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Calshot Spit, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire SO45 1BR

023 8089 2077


Awesome! That is simply the only way to explain the climbing now available at Calshot. Having doubled the amount of climbing available last summer, Calshot's facilities now rate amongst the biggest and best in the Country, with over 1200 sq metres of climbing and over 80 rope lines. We have a wide range of routes from easy angled lower walls, for a gentle introduction, through to our massive overhangs and roofs, giving routes over 14m in length, guaranteed to test the best.

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  1. nizam
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Just moved to the area, looking for a partner for evenings/weekend, and for outdoors- Portland/Swanage. Many years of experience, safe belayer, leading 6b

  2. Richard
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi, I'm a competent climber indoors/outdoors (6a) looking for a climbing partner of any ability. I'm happy to learn from others or pass a few pointers to newbies.

  3. Andrew Young
    Andrew Young
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi, looking for a partner to lead climb with. I'd prefer 6A+ - 7A range, but honestly I'd be happy with anyone with a safe pair of hands.

  4. Clipskipper
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi folks, looking for a buddy for this evening at Calshot. Anyone fancy shifting some of those Christmas pounds? Lee

  5. Uppers
    Calshot Activities Centre

    I'm at Calshot Activities Centre

  6. Rj Maw
    Rj Maw
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on for a while... I'm desperate to get back in to climbing on a more regular basis after a break for surgery. I'm climbing around a solid 4 and 5 at a push and I've just begun lead climbing... 6 completed to date. If … ...

  7. edward askham-spencer
    edward askham-spencer
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Want to climb tomorrow? Give me a shout 07709853342

  8. edward askham-spencer
    edward askham-spencer
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Wanting to go tonight anybody need a partner? I'm climbing 6b+ give me a text 07709853342

    • Clipskipper
      Clipskipper 154 weeks ago

      Hi Edward, didn't see this til Tuesday, and wasn't free 10th, but am often looking for a buddy for Calshot. Can I ping you next time? Lee

    • edward askham-spencer
      edward askham-spencer 154 weeks ago

      Hey mate I want to climb every day if I can so yes please text me when your going, where do you live, thinking of car share!

    • Clipskipper
      Clipskipper 153 weeks ago

      Hi Edward, I live in Ringwood, so coming from the West

  9. josh bull
    josh bull
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi Guys, Im Josh im 19 and im looking for a regular climbing partner once or twice a week in the evening or at weekends. Im currently climbing around a lvl 6 ish, ive been bouldering for about 2 years, however just learned the top ropes so i am a begi … ...

  10. Nathaniel
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi, Anyone climbing at calshot tonight. I'll be there with my rope climbing 6a/6b, i am happy to hold the rope for anyone. Drop us a line. 07989 913200 Nat

  11. Tim Stevens
    Tim Stevens
    Calshot Activities Centre

    hi, looking for a regular partner for a couple of nights a week at calshot, looking to climb initially at strenuous 6a/6b trying to build up to leading at 7a over time.... more than happy to hang on the end of a belay. Tim

    • Clipskipper
      Clipskipper 169 weeks ago

      Hi Tim, I'm looking for a buddy for a session at Calshot tonight, if you're still interested? Will be there from around 7. Will be on 6a-6b+. Have rope Ping me on 07713 884574 if you're around Cheers Lee

    • Nathaniel
      Nathaniel 169 weeks ago

      Hi tim, i am also looking a climbing partner at calshot i am happy belay any level and can climb at around the 6a/6b level i have my own rope. you can call me on 07989 913200.

  12. Ant Johnson
    Ant Johnson
    Calshot Activities Centre

    I'm at Calshot Activities Centre

  13. Ant Johnson
    Ant Johnson
    Calshot Activities Centre

    I'm just getting back into climbing and am looking for more people to climb with, so I can go more often!. So if you want to have a light hearted climb and potentially meet up regularly at Calshot or somewhere close to climb, let me know. Thanks, … ...

    • Clipskipper
      Clipskipper 171 weeks ago

      Hi Ant, I climb regularly at Calshot, but am short a buddy atm and would like to get some training in on Tuesday 14th, if you're free. I'm not sure if this fits your description of 'light-hearted', but at the moment I'm training for a trip so will want to be putting in the miles on lead. Let me know if this suits or not. I'll be there from around 7 til close. Cheers Lee

    • Ant Johnson
      Ant Johnson 171 weeks ago

      Hi Lee, unfortunately can't do tonight, however would have been cool. I havnt lead climbed before, so I'd probably be annoying. Defo something I want to do though! Perhaps once I've done a few more sessions if you fancy it? just need to touch up my rope work Cheers, Ant

  14. Nathaniel
    Calshot Activities Centre

    any one available to climb at calshot Monday or friday. Nat

  15. Clipskipper
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hiya. Anyone fancy a session at Calshot this afternoon? Weather is too rubbish to get outside today

  16. caspian
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi Looking for people to climb with Monday and Tuesday evening. Caspian

  17. Samantha
    Calshot Activities Centre

    I'm at Calshot Activities Centre

  18. Craig Keep
    Craig Keep
    Calshot Activities Centre

    Hi there, Looking for a climbing buddy/buddies to get back into it. Climbed a lot a few years ago then stopped but really want to start again. Love Calshot indoor climbing. Would like to go once a week if poss. Let me know. Thanks.

    • Les Tait
      Les Tait 195 weeks ago

      hi craig i would be up for that but i work shifts so my climbing pataren is so varied. my name is Les im away this week but if you want to arange something for next week 6 march thanks