanna climb today?

    • Rafal
      Rafal 9 days ago

      hey, if either one of you's up for climbing today - text me at 647-404-6175 - I'd like to go to Joe's ideally 2ish but flexible

    • Rafal
      Rafal 9 days ago

      oh, and I'm up for climbing regularly also - but can't on this particular Wed

  3. Katie O'Brien
    Katie O'Brien
    Joe Rockheads

    Does anyone want to climb thus Thursday afternoon? Text me 416-278-2803. Thanks! (can belay anyone, I climb 5.8)

  4. James Shin
    James Shin
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi, I am looking for regular climbing partner/group for Sat and Sunday 10am - noon. I used to climb regularly but been off for about a year. I say I am about 5.9 - 5.10 now. Any level. 8) Certified to lead at Joe's. Text me at 416-910-4922.

  5. Rafal
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for partner for Sunday - morning or afternoon. I'll TR 5.10s but any level works. My cell's 647-404-6175. Cheers.

  6. Sally Arshi
    Sally Arshi
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi, looking for a partner for Sunday morning. I climb 5.8 but can belay for any level. Please give me a shout here or txt me at: 416 587 2600. Thx.

  7. Katie O'Brien
    Katie O'Brien
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi! My climbing partner is away for the next two weeks, so i'm looking for someone to go with. Female preferred. I climb 5.8 but can belay any level. My availability is flexible... I'd love to go during the day, but evenings work too... Text me if … ...

  8. Rafal
    Joe Rockheads

    Is anyone available to climb on Thurs during the day? 10ish would be ideal but afternoon could work also .. I'm in 5'10s range though any level works for belaying .. pls message me here, easier for typing than texting

  9. Kate
    Joe Rockheads

    Hey there! If anyone's interested in top rope climbing with someone a little rusty but really looking to get back into it, hit me up! About a year ago I was in a 5.8-5.10ish range but unfortunately haven't been climbing all that much since. I'd love to c … ...

  10. Tamara Gotal
    Tamara Gotal
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi there. I'm looking for a regular TR climbing partner. I have been climbing for about four years but have taken a long break so am kinda rusty. I was able to climb up to 5.11 but now its more like 5.9 so want to get back to it! I am available most wee … ...

  11. Ivo Jirgala
    Ivo Jirgala
    Joe Rockheads

    Anyone want to take a lead course at Joe Rockhead's? I've been wanting to get into leading for a while now and need a partner. Want to get in shape for the summer. I climb up to 5.11+. You can also text/call 416-302-4570. Thanks!

  12. Rafal
    Joe Rockheads

    Last minute but if someone's available to climb today (Sunday) 5ish or later, text me at 647-404-6175. I top rope in the 5.10s range but up for partnering up with any level. Cheers.

  13. Sally Arshi
    Sally Arshi
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for TR partner Wednesday or Thursday can climb 5.7,8. Preferred start time after 6 PM. If able to join pls txt me: 416 587 2600.

  14. sarah nicholson
    sarah nicholson
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for a TR partner while my regular partner is away for two weeks. Climbing 5.9's and starting 5.10-. Hoping to go 2-3 days a week. Usual days Monday and Wed evening and Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Text me if interested 647 884 6822. Cheers!

  15. Giulia Ciampini
    Giulia Ciampini
    Joe Rockheads

    It's been a while since I've climbed but I'd love to start climb more regularly and possibly find an awesome TR climbing partner. :) I've been climbing on and off for about a year (more off than on, unfortunately, because of work and school). I consid … ...

    • Darren Bryant
      Darren Bryant 6 weeks ago

      Hi. I am in exactly the same situation. A couple of years back I could do a 5.10 OK... I went for the first time last Saturday and really struggled with a 5.9 (Although I was wearing a new pair of shoes.. so Im hoping that's why! .. but It's probably because I'm just crap) As for availability... I'm good for Mondays after 4, and Fridays from about 5, if that would be good with you. I'm also free at some point most weekends. So... send me an email, or text at 416-220-3839 and we can sort something out. Darren

  16. Shaun Montano
    Shaun Montano
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for some weekend climbing, I can do 5.9s 10-

  17. Ryan McNamee
    Ryan McNamee
    Joe Rockheads

    Hey Guys, My names Ryan. Just signed up to Joe Rockheads and need a TR partner. Happy to belay at any level, Im just shaking off some cobwebs myself. Im available some week days and most weeknights / weekends. Almost always down and live pretty … ...

