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Awesome Walls Liverpool is situated in St Albans Church. The church first opened its doors in 1849 and closed them in to worshipers in 1991. The doors were reopened to a new breed of worshipers in 1999. Over the last 9 years we have continually reinvested in our climbing facility making it what it is today. We have many plans to develop Awesome Walls Liverpool in the near future. These plans include a new reception and seating/chill area, cafe facilities and specialist climbing shop.

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  1. Debbie Feeney
    Debbie Feeney
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Looking for a regular indoor partner for thursdays during the day mostly. Dont have a rope at the moment, can lead and will lead up to 5's have lead some 6's but just building confidence back up :)

  2. Peter Brooks
    Peter Brooks
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    I'm at Awesome Walls Liverpool

  3. ady duffy
    ady duffy
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hi I've just moved to the area and I'm looking to climb once or twice per week. i can lead 5's and top rope 6's (well i could a couple of months ago!) Ady

    • Neil
      Neil 79 weeks ago

      Im learning myself what days u looking to climb?

    • ady duffy
      ady duffy 79 weeks ago

      Hi Neil. i work shifts so can't ever commit to a regular evening, but next week I'm free Wednesday 30th from 3pm if that's any good for you?

    • Clipskipper
      Clipskipper 63 weeks ago

      Hi Ady, I'm looking for a buddy this evening if you're free. Bit short notice, I know, but my buddy dropped out. Lee

  4. Clipskipper
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Looking for a buddy for Awesome Walls tonight. Anyone at a loose end? Lee

  5. Darren Pendleton
    Darren Pendleton
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Looking for regular climbing partner (male or female) at Awesome Walls Liverpool or NWF in Warrington.. I climb 5+ ~ 6a steadily and can lead/belay. I'm looking for someone to climb fairly often (evenings/weekends)

  6. Claire
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hello, i climb 5+ ~ 6a steadily and can lead. I'm looking for someone to climb fairly often (evenings/weekends) with who likes to have fun and improve grades/ technique.

    • Neil
      Neil 134 weeks ago

      how ofen do you climb?

    • josh
      josh 117 weeks ago

      Hi what days would be good for you

  7. Paul Hiley
    Paul Hiley
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Anyone up for climbing one evening this week?

  8. derek stanley
    derek stanley
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    I'm looking to start climbing after about a year out due to a hand operation. Need to take it easy due to advancing years (44) and general out of shapeness! happy to partner a beginner or anyone with patients. Mondays are good for me from about 5 pm. … ...

    • Andy Eustance
      Andy Eustance 126 weeks ago

      Hi Derek, I'd be happy to climb with you but can only go on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Also, I'm around 100 kilos, if you're happy to belay? Regards Andy

    • derek stanley
      derek stanley 126 weeks ago

      Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. I can only do Mondays at the moment due to work/family. I can belay 100 Kg no problem!

  9. Neil
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Looking for a climbing partner to get more involved in climbing and help improve skills, anyone interested?

  10. Natalie Healy
    Natalie Healy
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hi, I am a beginner climber really... Mainly top roping and did start to lead (have my own rope) but had to stop about a year ago due to no partner... I work strange shifts so can climb different days/times each week. Looking for a climbing partner of an … ...

    • Neil
      Neil 134 weeks ago

      Do you still want a climbing partner?

  11. vin angel
    vin angel
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    have trained here now for over a year 1-2 sessions weekly, mainly 2. have been happy with progress achieved here, the helpful staff, their grades and climbs, even the coffee is good!

  12. Josie Davies
    Josie Davies
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    I'm looking for people to climb with regularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Awesome Liverpool and Stockport. I lead up to about 6a+ but would ideally like to find people who climb at a similar grade or harder. My number is 07769211284 if you're in … ...

  13. Matthew Fitzpatrick
    Matthew Fitzpatrick
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Back climbing after a LONG break, been back bouldering for a few weeks and now looking to get back onto the wall. Was climbing 4+ / 5 towards the end of last year but probably a bit rusty now. Available most evenings after 7ish txt 07791385179

  14. Geoff Cowen
    Geoff Cowen
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hi there, I've just moved here and am looking for someone to climb with. I haven't climbed for a couple of years so will be a bit rusty but used to be quite good. Anyone free on the evenings my number is 07851548508 if ya fancy.

  15. Emma Williams
    Emma Williams
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hey! just started climbing - currently doing the intro to climbing course so top roping, bouldering and moving onto leading next week. Fully admit to beinng very beginner-ish! Looking for someone to get a bit of essential practice with. Female would b … ...

    • Vaun B
      Vaun B 159 weeks ago

      Ah, just seen, wends & evenings better for me too. Make a plan to meet soon. Vaughan

    • Natalie Hill
      Natalie Hill 159 weeks ago

      Hi I am also looking for someone to climb with can't climb everyweek due to work comitments but If I am free by all means welcome to get in touch , I am able to belay and have some expience Not been able to do much climbing due to not having a partner. Can contact me via email thanks natalie

    • Claire Hiley
      Claire Hiley 159 weeks ago

      Hiya am usually looking for some1 to climb with at weekends but not this 1 unfortunately! if any1 wants to climb my number is 07825665520 :-)

    • Emma Williams
      Emma Williams 158 weeks ago

      Hi thanks for the replies, im busy next few weeks with house move and stuff, but i'll give you a bell to go for a climb soon!

  16. Claire Hiley
    Claire Hiley
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    hiya, looking for a climbing partner for this afternoon :-) am a safe belayer! give me a txt if interestered 07825665520 :-)

  17. craig holmes
    craig holmes
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    Hi, looking for climbing parter this week , can climb up to about 6a and safe on belay. should be free to climb from about 3 most evenings - send me text on 07875424691 if interested

  18. Matthew Hurrell
    Matthew Hurrell
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    I'm at Awesome Walls Liverpool

  19. chris palmer
    chris palmer
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    hi there looking for an partner to climb with today @ 1:00pm if you like to join me send me an text on 07742777843 its so wet out side:( can climb up to 6c but happy to climb with anyone who is safe to climb with thanks chirs

  20. Natalie Hill
    Natalie Hill
    Awesome Walls Liverpool

    I haven't been climbing long just over a year but unfort got struck down with injury and had to stop. Been now nearly 2 years but ready to get back into it. Looking for a climbing partner to climb maybe once a week or fortnighty due to job.


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  • vin angel
    vin angel

    have trained here now for over a year 1-2 sessions weekly, mainly 2. have been happy with progress achieved here, the helpful staff, their grades and climbs, even the coffee is good!

  • chris palmer
    chris palmer

    it was good all new paint on the wall's