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Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3


The climbing wall contains a nice mix of vertical, overhanging, and technical terrain to accommodate beginner to advanced climbers within what was formerly two large racquetball courts. Walls are 15-20ft in height and promote bouldering over a fully padded floor, with other strategically-placed gym mats for added safety. Get an onsite member to tour you around the climbing wall to identify potential climbing hazards and proper climbing etiquette in our facility. Walls are made of stud and plywood and were engineered and constructed through co-operative volunteer support from fundraising efforts and club members with professional engineering and carpentry experience. Climbing holds are purchased from a large number of different manufacturers including: Nicros, Metolius, Pusher, Franklin, Globe, Juggernaut, Teknik, and more. The club has a Metolius finger board, a chin-up bar, a wooden rung campus board.

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  1. Theresa
    University of New Brunswick

    I want to climb at Wwelsford or any other outdoor climbing in the Maritimes...

  2. Theresa
    University of New Brunswick

    Looking for experienced climbing partners for the next week, as I am visiting from Jasper.

  3. Theresa
    University of New Brunswick

    Looking for climbing partners to climb in Welsford or any where in NB area...


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