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85 Mill Plain Rd, Fairfield, CT

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  1. Lauren B
    Lauren B
    Carabiners CT

    Hey all! I'm looking to keep up climbing while I'm visiting family for the holidays. I've been top roping 5.9/5.10- and am more than happy to play on the lead walls a bit (I'll just need to pass whatever lead tests they require, which will be a breeze!). … ...

  2. Carolyn Conant
    Carolyn Conant
    Carabiners CT

    Hi, just moved back to CT and am looking for climbing buddies! I just took a 3-month break from climbing as I was abroad for the summer, but before that I was leading up to 11d...we'll see how long it takes my shrunken forearms to get back to that level. … ...

  3. Carly
    Carabiners CT

    Looking for a lead climbing partner at Carabiners CT. Let me know if interested in weekends or late weeknights

  4. Gina T
    Gina T
    Carabiners CT

    I'm at Carabiners CT