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1 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP

020 8969 0992

Single: £9.5 / £7.25 (on/off peak) Monthly Pass: £40.00 / £3 one time registration fee

Whether you're training for rock, just want to try something new, or want to make us your climbing gym, then if you're in the London area this is the right place! AND...The new Bouldering room is now open! Come and try the country's BEST indoor Bouldering!

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  1. Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward
    Westway Sports Centre

    Looking for someone to climb with tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. If you can lead, great! Just need a safe belayer. Text me 07904 955332. Thanks. S

    • John
      John 3 days ago

      Oh the guilt! Sorry I had to move to Thurs this week. Steve's an excellent partner folks, but don't train him toooo well - I'm already getting burned off

    • John
      John 3 days ago

      Oh the guilt! Sorry I had to move to Thurs this week. Steve's an excellent partner folks, but don't train him toooo well - I'm already getting burned off

  2. Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for a regular climbing partner for lead climbing every Monday evening from 7pm. Get in touch!

  3. Nic Ladoucette
    Nic Ladoucette
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, I look for regular climber (if possible 28-45 year old, as I'm 42 year old) for climbing on lead at Westway. I will provide the rope! I'm available every Wednesday from 7/7:30pm to 9:30pm, sometimes on Thursday (same time) and every Saturday afterno … ...

  4. Jessica Tallman
    Jessica Tallman
    Westway Sports Centre

    I am looking for a climbing partner for weeknights. Ideally lead climbing mostly. Feel free to contact me on 07412327546. Best, Jess

  5. Rebecca North
    Rebecca North
    Westway Sports Centre

    I am looking for someone to go climbing with sporadically or regularly at Westway weekday evenings. I am flexible on times. This week I am free Friday evening. I have climbed for years although not so much recently. I am a confident belayer and mostly … ...

  6. Jordana Adams
    Jordana Adams
    Westway Sports Centre

    Would like to do some lead climbing on Saturday morning need to leave by about 1300. I can bring a rope and climb mainly in the 6 range. Jordana

  7. Rosie Everitt
    Rosie Everitt
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to do regular leading sessions with at WW. Preferably evenings but do have some free time during the week. Occasional weekends. Currently climbing in the 6s but looking to improve. thanks Rosie

    • Nik Matthews
      Nik Matthews 25 weeks ago

      I'm free Monday's at 1915-ish. Lead or Top rope? Nik

    • Rosie Everitt
      Rosie Everitt 24 weeks ago

      Hi Nik, fancy 19th at 7:15? Would prefer to do leading. Rosie

    • shamina
      shamina 16 weeks ago

      HI Rosie, I am moving up to London beginning of August and am looking to find climbing partners for Westway. I climb in the 6s too, and generally prefer to lead climb. Give me a shout if you are interested in meeting up for climbs! Thanks /Shamina

  8. Anton Blad
    Anton Blad
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to visit Westway for the first time on Saturday afternoon. Anyone up for some climbing? I've been climbing for 12 years, and am a very responsible belayer. I don't care what level you are, beginner or experienced, as long as … ...

    • Alexander Wilke
      Alexander Wilke 19 weeks ago

      I could do 9am-11am in case you have any flexibility with the time... Climbed for 18months, safe belay - lead and top rope...

    • John
      John 19 weeks ago

      I could do Sunday? In fact for the next 2 weeks am looking for a Westway partner for Tuesday or Weds evening too....

    • Anton Blad
      Anton Blad 19 weeks ago

      John, Sunday works as well. 12:00? I might be up for Wednesday as well, we'll see.

    • John
      John 18 weeks ago

      Hi Anton, I've promised someone else for today but Wednesday at 6.30 would be great?

    • Anton Blad
      Anton Blad 18 weeks ago

      Wednesday would be great. 6:30 is a bit tight, but 7 should be no problem.

    • John
      John 18 weeks ago

      Hi Anton 7 sounds good - have sent you my mobile by private message

  9. Christopher Burton
    Christopher Burton
    Westway Sports Centre

    Anybody around for some leading on Thursday eve? I'm a competent belayer and only ask that you are too. Cheers, Chris

    • Damien Helleboid
      Damien Helleboid 20 weeks ago

      Hey Chris, I would potentially be interested! Now, I have no experience lead climbing, I do know how to belay but have only done so with top rope. Let me know if that would work for you. I can climb 5 and will be able to do some 6a as well. Cheers,

    • Christopher Burton
      Christopher Burton 20 weeks ago

      Hi Damien, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Thanks for the response but I prefer to lead if I can and a friend of mine has gotten back to me for tonight. I'm happy to have a top rope session some other time, so by all means contact me if you're looking for a partner in the future. Chris

  10. Christopher Burton
    Christopher Burton
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, would anyone like to have a leading session at Westway this Thursday from 5 onwards?

