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800 Potter Street Berkeley, CA 94710


Berkeley Ironworks is one of the largest Touchstone gyms and boasts incredible climbing terrain along with a varied assortment of additional offerings. You will find hundreds of routes and boulder problems as well as dozens of group classes each week in yoga, performance cycling, core strengthening, cardio kick-boxing, and much more. There is also a multitude of cardio equipment along with weight machines and free weights. 45 ft. High Lead Wall 14,000 sq. ft. of Climbing Terrain 2,500 sq. ft. of Innovative Bouldering Over 100 Top and Lead Ropes

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Berkeley Ironworks activity

  1. Alison
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Looking for a partner to climb this Fri 1/23 around 4 p.m. Lead preferred, TR okay.

    • Kent
      Kent 6 days ago

      If I'm in town, I'd be psyched to climb. I have a lead card. -- Kent

    • Kent
      Kent 5 days ago

      Still need a partner? I can confirm now.

    • Alison
      Alison 5 days ago

      Hey Kent--sorry for the late response. I found a partner for Friday, but will def reach out if I'm trying to find one again. Cheers!

  2. Sippu Rout
    Sippu Rout
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Anyone wants to Lead (or top rope) today evening? Lead preferred. I have a rope. - Sippu 4083947877

  3. Mike Hagele
    Mike Hagele
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Getting back in the game and need a belayer. If the weather holds out, interested in making a run to Diablo etc. -Mike

  4. C-F Helgesson
    C-F Helgesson
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hi, visiting from Sweden and would like to do some TR this afternoon (eg 3 pm). Not so advanced, but enjoy it the more. Mail me at

  5. John Cook
    John Cook
    Berkeley Ironworks

    If anyone cares to TR tonight any time after 7pm - just text: 415.320.6963 Thanks!

  6. Laurel Adams
    Laurel Adams
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hi there! I'm looking for a belay partner at BIW for tomorrow for about 1.5-2 hours (fairly flexible on timing). I'm rather new to climbing (only been climbing for 6 months or so). Climb mostly 5.9s and 5.10a/b range, but happy to belay at any level!

    • peggy
      peggy 11 weeks ago

      wanted to go climbing with u but you didn't reply back with a number.....

  7. Becky
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hey There! Anyone interested in climbing at BIW this weekend? Cheers, Becky

  8. Pawel Janowski
    Pawel Janowski
    Berkeley Ironworks

    In Berkeley for a few days. Looking for partners to climb with at Ironworks. Any type (boulder, lead, tr), any level. Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri after 6pm. Paul

  9. Tako
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Anyone else currently learning to lead? I'm looking to be in a trio: mock leader, mock lead belayer, backup t/r belay. I've been practicing mock leading but finding difficult to find opportunities to practice lead belaying. I can climb at Ironworks or GW … ...

  10. Connor Snow
    Connor Snow
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hi all, Looking for a partner to train with on Mondays and Wednesdays starting from 4:30. Let me know if you are interested. Preferably someone who can lead. I am flexible on the dates and times. Let me know! 478-747-5502 Best, Connor

  11. Konstantin
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Looking for TR and/or lead partners at BIW or GWPC on weekdays at noon or early evenings, like 4:30-5

    • Connor Snow
      Connor Snow 16 weeks ago

      Hello, I am looking for someone to climb with on Monday/Wednesdays around 4:30 at BIW. Leading would be nice, but top-roping would also be OK. let me know if you are interested. Phone: 478-747-5502. Connor

  12. Christina
    Berkeley Ironworks

    I'm looking for top rope partners for workday afternoons/ evenings or the occasional weekend . 5 or 6 pm is usually best during the week, but sometimes I get off work earlier. I also can climb at Great Western. I'm in the low/ mid 11 range and wo … ...

  13. Dan Carlin
    Dan Carlin
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Looking to top rope or lead climb tonight, any level. Feel free to text/call 401-368-3009. Thanks!

  14. Justin Jarvis
    Justin Jarvis
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Anyone need a catch tonight? I usually TR 11s, but any level partner is fine so long as you give a safe belay. Text me 209.613.9446.

  15. peggy
    Berkeley Ironworks

    hi, i'm looking for someone to go TR with.

  16. James Cranston
    James Cranston
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Looking for a lead climbing partner for Berkeley Ironworks! Currently leading 10C but want to improve... and of course would be happy to belay on any route. Let me know!

  17. Gabbie
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Anybody need a TR partner today? Newbie but eager to learn.

  18. Gabbie
    Berkeley Ironworks

    I'm at Berkeley Ironworks

  19. Gabbie
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Hi All! Total climbing newbie here. Looking to find a belay (TR) partner who can meet up once or twice a week. Late morning or mid-day is ideal. Might be able to swing other times depending on day. I'm happy to learn so happy to hang with more ex … ...

  20. Garry
    Berkeley Ironworks

    Looking to get in some top rope climbing Sunday afternoon, I'm in the 10-11's range. Drop me a line if you're down to hit the walls, thanks.