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Suite 204 - 388 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2T4

416 703-3434

* 17,000 square feet of climbing surface * Colourful walls with seamless smearable texture * Walls with a wide variety of angles * Technical outdoor style route setting * The biggest roof around (35 feet long and 65 degrees overhanging!) * Trublue autobelays available * Lots of bouldering * Fun people work and climb here There are 100 top rope and 86 lead routes. The Rock Oasis doesn’t use tape or double up routes! We offer a huge bouldering area that features varying degrees of overhang and all sizes of climbing holds. You may practice vertical technique as well as steep roof climbing skills in it. Whether you need to work on technique, power, or endurance this area will complement your training program.

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  1. Christine Andrews
    Christine Andrews
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey climbers, I'm looking for a climbing partner to go tomorrow during the day at Rock Oasis. I climb there a few times a week but have been in India the last few weeks and so reworking my technique. Climbing 5.9's/5.10's.

  2. Charlotte
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    I'm looking for a partner in the evenings after 6:30 (any day of the week), I'm trying out a couple gyms so even if it's a one time deal let me know! I climb beginner, but am happy to climb with anyone at any ability.

    • Charlotte
      Charlotte 37 weeks ago

      oops didn't put in the right date - I can climb as early as this Thursday (June 9)

    • Jenn
      Jenn 37 weeks ago

      I'm also looking for a climbing partner, and am available evenings!

    • Cathy Dandy
      Cathy Dandy 36 weeks ago

      Hi there...let me know if you are still looking for a climbing partner.

  3. Cathy Dandy
    Cathy Dandy
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    I'm looking for a climbing partner ideally 5:00 p.m. weekdays or mornings on weekends although I'm flexible. I climb 5.9, 5.10 but will belay at any level.

  4. Erika Carlson
    Erika Carlson
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Sort of last minute but there's a group of three of us top roping today at 1- if you want to join, let me know! 647 926 3271

  5. Derek Hardinge
    Derek Hardinge
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    I'm at The Rock Oasis Toronto

  6. Erika Carlson
    Erika Carlson
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    My schedule is very flexible - I can top rope (not lead) climb afternoons or evenings weekdays or weekends. I climb 5.10s but can belay at any level, of course! 647 926 3271

  7. Hubert Razack
    Hubert Razack
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hi there! I'll be going to the Rock Oasis tonight to the 'climber without a partner' thing they have on Monday night. If anyone's available it would be great to meet up. I climb 5.10s top rope, but can belay any level. Hope to see you there!

  8. Rebecca Alam
    Rebecca Alam
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey looking for a TR partner today, I weigh 100lbs and do 5.9s/5.10s. Text me at 647-786-0021

  9. James Kesteven
    James Kesteven
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey There, Just back after knee surgery and am looking for a Top Rope Partner. Currently climbing 5.8 + . Schedule flexible any night during the week after 7. Weekends Open as well. Shoot me a message if you are looking for a belay partner! Ch … ...

  10. Jacqueline Wang
    Jacqueline Wang
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Just started top rope recently, looking to climb with someone beginner or intermediate weekday evenings and/or weekends, I am at 5.9 Text me 416-566-8798 if you're interested.

  11. john loerchner
    john loerchner
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Anyone down for a climb this afternoon?

  12. Christine Andrews
    Christine Andrews
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey, does anyone want to go for a climb today?

    • Dave
      Dave 53 weeks ago

      Yes..what time were you thinking? I can be there as early as 4pm today. Dave

  13. Sarah Draycott
    Sarah Draycott
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey looking for a climbing partner. I used to climb frequently but fell out of it. I do know how to lead climb, used to lead/work at Toronto Climbing Academy but I live close near Rock oasis. Best days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and all Satur … ...

  14. Dave
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Greetings! I'm a beginner /intermediate climber. I just want to get out as often as I can. I live 5 mins away from the Rock, and my availability is all over the place as I work shifts. I climb around 5 8 to 5 9, but open to all levels. I am looking … ...

  15. Kim M
    Kim M
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Looking for a partner to climb with on Friday, any time after 4:00. Drop me a text at 647-393-4900. Any level welcome.

  16. Monica McKenzie
    Monica McKenzie
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Or anyone up climbing on Saturday Climbing 5.8 to 5.9

    • Rebecca Alam
      Rebecca Alam 56 weeks ago

      Hey Monica! Are you still looking for someone to climb with today? I'm thinking of going this afternoon and also TR 5.8/5.9. If you are msg me at 647-786-0021

  17. Monica McKenzie
    Monica McKenzie
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Anyone up for climbing this Sunday morning? I'm climbing 5.8 to 5.9 trying to get back in shape

  18. Rebecca Alam
    Rebecca Alam
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hey all! I'm looking for a TR partner to go climbing with. I recently got into climbing so am pretty beginner getting up to 5.8/5.9's right now. Weekday evenings are generally best for me or on the weekend. I'm trying to go at least once or twice a week. … ...

  19. Monica McKenzie
    Monica McKenzie
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Looking for partner to climb for couple of hours Monday morning. Just getting back into climbing after a few years hiatus and needing to get fit. Was a 5.10 climber, now sadly 5.8

    • Caroline
      Caroline 58 weeks ago

      I haven't been climbing for 6-9 months and would like to start again and would like to climb regularly once a week. I can't climb during the day during the week though.

    • Rebecca Alam
      Rebecca Alam 57 weeks ago

      I'm also available Monday mornings or some weekday evenings to climb. I'm a beginner doing TR only and have been climbing mainly 5.8's.

  20. meg strachan
    meg strachan
    The Rock Oasis Toronto

    Hi! I am looking for a lead or TR partner for weekday evenings at Rock Oasis! TR 5.11s, lead in the 5.10s; open to a partner of any level. I can usually make it to the gym by about 6pm. Message me if you're interested and we can set something up :)


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  • Nick Boldt
    Nick Boldt

    Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. Music USUALLY pretty good (better of late). Air conditioning works fairly well, until you get up to the ceiling. Good mix of routes, wall angles, belay options (TR or lead). Routes change fairly frequently, often enough to avoid getting bored, but not so often that you don't have time to complete a "project" route. Definitely worth a membership if you go at least 2x a week.

  • Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman

    Great gym with a vibrant community. Plenty of climbs of varying difficulty and routes are changed very frequently. Air conditioning was recently installed and hopefully the gym will be nice and cool soon. Excellent group of regulars and tons of lead climbers. Rock on!

  • Sarah Sherman
    Sarah Sherman

    Great staff. Super convenient location. Lots of walls, regularly updated routes, and a new airconditioner

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Not impressed with the new Rock Oasis location. Does not offer alot. Walls are too low. Routesetting has not improved. They expect people to come here for the next 2 years and wait for the Supergym? Won't be coming back very often.

  • marybeth

    Surprisingly spacious and well equipped. And there are 2 self-belays.