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11 Curity Ave Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

416 406 5900

Since opening in 1993, the Toronto Climbing Academy has hosted many indoor climbing events and continues to lead in presenting exciting indoor climbing options. The Climbing Centre features 11 distinct climbing areas: from Caves, Overhangs and Cracks to Campus Boards and a fully equipped Training Area.

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  1. Clement Li
    Clement Li
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    New to climbing (~5 weeks), looking for a TR partner for July, I climb 5.8/5.9. Would prefer to go at times that are less busy, but am completely flexible with time - any time, any day of the week. Shoot me a message if interested!

  2. Angela
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hi, I'm hoping to go climbing February 6th, 2016 sometime in the afternoon, anytime after 1pm. I climb 5.9 -5.10's. Looking to get lead certified in the next few months. Please message me if you'd like to go. Thanks!

  3. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a lead partner for tonight at TCA. LMK me if you're interested. Thanks

  4. Masha Petrasinovic
    Masha Petrasinovic
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hi all, I'm hoping to climb tomorrow, Saturday jan 23rd at TCA. I top rope 5.10's and I'm hoping to take a lead course in the next month or two, so if you're interested in that, let me know! Cheers, Masha

    • Pallavi Rao
      Pallavi Rao 57 weeks ago

      Hi Masha! I'd be interested to climb with you tomorrow. Most likely in the afternoon. I'm also in 5.10 region, top rope. Hope to take lead course soon. Let me know if tomorrow afternoon works! Cheers

  5. Brian Lynch
    Brian Lynch
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hey, Haven't climbed in about 8 years (had my wrist rebuilt after an accident), but want to get back into it now that I'm able. I used to climb at a 5.10, but I expect I need to start from the beginning again! So, I need a partner. Available most w … ...

    • Vessela Antonova
      Vessela Antonova 58 weeks ago

      Hi there, its been that long for me as well, ans i also want to go back into it. I can climb every other sunday (starting from Jan 24th) from 10 to 12 am at TCA, let me know if this works with your schedule. 416-564-1256 V

    • Brian Lynch
      Brian Lynch 58 weeks ago

      Hey Vessela, Sounds great. I sent you a reply to your account. Please let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks, Brian

    • Alex
      Alex 58 weeks ago

      Hi there, I've just gotten back into climbing, doing 5.8/5.9 for now. I'm available to climb Wednesday's or Monday's from 6:30 - 9pm. Alex 647-338-3075

    • Ravi Deshpande
      Ravi Deshpande 57 weeks ago

      Hi, I'm climbing 5.9 TR a little infrequently these days but would love to climb more! Available evenings after 7.30 or on weekends. Phone 416 648 6700. Travel a lot on business and have a son in hockey so I would need to schedule a few days in advance.

  6. Rebecca
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    I'm looking for a new climbing partner to climb at TCA but I'm also willing to try out Rock Oasis. I Top Rope. I climb 5.9's and some 5.10-. Availablity is some evenings from 6pm or Sat.

  7. Nicholai Ball
    Nicholai Ball
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Anyone interested in climbing and doing some additional workouts at another gym? Bring a lunch. I'll pack a bag with water, and medical supplies.

  8. Pallavi Rao
    Pallavi Rao
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hey! I'm looking for a partner to climb with regularly over the next couple of weeks. Message or text me if interested. 647-818-8603

  9. Jesse
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    I'm at The Toronto Climbing Academy

  10. Helen
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a lead partner for tonight at TCA. Pls msg me if ur interested.

  11. Pallavi Rao
    Pallavi Rao
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Anyone interested in climbing tomorrow afternoon? I can TR in the 5.10- region.

  12. Alice
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Anyone interested in climbing this weekend? I haven't climbed in a year but previously was doing up to 5.10 and beginner lead. Looking slowly to get back into things. Send me a msg if interested!

  13. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Anyone want to climb today?. Lead preferred time flexible. txt me 4163024288

  14. Helen
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a climbing partner at TCA for a beginner top rope for my cousin for tomorrow wed Nov 4th 7/8pm?

  15. John Lee
    John Lee
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    OK... Let's try this again (my apologies for my screw up last time, you know who you are)... I can top rope to about 5.11, Lead up to 5.10-. I'm challenged on overhangs. Tuesdays and Thursdays usually. I'm starting a new program... pyramids on Tuesday … ...

    • John Lee
      John Lee 70 weeks ago

      By the way... I'll do the pyramid... you don't have to.

  16. Sasikhan Geibprasert
    Sasikhan Geibprasert
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Hi, I'm looking for a climbing partner for top rope at TCA on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm. I'm still a beginner, so it would be great if someone is interested in learning together!

  17. Steven
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a partner to climb with on Sunday's and Thursdays (could be flexible). Lead climb 5.10's but any level is ok as long as you can lead belay.

  18. Alex sehota
    Alex sehota
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Looking for a top rope partner for tonight. 5.9 Alex Txt 647-338-3075

  19. Pat Burke
    Pat Burke
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    Great gym; range of sculpted walls, good route setters, friendly and helpful staff, never too busy

  20. Rob
    The Toronto Climbing Academy

    I'm brand new at top rope and have 2 weeks to go as often as possible to see how I like it long term. Willing to belay any level, so far I've only done the mid level climbs, but without issue. Looking to go every night for the next few days mostly lat … ...


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  • Pat Burke
    Pat Burke

    Great gym; range of sculpted walls, good route setters, friendly and helpful staff, never too busy

  • Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol

    not a bad gym, the staff is very helpful. Just wished there were more people to belay with during the weekends, when you visit alone. Bouldering section is challenging, but exciting, and will definitely come back in the future.

  • Bree L. Rody-Mantha
    Bree L. Rody-Mantha

    I'm a fairly new climber (eight months in) and I recently moved to Toronto. After a long "shopping around" period in which I climbed at all the major gyms I decided to make Toronto Climbing Academy my home gym. It's easily comparable to True North in terms of size, route options, number of boulder problems, and workout area. The only major difference is the lack of slack line, which I have no personal interest in, different workout equipment, and seemingly more diverse boulder problems. This place embodies what climbing is all about — no "salesman"-style employees, a good comfortable crowd of regulars, helpful and encouraging staff (I've had staff members come up to me and high five or hug me when they see me do something I haven't before), an emphasis on safety and a very open, social community. I know this is a silly thing to mention, but the bathrooms/change rooms are also extremely nice — I feel alright showering here, unlike other places where I get a tad sketched out. Overall I'd say TCA and TNC are tied for the two best climbing gyms in Toronto (location gave TCA the edge for me). Highly recommended for beginners and elites.

  • Ian B
    Ian B

    TCA has some great walls with some great routes. The bouldering section is pretty large and as well, offering challenges for all types of climbers. The one criticism I will make of TCA is that the staff aren't very friendly. I feel like there is an "in-group" "out-group" mentality, and new climbers are on the outs. The service isn't bad enough to stop me from climbing at TCA, but it's the one thing I'd change about the gym.

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Solid all around gym with a nice boulder area and lead climbing arch. Route setting has good flow to it and variety. Route grades are sometimes "soft" and overgraded.

  • Sarah

    The place is quite large with a good variety of terraine to climb. Staff could be a little more friendly and welcoming to new climbers. Good training provided. Safety is paramount which is important to me.