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482 Ontario Street Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2K7


ndoor rock climbing is fun for the whole family. Please come and join us any day of the week for fun, excitement and a challenge! We offer over 46 routes, height varying from 10 to 37 feet. We have five different bouldering areas, simulated rock faces, chimney climbing, crack climbing, top rope and lead climbing.

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  1. HJ
    Rock and Chalk

    Hey folks, Looking for a partner! I'm a 5'10ish. Would like to build up my skill a bit and then go for a lead course.

  2. HJ
    Rock and Chalk

    Giving this another shot. Anyone around for climbing here?

    • Nathan Johnston-Booth
      Nathan Johnston-Booth 128 weeks ago

      Hey man live just outside Barrie would love to be able to get some experience in and become a better climber I work after noon shift so would only be able to go on weekends. Have done more bouldering than climbing.

  3. HJ
    Rock and Chalk

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a partner for Tuesday nights around 6:30 every other week. I'm hoping to alternate, climbing one week and Yoga @ Moksha Yoga the next as these two seem to balance each other well. Shoot me an e-mail if interested! Hasn … ...

    • Audrey
      Audrey 145 weeks ago

      that suits my schedule. are you able to climb at TCA? Audrey

  4. Mike
    Rock and Chalk

    Going bouldering but would like a partner to toprope. Can climb 5.10 Msg if interested. 647.227.1060

  5. Molle
    Rock and Chalk

    Hey climbers! Looking for a regular partner at Rock and Chalk. I'm currently obsessed with the few cracks they have and would love more time to explore them. Monday evenings, Tuesday day/evenings, Wednesday afternoon/evenings...

  6. Liam Elliott
    Liam Elliott
    Rock and Chalk

    I'm an 18 year old guy looking for a regular climbing partner. This point I'll only be indoors but hope to move to outdoor climbing in the summer.

    • Liam Elliott
      Liam Elliott 200 weeks ago

      Still looking if anybody is wondering.

  7. HJ
    Rock and Chalk

    Looking for a partner to climb with on weekday nights ever other week. Is anyone available? Doesn't seem like the gym get's too many posts.

  8. George Zimmerman
    George Zimmerman
    Rock and Chalk

    Looking for regular partners for weekday evenings once or twice a week. Top rope or lead.

  9. Miranda Gilbert
    Miranda Gilbert
    Rock and Chalk

    Looking to meet up with someone on a saturday once or twice a month starting this fall. Building up my muscles to get back into rock climbing. I will probably be starting again as a beginner, but willing to meet with people of any level. Prefer top rope … ...

  10. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk


  11. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk

    bouldering - where'd the route markers go? most of the tape in the big room had come off.

  12. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk

    I'm heading out to do some bouldering in the afternoon, anyone interested in doing some top rope or lead? any level is welcome. I climb about 5.8-5.9

    • Trevor
      Trevor 245 weeks ago

      FYI I meant I'm heading out on Saturday afternoon. probably around 1:30.

  13. Jamie B
    Jamie B
    Rock and Chalk

    Hey, I'm looking for any level climber (although I'm pretty much a beginner) top-climb. Email me if your interested and we can set up a time! :)

  14. will ross
    will ross
    Rock and Chalk

    beginner, older, ok on tr8, some tr9,

  15. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk

    Did some bouldering

  16. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk

    Any guys out there looking to do some top rope, bouldering or even some lead climbing this weekend? anytime saturday or sunday works for me.

  17. Michelle
    Rock and Chalk

    I'm new to rock climbing and looking for people to climb with at Rock & Chalk. I can belay and have taken a couple beginner courses outdoors at Rattle Snake Point. Msg me if you're interested.

  18. Nick
    Rock and Chalk


  19. Nick
    Rock and Chalk

    Heading to Rock and Chalk in Newmarket for 5ish to boulder some for anyone interested in joying.

    • jkresner
      jkresner 282 weeks ago

      We need to get your the mobile beta app my friend - do you have an iPhone or android?

    • Nick
      Nick 282 weeks ago

      I do! I have the iPhone 4. Where can I get in on the beta?

  20. Trevor
    Rock and Chalk

    Did some TR