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100a Gelderd Rd, Leeds, LS12 6BY

0113 2341554


The Leeds Wall was founded in 1996 by a group of local climbers who wanted to create a training venue. the Leeds Wall provides a wide range of climbing walls. Gentle slabs, tricky sloping overhangs, and the huge curved overhangs of the main wall. There are 63 belay points with approximately 200 set routes. These vary in grade from 3 to 8a providing a challenge to climbers of all abilities. The main walls have over 4,500 holds supplied by 10 leading manufacturers, ensuring that the actual climbing is always varied.

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  1. Inga Schnepel
    Inga Schnepel
    The Leeds Wall

    I am located near Leeds during July and August and would love to go top rope climbing. Usually I am climbing UIAA 6+/7+ (British: 5a/b?), but haven't been climbing for about two months. Don't know how it will work right now ;) .... I am available on … ...

  2. Dougie Forrest
    Dougie Forrest
    The Leeds Wall

    hi all i am living in scotland but going to my dads next week but would love to climb while i am there i climb upto 6b indoors i lead climb i have own gear but no buddie to climb with if someone has spare time that week to go climbing i would love the co … ...

    • Neil Robertson
      Neil Robertson 136 weeks ago

      Could possibly make Leeds Wall one evening next week but not until about 6:15 pm.

  3. Matthew Pilcher
    Matthew Pilcher
    The Leeds Wall

    I have been climbing for just over a year. I usually go with, my partner but because of a size difference she is unable to belay me. I am looking for a partner to climb with and perhaps to do the lead climbing course at a later date. Contactable on 07794 … ...

  4. Glen Britton
    Glen Britton
    The Leeds Wall

    Hi Guys, done a beginners course a year ago and done a bit of top rope, looking some one to climb with Cheers

  5. cameron nelson
    cameron nelson
    The Leeds Wall

    I'm at The Leeds Wall

  6. Carl Wood
    Carl Wood
    The Leeds Wall

    I'm at The Leeds Wall

  7. Craig Moran
    Craig Moran
    The Leeds Wall

    Im looking for climbing partners for the Leeds Wall, i would be up for going a couple of times in the week (evenings) and at the weekend. Currently climbing around 6a Craig

    • Neil Robertson
      Neil Robertson 167 weeks ago

      Can usually make one evening a week at Leeds wall from 6 pm. let me know if you are interested.

  8. steve cummings
    steve cummings
    The Leeds Wall

    Looking for climbing partner for Leeds Wall Wednesdays or Fridays. I was top roping 6a and recently started leading ......just pushing 6a but have not climbed since December due to partner dropping out.

    • Hazel Aspinall
      Hazel Aspinall 188 weeks ago

      Hi Steve, We should go climbing! My climbing partners have got waylayed with other activities. From what I remember from when I last climbed Feb time, I was top roping 6b, leading 5... Hazel

    • steve cummings
      steve cummings 188 weeks ago

      Hi Hazel, What days suit you?......Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays are my favoured days at the moment. Cheers Steve

    • Hazel Aspinall
      Hazel Aspinall 187 weeks ago

      How about next Thursday or Friday? Hazel

    • steve cummings
      steve cummings 187 weeks ago

      Sorry for the delay Hazel. I've been waiting to get confirmation about a funeral I'm attending next week. Thursday evening sounds good.......6.00-ish.

    • steve cummings
      steve cummings 186 weeks ago

      Still on for tomorrow Hazel?

    • Hazel Aspinall
      Hazel Aspinall 186 weeks ago

      Steve! Really sorry, I have registered with my work email today was the first day back at work since friday so only saw this this morning...where work (even my phone!) won't let me comment on your comment. I'm now busy tommorrow - so we dont get lost with these comments, my mobile number is 07729599888 - give me a text/call. Really sorry again I can't make tommorrow

  9. Paige Garside
    Paige Garside
    The Leeds Wall

    Hi. I'm looking to get back into climbing after a couple of months off due to injury and am hoping to find partners to train indoors with building up to the summer. I climbed around 6a/b on lead last Autumn, but working back up to that again now, and c … ...

  10. David Boothroyd
    David Boothroyd
    The Leeds Wall

    Hi anyone want to climb on Sunday. My regular partner not able to make it. I can lead up to around 6a. Thanks David

  11. Marissa Earnshaw
    Marissa Earnshaw
    The Leeds Wall

    Hey! I thought it would be worth posting a call out because you can never have too many climbing partners. I've been climbing about 18 months now and comfortably lead around 6b+. I like steep routes so I spend most of my time on the main wall. I'm curren … ...

    • Deleted user
      Deleted user 225 weeks ago

      what nights do you go and could you get me in as i would love to try route , ive been bouldering for the last six months at the Depot on a Friday evening and love it . I will be going to the battle of britain there on the 10th of November there, if you are also going please look out for me and we can have a chat. paul

  12. Michelle Macfarlane
    Michelle Macfarlane
    The Leeds Wall

    I started climbing last year im a real beginner but i love it i can just about climb a 5 have done some lead climbing on 4's but really want to get stuck into it iv been in and out of the country over last year so get so far then miss 8- 12 weeks. this t … ...

    • Michelle Carter
      Michelle Carter 226 weeks ago

      Hey I'm looking for more climbing partners and I can top rope upto 6a comfortably and havn't led in quite a while but really want to try to go more often and get improving!! Get in touch if you still want to climb :)

  13. Michelle Carter
    Michelle Carter
    The Leeds Wall

    I need a partner for evenings and occasional week days. I started climbing in Thailand in January and have done mainly bouldering, sport climbing and easy trad climbs. I've led 5's and top-roped 6a.

  14. Mel Gray
    Mel Gray
    The Leeds Wall

    Looking to get back into climbing after quite a while off, top rope and lead climbing, however I don't have my own rope. Can climb most evenings after 6.

  15. chris palmer
    chris palmer
    The Leeds Wall

    Hey I am up in leeds looking for an climbing partner can climbing up to an 6b 6c on an good day =p

  16. Alex Gilchrist
    Alex Gilchrist
    The Leeds Wall

    I am in need of a climbing partner. I am used to top roping and have started lead climbing. Currently climbing 5's for lead climbing.

    • Steve Wootton
      Steve Wootton 264 weeks ago

      Hi, fancy climbing together? 21yr old looking for climbing partner indoor and outdoor.

  17. Omar Wani
    Omar Wani
    The Leeds Wall

    I'm at The Leeds Wall

  18. Rob Smith
    Rob Smith
    The Leeds Wall

    I'm at The Leeds Wall

  19. Darryl Leaning
    Darryl Leaning
    The Leeds Wall

    Lots of variety here. Everything from sloping super easy routed, to very tricky lead. Some nice feature walls too, and a reasonable bouldering area. Big centre, lots of space, and even on a Sunday afternoon it was easy to get on routes without waiting, o … ...

  20. Darryl Leaning
    Darryl Leaning
    The Leeds Wall

    I'm at The Leeds Wall


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  • Darryl Leaning
    Darryl Leaning

    Lots of variety here. Everything from sloping super easy routed, to very tricky lead. Some nice feature walls too, and a reasonable bouldering area. Big centre, lots of space, and even on a Sunday afternoon it was easy to get on routes without waiting, or feeling cramped.

  • Jason Orch
    Jason Orch

    I learnt to climb here. The course was really good and they've got walls to cater for a good range of abilities.