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The Old Pool, 212 Noel Street, New Basford, Nottingham. NG7 6AT

0115 924 5388


Nottingham Climbing Centre boasts 600 square metres of climbing wall. The centre welcomes climbers of all ages and experience, from beginner to professional (grades ranging from English 4A to 6C). The centre offers Bouldering, Top Roping and Leading Facilities; as well as running courses for beginners or those wishing to improve their technique. The boulldering wall had a 5m high free standing arch that provides problems at all grades and most angles. 50m of walls provide a variety of angles from steady to overhanging.

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  1. Joanne
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone is free Monday daytimes to partner up with? I started climbing around about a month ago and I'm loving it! I already go once a week but would love to go on my day off. I have all my own equipment. :)

  2. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for people to go climbing with a couple times a week, either in Nottingham or Derby. Was climbing at around 5a but haven't climbed for about a year so will be a bit rusty at first. Thanks, Mike.

  3. Clare Dieppe
    Clare Dieppe
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi just getting back into climbing - currently all indoor and will probably stay that way for a bit but would be great to climb with others. Managing 5a at the moment but its only been a week! Would also be good to climb with others who aren't really tal … ...

  4. Peter  Kalish
    Peter Kalish
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi , I am flexible and looking for partner for climbing sessions or trips. Thanks

  5. Gabriel
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Just started climbing and I love it (did the intro course at the centre, bought my own equipment, etc.). Unfortunately, as I'm a foreign student here, finding a climbing buddy for top-roping has proven to be rather tough. So if anyone's in a simila … ...

    • Leah Bugg
      Leah Bugg 186 weeks ago

      I've just moved to the US, otherwise would have climbed with you, however there do Monday nights at the centre where people can mingle and get paired up. There's also a group who go regularly on a Weds so you could just go down for bouldering and get chatting? I'm in the same boat now in the US!

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 186 weeks ago

      Hah, thanks for the tips, Leah! And good luck in the States. :)

    • mark
      mark 186 weeks ago

      Hi Gabriel, I have been bouldering on and off for a few years but have just started top rope and I am looking for a climbing partner also. let me know if want to meet up for a climb sometime. Mark

  6. andrew pennill
    andrew pennill
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Looking for a partner for Nottingham. Quite new to this. Been climbing a few months, bouldering and top roping but nothing too ambitious. Anyone out there? PS Is 50 too old?

  7. Leah Bugg
    Leah Bugg
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi just started climbing and seeking people to climb with in Nottingham or Derby. Evenings and weekends only though. Thanks

    • Clare Burrage
      Clare Burrage 225 weeks ago

      Hi Leah, I've also just started climbing. Evenings and weekends are good for me, but I can only get to the climbing center in Nottingham - I don't have a car. Would you like to climb on Saturday? best wishes Clare

    • Leah Bugg
      Leah Bugg 225 weeks ago

      Hi I would like to but I'm not signed off yet to be able to climb without an instructor. I am going on 21st to be able to do this so I can climb with you any time after then if that's any good? Thanks leah

  8. Hazel Jones
    Hazel Jones
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Planning to go to Notts wall tomorrow Friday, bouldering + mixing it up with top-roping/ leading if possible - anyone? I'm flexible on time but I have the day off so daytime's good for me...

  9. Tom Luff
    Tom Luff
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm at Nottingham Climbing Centre

  10. Simon Roden
    Simon Roden
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Hi, I am a total beginner looking for someone to learn with/from. I know how to tie in and belay, and I have been to the Centre a few times before but need a regular buddy. Evenings and weekends are best for me.

  11. Adrian Mallory
    Adrian Mallory
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    back in nottingham for the summer next week and looking for anyone to do regular top roping and bouldering. I just started doing 6a's on top ropes and am fairly decent at bouldering

  12. Tom Beresford
    Tom Beresford
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm looking to start climbing so looking for someone In a similar position to do it with me. I'm 26 year old male from Nottingham.

  13. George Salt
    George Salt
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm at Nottingham Climbing Centre

  14. Ashlee Potash Keeton
    Ashlee Potash Keeton
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm at Nottingham Climbing Centre

  15. Nicky Combs
    Nicky Combs
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Looking to do some lead climbs, I usually climb around 6B... hopefully tomorrow (Wednesday 4th) but any night this week?

  16. Chloe Warren
    Chloe Warren
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    beginner-intermediate climbers 1 til about 2 ish.

  17. Chloe Warren
    Chloe Warren
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    Nottingham climbing centre-anyone fancy it?

  18. Hazel Jones
    Hazel Jones
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm planning to go to Notts wall tomorrow Friday 24th during the day, haven't been for ages (dodgy elbow). Looking for mileage... bit of easy bouldering, top roping, maybe even a lead... up to 5a at the mo Any takers?

  19. Mark Hughes
    Mark Hughes
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'll be at Nottingham climbing centre tomorrow. Anyone want to join me in some top rope? I'll be climbing around 5a.

  20. Darryl Leaning
    Darryl Leaning
    Nottingham Climbing Centre

    I'm at Nottingham Climbing Centre


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  • Darryl Leaning
    Darryl Leaning

    The new centre has a nice all round layout with fun bouldering area and some technical problems. The lead walls are limited, but they also have some routes ranging from no trouble to 'challenging' (read: hard)