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Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N4 2HA

020 8211 7000

Single £11

The Castle is run by climbers for climbers and as the premier indoor climbing centre in South East England, we receive more annual visits than any other climbing centre in the U.K. It is constructed within a magnificent Victorian building, formerly a water pumping station.

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  1. Auram
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Hi all, I'm new to the London area and I am looking for some fellow climbers to meet at the Castle. Up for anything, preferably lead.

    • b32f9358
      b32f9358 40 weeks ago

      I've messaged you.

  2. b32f9358
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Unusually I am free this afternoon if anyone would like to lead. I can bring a rope. Text me on 07572853997. Roger

  3. Jen Jones
    Jen Jones
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Anyone fancy a climb tonight at the Castle? Should be there around 6pm until around 9pm. I climb up to about a 6b+ and lead 6a+/b. Also, (sorry if this is frowned upon on here) but if anyone has a spare room for rent in the area then I am looking! … ...

    • kibblewhite
      kibblewhite 47 weeks ago

      Long shot, but your grades on climbing, look like they match mine pretty well. If you are still climbing in the area, then give me a nudge. Many thanks :)

  4. Emmanuelle Arroyo
    Emmanuelle Arroyo
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    I'm at The Castle Climbing Centre

  5. Gavin
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Looking for a regular climbing partner(s). have been climbing on and off for just over a year, both top and lead. up to 7a/7b although a little out of practice at the moment so just working on 6's at the moment. available most evenings from around 5:00pm … ...

    • b32f9358
      b32f9358 74 weeks ago

      Hi Gavin. I have one really strong partner for one day a week but I'd like to meet one or two more for leading; pushing overhanging 6b+ at the moment. Early starts (5:40pm+) are good for me. I can be free most nights next week from Monday onwards. Check me out on Facebook under "" if you like (I won't put my mobile number on here but I can give it to you privately) Roger

  6. Alexander Wilke
    Alexander Wilke
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    After 6 months off I'm looking for someone to climb with this weekend, either day and I can be flexible with time. I'd prefer to top rope but I can lead belay and would probably lead a couple of easy routes myself. I might also consider going to the west … ...

  7. Alex Hurst
    Alex Hurst
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Hi, I know it's abut short notice but I'd really love to go climbing, just trying to get back into it after some time off, not sure what I'll be able to climb now? But I'm a confident belayer and happy to belay anything, would like to meet some new climb … ...

    • Alexander Wilke
      Alexander Wilke 80 weeks ago

      Hi Alex I'm up for a climb this weekend, either day is fine. I haven't climbed for 6 months so I'd probably just top rope for this session. I was top roping 6a/b at the end of last year but I would imagine that has dropped off now! Let me know if you're free. Alex

  8. Penny Hale
    Penny Hale
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Hi, looking to meet some more climbing partners for fairly regular sessions at The Castle. Had about 3 months off so a bit weak but once I'm back on track I'm a steady 6a+ (6b on really good days) top roper mostly, sometimes doing a bit of leading and bo … ...

    • Sebastien Degardin
      Sebastien Degardin 89 weeks ago

      Hi Penny, I'm also looking for regular sessions. I've been off for almost 2 years but I'm back for the last 3 weeks and doing up to 6a+ on lead. I can do 2-3 times a week. planning to go this sunday if you are interested. Thasnks,

    • b32f9358
      b32f9358 89 weeks ago

      I'd like to meet today (Saturday) if its not too short notice; Personally I only lead and boulder; happy to belay you for top-rope of course. This is roger by the way. You can text me on 0777 851 9592 or email here. Cheers. Aiming for F6b soon after recovering from illness.

  9. Sebastien Degardin
    Sebastien Degardin
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Looking for a regular serious climbing partner for training indoor and climbing outdoor. (Sport and Trad). I'm happy to climb at Westway, Castle, Swiss Cottage, ...

  10. Sebastien Degardin
    Sebastien Degardin
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    I'm at The Castle Climbing Centre

  11. David
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    I've just returned to the UK. I'm not too strong since I'm just recovering from an injury, but I'm a competent and safe belayer, with my own rope. Contact me for climbing!

  12. Jen Jones
    Jen Jones
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    I'm at The Castle Climbing Centre

  13. Mads
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Looking for bouldering partners to hang with/help problem solve. Just getting back into climbing after having a baby 12 months ago and I'm very keen to be going regularly again. Sunday afternoons work well for me.

  14. Sirin Sevinc
    Sirin Sevinc
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Hi, Anyone up for climbing at the Castle on Sunday? I can be flexible with time. I mainly do top rope.. cheers S

  15. Ben
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Anyone with leading knowledge fancy to hook up me and my climbing buddy give us a shout . We both experienced top rope climbers 7a/b/c with a bit of previous leading past

  16. Erin
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Where I learned to climb.

  17. András Györök
    András Györök
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    My name is András and I'm a novice climber so I would probably need some further tips before hitting the big walls although I managed to climb a couple of 5 routes for the first time so I'm a quick learner and really enjoying the sport but out of friend … ...

  18. Romana Grossová
    Romana Grossová
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Hi! I would like to find regular partner for climbing starting today. I'm climbing since december, but I'm learning fast and I'm really enjoing this sport :) Generally I'm leading from 5+ and top roping 6-. If it is possible, I would prefer Castle Climb … ...

  19. b32f9358
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    Looking for regular leading partners as I improve my fitness following illness. Email '' if interested.

  20. Ross Lovejoy
    Ross Lovejoy
    The Castle Climbing Centre

    I'm back in hertfordshire for 3 weeks, I need to get as much practice in. I have a completion on the 7th May in Exeter.


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  • Sun

    Not the best deal in town for casual non registered climbers, even in off-peak the cost is £12.50. Also during the week it doesn't open until midday. However I did love climbing their Rockley Wall, excellent for practicing a range of techniques.