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The City Beach Rock Club 4020 Technology Place Fremont, CA 94538


City Beach is one of the South Bay's largest climbing gyms. With over 16,000 sq ft of climbing which includes, 60 top ropes, a 45 foot lead cave, three crack systems, a free standing boulder, and a campus system, we have got what you will need. Our gym is all about community, we pride ourselves on creating a sustainable community that thrives off of positive energy. Our memberships are set to accommodate everyone and we have everyone from all walks of life come through our doors. From the hardcore climber, to the novice you can find them all here.

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    City Beach Rock Club

    Intermediate Climber - Looking for belay partner to climb week nights in City Beach Rock Club. Please call/text - 414-870-0032

  2. bryan young
    bryan young
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  3. Daniel J Nevares
    Daniel J Nevares
    City Beach Rock Club

    Anyone interested in a tutorial on outdoor sport climbing? I am looking for another person or two who want to come along on a group lesson. The lesson covers safety and mechanics of setting up an anchor on bolts, how to clean an anchor off safely and how … ...

  4. Laura Giorgi
    Laura Giorgi
    City Beach Rock Club

    hi! Is this board still active for City Beach Fremont? I'm a new climber with belay card, currently taking the 4-week intro class. Looking for TR partner(s) for regular weeknight climbing around 8pm. Any takers? Ideally looking for Monday, Wednesday, … ...

  5. Peter Braun
    Peter Braun
    City Beach Rock Club

    Looking for a belay partner tomorrow and anytime this week in the afternoon or evening. I TR up to about 5.10c

    • Peter Braun
      Peter Braun 252 weeks ago

      I wish ppl actually used this sometimes for City Beach

    • Joshua Macha
      Joshua Macha 250 weeks ago

      LOL! 2 weeks later, I climb at city beach!

    • LeAnn D
      LeAnn D 250 weeks ago

      haha! are you still looking for a partner? i'm looking for a weekend belay partner to try out city beach - i've only been to one gym before and would like to try some variety! :)

  6. Megan Mason
    Megan Mason
    City Beach Rock Club

    Looking for a TR partner tomorrow and/or Thursday evening at City Beach!

  7. Jane
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  8. Hildreth
    City Beach Rock Club

    Looking for TR partner for tonight. Start and end times flexible.

  9. Mei Ko
    Mei Ko
    City Beach Rock Club

    Hey! I'm a new climber but a very quick learner.. looking for climbing buddies who can show me the ropes! Hoping to work my way up to outdoor climbing soon. Pls reply if you need a climbing buddy.. thanks!

    • Joshua Macha
      Joshua Macha 267 weeks ago

      Hi! I am a member of city beach and climb there semi regularly. I am currently resting a minor injury, but as soon as I'm all healed up I would love to climb sometime!

    • Mei Ko
      Mei Ko 266 weeks ago

      Sure thing, sounds fun... just let me know when you want to climb! I'm usually most free during weekends. Hope your recovery process is going well. :)

    • Peter
      Peter 263 weeks ago

      Hi Mei, weekdays - evenings at the gym work best for me. On weekends I tend to go out on real rock. Sometimes I can go to gym during weekends but I don't know when until the last moment.

    • Joshua Macha
      Joshua Macha 261 weeks ago

      Hello again! I'm back to climbing again. We should belay sometime

    • Mei Ko
      Mei Ko 260 weeks ago

      Hi Josh! Do you have time to climb during an upcoming weekend? I'm definitely up for it. Let me know!

  10. Connor Bryan Dixon
    Connor Bryan Dixon
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  11. Ed Rim
    Ed Rim
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  12. Ricky Tam
    Ricky Tam
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  13. Megan Mason
    Megan Mason
    City Beach Rock Club

    I'm at City Beach Rock Club

  14. courtney
    City Beach Rock Club

    Frustrated =[ First pair of shoes! =]