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St. Benedicts Church, Bennett St, Manchester, M12 5ND

0161 230 7006

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Manchester Climbing Centre is one of the largest climbing walls in Europe . Set in the unique surroundings of St Benedict's Church, the 75+ lines are tailored for you. Whether complete beginner or experienced rock legend we run sessions that should enable you to climb in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Climbing is a great way of keeping fit in an exciting, social environment and with 20m lead walls, extensive bouldering and top rope lines you should soon work up an appetite. Situated on the impressive mezzanine is the Rocks Café and Cotswold shop, so you can relax and have a coffee and watch the others do the hard work.

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  1. ted
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I am looking for a climbing partner in Manchester. I can belay lead. I am fairly flexible timewise

    • Damien Helleboid
      Damien Helleboid 5 weeks ago

      Hi, I am in Manchester Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd Oct. I am looking to go climbing so if you are interested you can contact me 07951594717 or reply here :)

    • Damien Helleboid
      Damien Helleboid 5 weeks ago

      By the way, I can do top rope or lead. I can climb up to 6b/c (but realistically I do mostly 6a).

    • ted
      ted 5 weeks ago

      Hi, unfortunatly I am sick and doubt I will be climbing. However the hall has a social club on tuesdays at 6:30pm which matches you with climbing partners. You should check it out.

  2. Damien Helleboid
    Damien Helleboid
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi all! I am in Manchester for work today and tomorrow and was wondering if anyone would be interested by going climbing with me. I can do top rope or lead climb. My level is 6a/6a+ and can push to 6c. You can contact me through climb find or by phone/te … ...

  3. C Brown
    C Brown
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi guys, I started climbing two months ago and am moving to Manchester in a few weeks. I'd like to find a reliable, friendly climbing partner who's up for climbing 2-3 times per week (evenings and weekends). I've recently taken the indoor climbing course … ...

    • RyanLu
      RyanLu 11 weeks ago

      Hi, I came from Taiwan, just arrive in few weeks, love to climb to! I'm an instructor in Taiwan, I need a climb partner too, hope I can climb with you!

  4. Amy Sidderley
    Amy Sidderley
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for a partner to climb indoors a few times a week. I'm into sport and trad, climbing 6a/6b at the moment, and bouldering. Will climb with anyone as long as you can belay :) I'm always up for climbing outdoors, but don't have my own … ...

  5. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi People, I've only climbed for about four weeks and I am looking for a reliable climbing partner. My current climbing level is around 6a+, although I have climbed a 6b. I've done no lead climbing and it's something I aim to do within a month o … ...

    • Martin Fuller
      Martin Fuller 28 weeks ago

      Hi Grant, I'm doing my beginner course at the mo - have 2 weeks left. I'll also need a reliable partner and will be definitely up for an evening climb as I work close by and possibly a Sunday one, depending on the kids etc... Martin.

    • Grant Raggett
      Grant Raggett 28 weeks ago

      Hi Martin, I alternate between Gorton and Stockport. At the latter they have a deal - 11.30am - 2pm for four pound (Monday to Friday). I'm a student so I'm poor! So I need to make the most of deals. I climb once a week at the moment with a woman called Sam. She's a beginner around my level too. I'll be climbing at Stockport on Weds at 11.30am. Once you finish your course I'm sure I can make it on a weekend at Gorton. I'd like to go there once a fortnight. My mobile number is on the post. Why not send me a text when you finish your course? I'm sure I'll be free to climb at Gorton on a weekend. Take care, Grant.

  6. rinahayashida
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I've started climbing about two years ago but I've had a huge break and not done it too much as lacking a partner. My level is 5+ (a few 6a). I've been climbing outdoors (Peak District and through PyB in Wales). I've not done any lead climbs (yet :)). I' … ...

  7. Michael McClarence
    Michael McClarence
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  8. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  9. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  10. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  11. Grant Raggett
    Grant Raggett
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi people, I complete the Beginner's Course on Sunday 30th March. I've only climbed around 5 hours in total buy have climbed a few 6a walls. I aim to climb at least twice a week, one weekday and weekend day and I need a climbing partner. I can make mo … ...

  12. Rebecca Watkins
    Rebecca Watkins
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Been climbing for 2-3 years but had a few months off and now looking to get back into it. Climb around 6b sort of level and can lead/lead belay although as I say its been a few months so prob looking to start back with top roping mostly at first. Mai … ...

  13. Anna Reeves
    Anna Reeves
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi , I have just begun climbing indoors/outdoors (5+ indoor grade) and I am looking for a regular climbing buddy. I have started going out with the Karribiner Mountaineering Club but I would like to work with a regular climbing partner. Let me know wh … ...

  14. hannah smith
    hannah smith
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi, Im looking for a climbing partner for indoor and outdoor climbing, experienced in both climbing 6a+ but currently leading vdiffs outside in preston or manchester area. contact me at

  15. Seb B
    Seb B
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Anyone fancy some top roping or leading at either mcc or awesomewalls stockport tonight? I belay safely, like slabs and climb 5c/6a. Call Seb on 07866927591

  16. David McFetridge
    David McFetridge
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for a climbing partner to climb at MCC in the afternoons or evenings - for me the best would be monday or tuesday but I'm flexible. I haven't climbed in 4 months or so, so I'm a bit rusty. Before the break, I led up to 6a+/6b. Please get … ...

  17. Matthew Teasdale
    Matthew Teasdale
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  18. Myles Davies
    Myles Davies
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    I'm at Manchester Climbing Centre

  19. Peter Shc Benkoczky
    Peter Shc Benkoczky
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi, I looking for a climbing partner around Manchester (awesome walls, manchester climbing centre, rock over climbing). top rope, lead up to 6c at the moment. Im available from 14.30 - 18.30 Monday to Thursday. Cheers, Peter

  20. Kris
    Manchester Climbing Centre

    Hi guys, looking for partner for wednesday in mcc or stockport amazing wall. any time suits me though climbing sesion need to be min 3 hours. I climb up to 7a on top rope and up 6c on lead. Kris.


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  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith

    A large, varied and well run climbing centre with huge leading walls and friendly staff. Make sure to check out the pump house bouldering room upstairs and shop keeper with insane 5 ft dreads.