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KT9 2JS, United Kingdom


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  1. David Bruton
    David Bruton
    Chessington Rocks


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  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    This wall is, by modern standards, fairly compact but do not let its size deceive you. It was constructed about five years ago and has been very cleverly designed to enable outdoor techniques to be taught and practiced indoors. This includes two realistic top to bottom crack systems designed for the placing of trad leading gear, (not load-bearing, safety rope required). A high-level belay stance with ledge, another large ledge above the bouldering area suitable for teaching or practicing abseiling, setting up belay stances etc. the wall is lightly featured and offers floor-to-ceiling features only climbs 6b+ and 7a. The bolt on hold routes are set by Slim, one of the top South of England professional setters. They have a regular twice weekly club which climbers of any age of any age can join that specialises in taking novice or inexperienced climbers from their first indoor climb through to being competent confident out door climbers. To balance this eulogy, the wall is small and, being part of the Community College the opening hours are fairly limited, see the website. Nevertheless if you seriously want to gain the knowledge, and the confidence to climb outside, look no further.