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11 Curity Ave Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

416 406 5900

Since opening in 1993, the Toronto Climbing Academy has hosted many indoor climbing events and continues to lead in presenting exciting indoor climbing options. The Climbing Centre features 11 distinct climbing areas: from Caves, Overhangs and Cracks to Campus Boards and a fully equipped Training Area.

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  1. Rebecca
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    I'm looking for a new climbing partner to climb at TCA. Top Rope. I warm up on a 5.8 and move onto 5.9's and some 5.10-. Monday is the best day for me but I can do Tuesday and I can be there for 6pm. On average I climb for aprox 2 hours a visit. If thi … ...

  2. Pat Burke
    Pat Burke
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hello, I am a member at TCA looking for climbing partners, lead or top rope. I am a good belayer with trad experience.

    • Yendre Shen
      Yendre Shen 7 days ago

      Hey Pat, I'm available some days during the weekdays. Best time for me is 12-3pm. Let me know, Yendre.

    • Carla
      Carla 7 days ago

      Hi Pat, I'm available Thursday nights but I can't lead climb yet. You sound a bit more advanced but happy to belay anywhere :) Carla

  3. Carla
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hi! I'm looking to get climbs in on Thursday evenings (can make it to the gym around 7:30) I started climbing this summer so I stick to easier routes for now (TR) but very am comfortable belaying on various routes (already made outside a couple of tim … ...

  4. John Lee
    John Lee
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    My regular partner is out with and injury... Tuesdays and Thursdays. Top rope or lead. I max out at 5.10 onlead. Thanks Jong (John)

  5. John Lee
    John Lee
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    My regular partner is out with and injury... Tuesdays and Thursdays. Top rope or lead. I max out at 5.10 onlead. Thanks Jong (Jong)

  6. Nicole Gabriele
    Nicole Gabriele
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hey! Looking to climb (top rope or lead) Friday June 26/15 any time after 12. Message me if you're interested 905 929 6513.

  7. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a Tues partner to climb with. Lead climb 5.10's but any level is ok as long as you can lead belay.

  8. Sergey Iarov
    Sergey Iarov
    The Toronto Climbing Academy


  9. Tavis Lochhead
    Tavis Lochhead
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hey TCAers! I'm looking for a partner to do top rope with 2-4 times weekly (after 6:30pm weekdays, anytime weekends). I climb 5.10+, but I don't care if you're higher or lower :) I'd be interested in sessions around 1-1.5hr long. Cheers!

    • Jacqueline Wang
      Jacqueline Wang 14 weeks ago

      Hi Tavis, I am beginner of top roping, just started, I climb 5.8 for now. I can do Tuesdays 6:30pm and Saturdays after 1:30pm and anytime on Sundays. Let me know your comments, thank you. Jacqueline

    • Jacqueline Wang
      Jacqueline Wang 14 weeks ago

      By the way, you may email me back at:

  10. Pavel Volgarev
    Pavel Volgarev
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a partner to climb lead at TCA this weekend (Sunday, 7pm). Any level is welcome (as for myself, I'm currently at 5.12's). Cheers!

  11. Ben Jang
    Ben Jang
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hello, kind of last minute but looking for a climbing partner tomorrow (may 15) at 4:30-5pm. Top rope or lead. Text me 647-228-5264.

  12. Tyler MacDougall
    Tyler MacDougall
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    looking for top rope partner tomorrow night.

  13. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for lead climbing partners for Tuesday evenings around 8. I can do 5.10's but mostly like to work on endurance. Any level is fine. Thanks

  14. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking to get a climb in tonight around 8?. Lead climbing please and thanks.

  15. Amina M
    Amina M
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hey, I am looking for people to climb evenings after 6:30 or weekends..I climb at a 5.10ish level for top-rope and am in the process of learning to lead!

  16. Lindsay Mae Singson
    Lindsay Mae Singson
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for climbing partners at TCA that can climb after 7pm on the weekdays and anytime on the weekend. I'm able to do top or lead

    • Matthew Krol
      Matthew Krol 19 weeks ago

      Valerie on the PartnerCall, is also looking for a regular TCA partner, could contact her. See if there's any interest on this site :

  17. Yendre Shen
    Yendre Shen
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    If anyone is available to climb during the day time, on weekdays at TCA contact me at 416-508-7433. TR or lead works. Thanks.

  18. stephanie
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Anyone available for a few hours of lead or TR at TCA tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon/evening, starting somewhere between 3:30 and 5pm?

  19. Cathy Hoang
    Cathy Hoang
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Need a regular partner for lead (TR ok too). My level is 5.9 to 5.10-for lead and 5.10ish for TR. Available Tues 5pm-8pm and Sat 2pm-5pm.

  20. Scott T
    Scott T
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    I'm just a beginner and looking to build my skill set and break in my shoes. Hopefully there's someone out there

    • Sanjay Chhattani
      Sanjay Chhattani 31 weeks ago

      Hi Scott. I go to academy every Thursday around 7 pm. Let me know if that works for you..

    • Scott T
      Scott T 31 weeks ago

      Thanks Sanjay. I am very interested but need to adjust my schedule to go on Thursday. I will indeed let you know. Cherrs, Scott


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  • Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol

    not a bad gym, the staff is very helpful. Just wished there were more people to belay with during the weekends, when you visit alone. Bouldering section is challenging, but exciting, and will definitely come back in the future.

  • Bree L. Rody-Mantha
    Bree L. Rody-Mantha

    I'm a fairly new climber (eight months in) and I recently moved to Toronto. After a long "shopping around" period in which I climbed at all the major gyms I decided to make Toronto Climbing Academy my home gym. It's easily comparable to True North in terms of size, route options, number of boulder problems, and workout area. The only major difference is the lack of slack line, which I have no personal interest in, different workout equipment, and seemingly more diverse boulder problems. This place embodies what climbing is all about — no "salesman"-style employees, a good comfortable crowd of regulars, helpful and encouraging staff (I've had staff members come up to me and high five or hug me when they see me do something I haven't before), an emphasis on safety and a very open, social community. I know this is a silly thing to mention, but the bathrooms/change rooms are also extremely nice — I feel alright showering here, unlike other places where I get a tad sketched out. Overall I'd say TCA and TNC are tied for the two best climbing gyms in Toronto (location gave TCA the edge for me). Highly recommended for beginners and elites.

  • Ian B
    Ian B

    TCA has some great walls with some great routes. The bouldering section is pretty large and as well, offering challenges for all types of climbers. The one criticism I will make of TCA is that the staff aren't very friendly. I feel like there is an "in-group" "out-group" mentality, and new climbers are on the outs. The service isn't bad enough to stop me from climbing at TCA, but it's the one thing I'd change about the gym.

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Solid all around gym with a nice boulder area and lead climbing arch. Route setting has good flow to it and variety. Route grades are sometimes "soft" and overgraded.

  • Sarah

    The place is quite large with a good variety of terraine to climb. Staff could be a little more friendly and welcoming to new climbers. Good training provided. Safety is paramount which is important to me.