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Rock Climbing Boulderhaus Heidelberg

25/1 Im Bosseldorn 69126 Heidelberg Germany

Very nice and sociable bouldering place. _5.50 per entrance, they have monthly passes but I'm not sure of the cost. Renting shoes and chalkbag is possible. Very generous opening hours. Interesting international crowd. The place is heated, the temperature is comfortable even when it's subzero outside. Showers and changing rooms are present, although NO lockers, people will leave their bags and coats around, I doubt anything bad can ever happen. The boulders are very good with loads of variety. Very nice slabs as well as perfectly horizontal roofs. Unluckily no V grading (although general guidance is given) and, possibly even worse, no campus board or fingerboards to train on. They do have a slackline, though.

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  1. Maria
    Boulderhaus Heidelberg

    Hi! I'm looking for climbing folks in Schrieshime or may be some other areas near Heidelberg, weekdays evenings or weekends. I prefer outdoors, but be happy about company for indoor climbing as well.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 182 weeks ago

      Hi! I live in Dossenheim and would be happy to go climbing in Riesenstein or Schriesheim this weekend or some weekday evening. I lead routes up to 7+.

  2. Maria
    Boulderhaus Heidelberg

    I'm looking for partner for weekdays evenings or weekends