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575 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217




Brooklyn Boulders is New York City's only fully dedicated rock climbing gym, and one of the East Coast's largest. Since opening our doors in September of 2009, we've dedicated ourselves to providing a fun and challenging climbing experience for people of all ages and experience levels. With 18,000 square feet of climbing surface and a dedicated and skilled setting staff, we can offer both a premium training ground for advanced climbers and a variety of climbs for the total beginner. BKB is proud to offer a variety of training classes for those seeking to increase their rock climbing skills and knowledge, as well as daily yoga classes and a slackline.

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  1. lulu wang
    lulu wang
    Brooklyn Boulders

    New to the city and would like to find a climbing partner for Toprope (9 and 10s) or bouldering (v3). Going tonight!

    • Joel A Katon
      Joel A Katon 48 weeks ago

      I will be there for some top rope.

    • Chris Drane
      Chris Drane 48 weeks ago

      I will be there tonight at 8:45 pm for bouldering. 847-691-2225

  2. Chris Drane
    Chris Drane
    Brooklyn Boulders

    I'm looking to find a climbing buddy to go Tuesdays / Thursdays at 7 am. I generally boulder but would TR too. Please text me at 847-691-2225 if you're interested.

  3. Mark
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a TR and/or Lead partner for week nights at 8p or later and hopefully an ice climbing partner as well. Text me at 917-682-3990 if interested. -Marx

  4. Tori Sharpe
    Tori Sharpe
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a climbing partner for weekday evenings (especially Thursdays) around 7, or Sunday evenings after 5-ish. I haven't been climbing regularly for a few months now, but I want to get more serious about it. Before, I was top-roping mostly 5.10 … ...

  5. Nick Stickel
    Nick Stickel
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a TR and/or Lead partner most weekdays around 530-6. Willing to climb with any level, I'm trying to break into 5.11.

  6. Alexis Margolin
    Alexis Margolin
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Hi! Looking for a regular Friday morning (8 am-ish) partner. I haven't climbed regularly in over a year, but can probably hop back on some 5.8'a if your patient with me :)

    • Anna Jeanne Carlson
      Anna Jeanne Carlson 71 weeks ago

      Hi Alexis! I can climb Friday but the earliest I can do is 10. I climb TR 5.9-5.10b and would love to join you if you want!

  7. Darran
    Brooklyn Boulders

    In NY until Tuesday, looking for a climbing buddy. It's been 2 weeks since my last climb and I'm getting an urge to climb. I can lead, top rope, or even boulder. I've been climbing in Sydney, Australia for about 8 years. Anyone climbing this (Friday) mor … ...

  8. Lindsey Rose
    Lindsey Rose
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a top rope partner for weekday evenings (7pm-ish would be good) once or twice a week. My schedule varies but is usually pretty flexible. Top rope only for now, though I'm hoping to do the lead certification class in the next few months.

    • Joel A Katon
      Joel A Katon 93 weeks ago

      347-370-9738 i usually climb evenings

  9. Anna Jeanne Carlson
    Anna Jeanne Carlson
    Brooklyn Boulders

    I am looking for a TR climbing partner for Fridays during the day. I have Fridays off but usually make dinner plans so anytime before that works for me. I haven't climbed at BKB in a year but I was climbing 5.9 with a few 5.10s thrown in. Not sure wh … ...

  10. Siavosh B
    Siavosh B
    Brooklyn Boulders

    I am looking for someone to climb with on weekdays 8pm. Tuesdays/Thursday 7am is also an option. I work outside the city so it has to be either early morning or 8pm :(. I am a beginner doing 5.9s mostly and easy 5.10s on a good day. Looking to climb t … ...

  11. Peter
    Brooklyn Boulders

    A friends and I started a company focused on making friends and doing activities. Climbing at BKB is always a top pick. Feel free to try it out.

  12. Jonathan Lipkin
    Jonathan Lipkin
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Hi all, as you may have guessed from my comments, I'm looking for a partner at bkb. I usually climb during the day, but can go at night sometimes as well. I'm pretty flexible on times. I lead, and am happy to tr as well.

  13. Mark
    Brooklyn Boulders

    looking for a partner to climb 1-3 times a week during the evening hours including outdoors on the weekends, either top-rope or lead climbing works for me... message me if interested -Mark

    • Logan Schiff
      Logan Schiff 127 weeks ago

      Hey Mark, I'm looking for a partner for lead in the gym from around 9-1030pm once or twice a week if you're ever interested, even if we just swapped a lead or two if you need to leave earlier - I am always down to boulder after. I have a five month old daughter, so it's a bit tricky for me to plan in advance and getting outside more than once a month has been tough. I've been going once or twice during the week and usually once at some odd hour on the weekend. 617-388-3302. Thinking about going tonight or tomorrow.

    • Jonathan Lipkin
      Jonathan Lipkin 126 weeks ago

      Hi Mark, I'm at the gym pretty often, usually during the day but sometimes in the evening. Open to TR and or lead climbing. Let me know the next time you're there and we can meet up.

  14. Logan Schiff
    Logan Schiff
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking to do some climbing tonight, ideally lead, for 1-1.5 hours around 9pm. Will also be going around 9pm once or twice a week going forward and looking for TR/lead partners willing to put up with short notice (I have a baby at home so getting out is … ...

  15. Van Doan
    Van Doan
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for someone to tr or lead with. Can climb on most evenings.

  16. Joseph Maher
    Joseph Maher
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a TR partner - I have daytime availability from now till the end of June. I am not a strong climber (I can climb 5.9 at bkb on a good day) but I'm a perfectly acceptable belayer :)

  17. Terra Lawson-Remer
    Terra Lawson-Remer
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Anyone want to TR any weekday afternoon 5/28-6/5?

    • Andy
      Andy 143 weeks ago

      sure I'll go with you and TR in the afternoon, just send me an email and we'll find a time.

  18. Jane
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Looking for a one-off climb over the next few days with someone around 5.10 level.

    • Andy
      Andy 144 weeks ago

      I'm interested. I'm rusty but I should be in the 5.10 ball park. I'm in manhatten but have a motorcycle so can go whenever. Email if interested.

    • Jane
      Jane 143 weeks ago

      Forgot to add contact deets:

  19.  Mo Bauman
    Mo Bauman
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Anyone looking to TR this afternoon, please message me at

  20. Terra Lawson-Remer
    Terra Lawson-Remer
    Brooklyn Boulders

    Anyoen want to TR this afternoon, at approx 5p?


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  • Jas

    Top notch.

  • Marie Bromberg
    Marie Bromberg

    My first gym so maybe I'm biased, I can't imagine a more relaxed, friendly and open environment. Loved it.

  • Raymond Kam
    Raymond Kam

    Solid all around gym (Comparable to True North in Toronto). Largest gym in NYC. Mostly bouldering, small lead area. Not many lead climbers here. Nice gear shop. Staff were friendly. Felt very casual. Free WIFI! Will come back whenever I'm in the NYC area.

  • Julia Björk
    Julia Björk

    I love Brooklyn Boulders, cause the bouldering is perfect and the staff is so nice. Why don't I rate five stars then? The leads for top rope and leading could probably be better. But I don't care so much, I'm there for the bouldering anyway.

  • jkresner

    Fantastic vibe. This is where the cool kids hang out! Always great tunes. Super tight community.