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75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 14, Toronto

416 398-ROCK (7625)

We launched the gym March 27th 2010 with our Tour de Bloc bouldering competition, and then threw the doors open with free admission for climbers the next day. That was our welcome to the climbing community. Since then we've had a steadily increasing stream of climbers coming through our doors and enjoying Toronto's newest indoor climbing gym. Climbers have been enjoying the top-out bouldering, scaling the stalactite, sitting atop the natural boulder, playing on the slacklines, and some have even tried to conquer the full-height finger crack (no successful ascents so far though!).

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  1. Nicole Gabriele
    Nicole Gabriele
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking to climb tonight. I can lead and top rope so I'm up for whatever. Message me if you are interested. 905 929 6513. Cheers!

  2. Elan David Sibilia
    Elan David Sibilia
    True North Climbing Inc

    Hey there, I'm looking for a TR climbing partner for tonight around 7:00. Beginner/intermediate climber at the 5.8/5.9 level. Let me know if you want to join me, shoot a text to 416-617-5029.

  3. Mike
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a partner for Tues/22nd or Wed/23rd from 7:30PM to 10:30PM. I'm flexible on the time and can also do 6:30PM to 9:30PM. I lead and have a rope. Cell: 647-782-4501

  4. Nicole Gabriele
    Nicole Gabriele
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking to climb Wednesday morning around 11. Preferably lead but TR is fine too. Message me or text 905 929 6513. Cheers, Nicole

  5. Cathy
    True North Climbing Inc

    Need a partner for Wednesday around 11am. I lead belay but will probably prefer to just TR to get in more mileage. Experienced! Thanks, Cathy

    • Nicole gab
      Nicole gab 23 weeks ago

      I could climb at that time. I'll send a message to your personal inbox.

  6. Scott Chuback
    Scott Chuback
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a climbing partner for tomorrow at True North. Anytime works, msg me @ 647-295-9327 if your available. Thanks!

  7. Aaron
    True North Climbing Inc

    Experienced climber who lives in Germany. In Toronto for a week. Looking for a partner any mornings/early afternoons this week. Email me if interested:

  8. stephanie j
    stephanie j
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a climbing partner for Wednesday or Fridays this month. I am also available on Saturday mornings at 10am. I climb 5.9-5.10-. Not looking for someone at the same level as me, just want a partner that is willing to climb regularly.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 29 weeks ago

      Hey Steph, what time on Wednesdays would work for you? I'm usually off work every Wednesday.

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 29 weeks ago

      I like to go noon on Wednesdays but anytime really works

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 29 weeks ago

      I have an appointment this Wednesday at 11am, free after. Sound good?

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 29 weeks ago

      This upcoming Wednesday I arranged to climb with another person from climbfind for noon, you can come after your appointment and join us if you would like.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 28 weeks ago

      Ok perfect. If you need to get in touch for any future days, feel free: 416-889-6425

    • stephanie j
      stephanie j 28 weeks ago

      Hey Nicholas, I just found out today I need to travel to Kingston on Wednesday, this just came up so can we reschedule for the following wednesday?

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 28 weeks ago

      Not a problem. Just shoot me a txt or msg me here when you're back. Safe travels.

  9. Matthew Krol
    Matthew Krol
    True North Climbing Inc

    Jan. 23rd @ 7pm I am climbing 5.10 even, after taking a long break. I would like to find a belayer available around this time for about 2 hours or less. You can contact me at

  10. Alice
    True North Climbing Inc

    Anyone interested in climbing this weekend? I haven't climbed in a year, but was previously doing up to 5.10 and beginner lead. Would like to slowly get back into things.

  11. Nicholas
    True North Climbing Inc

    Hey everyone, looking for a partner for tomorrow (Friday Sept. 18) during the day at TN. Top rope or Lead. Cheers, Nick (416) 889-6425

  12. Aaron
    True North Climbing Inc

    Hi, I'm looking for a climbing partner at TN until October 4. Good for basically anytime/any day weekday or weekend. Preferably experienced. Let me know if you're interested, send me a text. Aaron 613-404-2071

  13. cyrus syed
    cyrus syed
    True North Climbing Inc

    Any one up for climbing today at True North or Joes?. I do TR mostly at 5-10s. Any skill level is welcome. Please text 647-780-9994.

  14. Salek Afshar
    Salek Afshar
    True North Climbing Inc

    looking for intermediate climber or advance who climv atleast 10+ , im climbing 13+ so I need patient patner thanks for sunday july 5th find me in fb salek mobarez leave a message

  15. Salek Afshar
    Salek Afshar
    True North Climbing Inc

    im looking for serious partner who wants to really climb and get stonger for out door or indoor im climbing and training 7 days in week add me in fb salek mobarez if you really to climb hard stonger leave me a message I can teach for outdoor techniq … ...

  16. Denver Nuttall
    Denver Nuttall
    True North Climbing Inc

    looking for regular climbing partner during the week. top rope or lead any level. I can climb either 12-2 or 730-close any day. I am also open to other gyms as well.

  17. Sergey Iarov
    Sergey Iarov
    True North Climbing Inc

    I'm at True North Climbing Inc

  18. Rolan Naiman
    Rolan Naiman
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for a regular climbing partner (top rope) for the summer. Hoping to climb regularly throughout the week(weekday evenings, weekends any time) Text me at (647) 860-8409

  19. Mandy Cheng
    Mandy Cheng
    True North Climbing Inc

    Looking for someone to climb (preferably lead) with in the after noon (until 4pm) or after 7pm.

    • stas
      stas 70 weeks ago

      Hey there, I'll be there Wednesday around 20.00 and I need a partner as well. Let me know if it works out for you. My cell is 437 345 0134. Take care, Stas

  20. Mandy Cheng
    Mandy Cheng
    True North Climbing Inc

    Kinda last minute but anyone up to climb Sunday. I will be there and available to climb at 3pm. Feel free to call/txt 416-666-7977 or just show up. I'm good to lead or top rope.


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  • Will

    My biggest complaint is the tape marking on the holds. Some are missing or coming off so much that you can't tell a hold is yours until it's too late. But other than that, the routes are very challenging, and the gym has lots of bouldering and route options.

  • Mark O.
    Mark O.

    Love a clean facility with all amenities and endless climbing options! Also appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the excellent beginner package they have. Lot's of TR, Lead and bouldering options are available. My climbing partner and I are at different levels, so we're covering the 5.5 - 5.11 several days a week and we never run out of challenges. If they could somehow beam TNC to a downtown location there would be no reason to even think about going somewhere else ;-)

  • Nathan

    True North just hosted a Tour de Bloc bouldering comp this past weekend (March 10/2012) -- lots of great problems up now, check them out while they're fresh! My comp recap (incl. photos) here:

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Good all around gym. Nice stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Good bouldering area. The route setting tends to be "bouldery"; sometimes you will find a route with a 1.5 meter gap and the only move you can do is a giant dyno. I also found the way they tape routes somewhat confusing. All the tape is in one direction only and tends to blend in with each other. Nonetheless, it is a good gym and I will come back.

  • Matthew Tee
    Matthew Tee

    I haven't been to a lot of climbing gyms, but TNC doesn't leave me wanting to explore elsewhere. Lots of routes with good variety. Environment is always clean and comfortable. People are always pleasant and supportive. Extras include dedicated lead cave, bouldering and traverse walls, rings, rope ladders, slacklines, free day-use lockers, two crack climbs, training area w/ campus board and hang boards.