    • Lee Simmons
      Lee Simmons 22 weeks ago

      Yes, I would. Might be closer to 6 but possibly can be earlier. Could also climb at the Reach today any time but happy to leave it until tomorrow.

    • Christopher Burton
      Christopher Burton 22 weeks ago

      Hi Lee, sorry I'ma bit late, wouldn't have been able to climb today though! One of my regular partners just for back to me for tomorrow eve at Westway but you're welcome to join us, I don't mind climbing as a three

    • Lee Simmons
      Lee Simmons 22 weeks ago

      Hi, thanks no worries though. Turns out it's a friends dinner for her birthday, so good to join that anyway. Another time perhaps. Have a good climb tomorrow. I am happy climbing as an odd number too but on a weeknight when there's limited time it might not be ideal for everyone.

  11. Christopher Burton
    Christopher Burton
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, would anyone like to have a leading session at Westway on Thursday evening? Cheers, Chris

    • John
      John 23 weeks ago

      Hi Chris I can be there from about 7pm? Safe belayer etc.; can bring a rope. Will mail you my mobile John

  12. Colin Rouse
    Colin Rouse
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hey, anyone keen to climb tomorrow? I have a rope and aim to do endurance sets. Thanks

  13. Sara Trechman
    Sara Trechman
    Westway Sports Centre

    Anyone want to climb at the westway this afternoon from 3pm?

    • Colin Rouse
      Colin Rouse 24 weeks ago

      I can. I'll message you my details. Cheers

  14. Rebecca North
    Rebecca North
    Westway Sports Centre

    I'm looking for someone to do some top roping with on Sunday afternoon from 1ish. I haven't climbed for a few months. I'll probably be climbing at 5/6a but am happy to belay someone on others.

    • Armando D'Amico
      Armando D'Amico 26 weeks ago

      Hi Rebecca, sent you a message earlier, not sure you got it. Armando

  15. Simon Kemper
    Simon Kemper
    Westway Sports Centre

    Westway tomorrow, anyone interested? Not too bothered about grades as long as you are a reliable belayer, and turn up when you say you will. I can bring a rope if required.

  16. Janaina Tadeu de Magalhaes
    Janaina Tadeu de Magalhaes
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi there! I have been away of the walls but used to top rope 6s and some 7s in a good day. I'm looking forward to get back into it and it would be lovely if someone could join me on Fridays afternoon. (I'm actually looking for a regular partner for this … ...

  17. John
    Westway Sports Centre

    Anyone around for a climb on Wednesday evening? Don't really mind about grades (but I don't go down the 'shirts off' end very much...more 4/5/6 than 7/8/9). Top-rope or lead (can bring a rope). Could do Tuesday instead, but Weds preferred.

  18. Marta
    Westway Sports Centre

    Hi, I'm looking for people to climb with at Westway, weekdays after 6pm  and some weekends too. I haven't got a rope and only top rope myself but happy to lead belay if need be. I used to climb 6a-6b but had a bit of a break so back to easier 6s at th … ...

    • Nik Matthews
      Nik Matthews 34 weeks ago

      Hi, I'm looking for someone regular to climb with as well. It will have to be after 7 though as I can't get there any earlier from work. I can't climb Wedn or Fridays and Weekends are difficult. If Mon, Tue or Thursday after 7 are any good to you let me know. Nik

    • Marta
      Marta 34 weeks ago

      Hi Nik, Shall we give it a go next Thursday then? M

    • Toktam
      Toktam 31 weeks ago

      Hi Marta, any chance you fancy a trip to westway tomorrow (Sunday). I'm happy with either morning or afternoon.

    • Marta
      Marta 31 weeks ago

      Hi Toktam, Can't do tomorrow :( but have no confirmed partners for next week. Are you free any day apart from Minday after 6pm by any chance? Marta

  19. Toktam
    Westway Sports Centre

    anyone for climbing at WW tomorrow (Sunday 23rd)? I can do as early as 10 am, or any time later in the day. I can belay lead or top rope and happy with either but don't have a rope myself.

  20. Keely Edwards
    Keely Edwards
    Westway Sports Centre

    Or Friday?


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  • Nick Page
    Nick Page

    Westway has some pretty good climbing. Unfortunately lots of people know it, so it can get pretty crowded sometimes. There's a pretty good shop here too, but their cafe, I think, is a little bellow par.

  • The Climbfind Team
    The Climbfind Team

    one of the best gyms to climb in in the world. Also the birth place of Climbfind.