  18. Devrim Husrevoglu
    Devrim Husrevoglu
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for TR partner. Best I can climb is 5.9. Staying in liberty village, so it's easy for me to get to the gym. Free weekdays after 6pm and weekends. Text 416-557-1680.

  19. Darren Bryant
    Darren Bryant
    Joe Rockheads

    Hi. Haven't climbed in a while, but looking to get back into it. Looking to climb this weekend, available anytime. Last time I could clim a 5.10, but guessing I'll be pretty rusty. Contact me at 416-220-3839

  20. Bryan
    Joe Rockheads

    Looking for a top rope partner tonight at JR around 7:30ish. Climbing 5.10, will belay any level.


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  • Bree L. Rody-Mantha
    Bree L. Rody-Mantha

    Overrated. Overpriced. Overcrowded. Seems like you'd only get the most out of this gym if you do lead. Doesn't seem beginner-friendly either. No water fountain. Staff can be a tad stuck up and not the most helpful at times — quite set back from the main climbing area. Seems to get by on historic reputation but offers very little in terms of club quality.

  • Dan Desroches
    Dan Desroches

    Overpriced compared to other venues, no water fountain, lackluster routes, over crowded with meat market youngsters, more of a vanity parade than anything.. Bouldering section was decent enough, TR locations felt as though they were oddly placed on some routes. Especially the one hovering over the entrance... enjoy a boot to the face if the belayer isn't watching their surroundings. lol.. All in all a my first and last visit to this gym.

  • Giulia Ciampini
    Giulia Ciampini

    Fantastic! I organized a meet-up group today and we had about 30 climbers come out to climb. Joe Rockheads was great - they helped us run through the belay tests efficiently so we could start climbing. Awesome experience. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Ok gym. Route setting is nice and technical. They have a fantastic roof for leading. However, they really need to get with the times and start taping routes. Why only 1 route per wall????? Very severe limitation. I would only come back here for the roof.

  • Bebe Booth
    Bebe Booth

    My friend and I took a beginner rock climing lesson with Omar. He explained everything in detail and left nothing out. He showed us how to gear up and with each topic covered he allowed us to try for ourselves. Once we mastered the basics, he supervised out climbs pointing out and correcting any errors. He was patient and very amicable with hint of humour. As for the walls, there are various levels. I was there from 7:30pm to 11pm (close) on a Wednesday night and found that at my arrival the 'afterwork crowd' was just easing out. So it wasn't so busy that anyone was in each other's way or had to wait for a wall to become available. Equipment/gear was included in our package (shoes, harness) There is no water fountain so bring your own water or you can purchase from their vending machine. Also if you're prone to hunger (like me) bring your own snakcs (banana, almonds, protein bars etc). They are equiped with lockers in the change rooms so bring a lock if you need to store your things. I defintely would recommend this establishment to my friends!! I REALLY enjoyed it! I just wish they had a location in Mississauga! Downtown is soo far!!!

  • Clémens Phil L.
    Clémens Phil L.

    Expensive, but a fairly nice gym. Bouldering is fairly good with a variety of problems, albeit I wouldn't say their problems are all that original in comparison to other gyms I've visited. You don't walk up to many problems an scratch your head, for instance. Their change rooms are quite nice aside from a rather clear lack of lockers. On a very busy night -- nearly every night after 8:30pm or so -- all the lockers are full despite half of them not actually being locked. In this case I would advise the gym owner to install a shelf of cubby holes. Many gyms do this to accommodate both climbers whom bring a lock, and those who do not. It is a pet-peeve of mine to go through two dozen lockers -- all of which have very little in them and are unlocked to boot. For lack of a better term.. Cubby holes! Their climbing is quite good. Their grading system seems rather easy compared to most gyms, but that's just me. Their TR routes, despite only have a dozen or so, are quite different and present a variety of climbing styles in a range of difficulties. The staff are very friendly but chat at the front desk amongst themselves most of the time. Personally, I think it's pretty ridiculous seeing as there are a bunch of new climbers at this gym, but hey, as far as I know nothing has gone wrong since I've started climbing here. Rope and GriGri 1 included on every TR route. Nothing other than draws included for leading, so bring your gear.