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4C Vatrano Rd. Albany, NY 12205

(518) 459 7625

A.I.R. is the premier indoor rock gym of Albany, NY! Our facility includes an assortment of overhangs, floor-to-ceiling cracks, the option to climb across the ceiling, and wall surface features that give you the closest indoor experience to outdoor climbing, in any weather and right next door! We have walls of all difficulties, routes of all difficulties, and we welcome new routes - just bring a roll of tape and a marker and label your favorite route. All walls are painted with landscapes, sunsets, and wild animals, providing some imaginative eye candy while you climb. And, for the spelunker in everyone, we have the nation's ONLY indoor cave system! Enter the labyrinth and find your own way out, with many paths to choose from! People of all ages can spend hours just in the cave, exploring the shadowy depths. The cave includes one tyrolean traverse, across a rope suspended between two openings near the ceiling. Some cave features, such as the "stalactite", also serve as ceiling climbing features for the adventurous climber.

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  1. Stephanie Nakai
    Stephanie Nakai
    Albanys Indoor RockGym

    Strong 5-8 climber in from the NYC area for the holiday. Anyone else looking to avoid Black Friday with some climbs? :)

  2. Lauren Alpert
    Lauren Alpert
    Albanys Indoor RockGym

    Looking for someone to climb with. I am just starting.

  3. Pat Montalbano
    Pat Montalbano
    Albanys Indoor RockGym

    I'm at Albanys Indoor RockGym

  4. Bill Sacks
    Bill Sacks
    Albanys Indoor RockGym

    I'm at Albanys Indoor RockGym