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Stockport Rd West, Lower Bredbury, Stockport, SK6 2BP

0161 494 9949


This new indoor climbing facility is without doubt the largest climbing centre in England. There is a colossal amount of leading, top-roping and bouldering to keep you happy for many, many visits!

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  1. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Hello, I'll be here to do some climbing on my own and bouldering. I'd like a partner so I can do some top roping. If you can make it, great. My mobile number is 07905 864 663. Thanks.

  2. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Hello, I need a climbing partner for tomorrow around 12 onwards. I can climb around 6b. I have my own shoes and harness. I can belay safely but I've done no lead climbing. I did climb with a Peter a few months ago but I lost his number and haven't … ...

  3. Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I started climbing about three years ago but I've had a break and not climbed for a while due to lacking a partner. My level is 5+ (a few 6a). I'm looking for a regular climbing partner for a couple of nights, possibly Tuesdays and Thursdays. Text me 077 … ...

  4. Alan Hulbert
    Alan Hulbert
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    If anyone is available to climb during the day I would like to join you. Regular partners have either moved away or have long term injuries. I'm an excellent belayer and good at encouraging partners to climb harder. Would welcome anyone of any ability … ...

  5. marie wilcock
    marie wilcock
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Recently retired. seeking climbing partner for daytime climbing.

    • Alan Hulbert
      Alan Hulbert 101 weeks ago

      I try and climb each Tuesday morning. My regular partner has moved to Edinburgh. I have also recently retired. I'm an excellent belayer and often good fun to climb with. Very supportive. If you would like meet my mobile number is 07718529870 or email

  6. Terry Kenny
    Terry Kenny
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Recently retired and looking for mid-week daytime climbing partners for wall - Stockport/Warrington. Might suit somebody in similar position

    • Alan Hulbert
      Alan Hulbert 113 weeks ago

      I try and climb twice a week during the day but due to injury and lack of partners usually only manage once. If you are available we could climb at Warrington Fri am and/or Stockport next week. You can email me or phone 01617641289 Alan.

    • Terry Kenny
      Terry Kenny 113 weeks ago

      Away this friday but be in touch next week re Stockport

    • Alan Hulbert
      Alan Hulbert 112 weeks ago

      My mobile number is 07718529870. I'm out all day Monday until late so only contactable on my mobile. Keen to climb Tue am. at Stockport.

  7. Matthew Teasdale
    Matthew Teasdale
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I'm at Awesome Walls Stockport

  8. Seb B
    Seb B
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Anyone fancy some top roping or leading at either mcc or awesomewalls stockport tonight? I belay safely, like slabs and climb 5c/6a. Call Seb on 07866927591

  9. Peter Shc Benkoczky
    Peter Shc Benkoczky
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I'm at Awesome Walls Stockport

  10. Beth Thomas
    Beth Thomas
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Hi all! I have been at a bit of a stalemate with climbing for a good 6 months now in terms of my leading grade. I recently had some coaching and am determined to up my grade (currently around 6b/6b+). I have an endurance training schedule, as this is … ...

    • Jonny Coates
      Jonny Coates 131 weeks ago

      Hey Beth, I climb similar grade to you. And I'm a confident belayer I'm more than happy to climb with you a few days in the week or weekend Any day is fine with me. Give me a text if you fancy.. 0758816133

    • Palo
      Palo 131 weeks ago

      Hi Beth, I need someone to climb with tomorrow at around lunch time. Stockport is OK for me and I can get there at 12:00. I m leading comfortably atyour level also and of course I m reliable belayer. Confirm on my number - 07526670212, Bye, Pavol

  11. steve farrell
    steve farrell
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Looking to get back into climbing following injury - top roped 6c on a good day before being laid up, probably a bit less now! I'm available days or evenings, give us a shout if you need a climbing partner.

  12. Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    New to the area and post injury. Looking for a climbing partner. Bouldering, top rope and eventually lead. :)

  13. Jenny Brown
    Jenny Brown
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Anyone fancy a climb leading and or bouldering tomorrow night at Stockport or Manchester Climbing Centre tomorrow night? If so drop me a text on 07779281114, Jenny

  14. Claire
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Hello, i climb 5+ ~ 6a steadily and can lead. I'm looking for someone to climb fairly often (evenings/weekends) with who likes to have fun and improve grades/ technique.

  15. Jonny Coates
    Jonny Coates
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Looking for a regular partner for climbing Monday, Wednesday or Thursday Nights. I Lead up to 6b and try to top rope higher. Text me if you're interested. 07588161333

  16. Nicola Turner
    Nicola Turner
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Hi, anyone interested in climbing today 5-7pm?? I top rope up to 6a/b and lead up to 6a (on a good day!) and i'm a safe belayer. I'm happy to climb with anyone - my son's at Kid's Club and i'd rather be climbing than watching! If you're interested, giv … ...

  17. Josie Davies
    Josie Davies
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I'm looking for people to climb with regularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Awesome Liverpool and Stockport. I lead up to about 6a+ but would ideally like to find people who climb at a similar grade or harder. My number is 07769211284 if you're in … ...

  18. Will Casson
    Will Casson
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    Looking for partners to lead climb with indoors; Mon & Wed evenings from 6.30pm & hopefully get outside at weekends with. I lead from 6a+ to 6C. Happy to climb with any standard as long as your a safe belay & happy holding any falls. If you fancy a clim … ...

    • Jonny Coates
      Jonny Coates 148 weeks ago

      Hey Will, Monday and Wednesday evenings sounds great; can't do tomorrow or this wednesday but I can do next week if you fancy getting together for some climbs? Heres my number, 07588161333

    • Palo
      Palo 148 weeks ago

      Is anybody free for climbing tomorrow, wednesday 24th of OCtober after 14:00? I ll be there bouldering but will prefer to do rope climbing. Let me know on 07526670212. I m climbing around 6b, 6c

  19. Jonny Coates
    Jonny Coates
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I'm at Awesome Walls a lot. If you are in need of a partner, I'm your man, I lead 6a's, Although a 6a overhang does scare me and I might shy away from it depending on the mood I'm in. Contact me if you're interested.

    • Dave Appleyard
      Dave Appleyard 153 weeks ago

      Jonny Seems you are at the same state as going tomorrow for a bit of bouldering as partner let me down....if you're there, would be good to get a climb in and challenge ourselves....especially on an overhang...hahah.. Let me know if you fancy it Dave 07958--485990

    • Jonny Coates
      Jonny Coates 149 weeks ago

      Ah wow didn't see this message. It seems it all comes through into my spam on my email account, if you're still interested in getting some climbs in sometime drop us a text, I have a lot of free time with my work lately so I can work something out 077588161333

    • Jonny Coates
      Jonny Coates 149 weeks ago

      07588161333 *

  20. Jonny Coates
    Jonny Coates
    Awesome Walls Stockport

    I'm looking for a climbing partner, I'm 18 so a similiar age would be preferable. I mostly do 6a - 6b climbs and I will belay for anything lower or higher.