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B01 Bartels Hall, Campus Road Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 254-8255

One of the most remarkable facilities at Cornell Outdoor Education is The Lindseth Climbing Wall. The wall is the largest indoor natural rock climbing wall in North America. It covers the entire east end of Bartels Hall, and is 160' wide and 30' high, for a total of 4,800 square feet of climbing surface. The bottom 10 feet are available for climbing without a rope. The climbing surface consists of natural rocks embedded into concrete blocks, combined with sculpted forms of high-aggregate concrete. In addition to face climbs, the climbing wall also has both finger and hand cracks, overhangs, arêtes, slabs, and chimneys. At the Lindseth Climbing Wall there are opportunities for climbers of any ability level to develop their confidence and climbing skills, challenge themselves, and have fun. The Noyes center climbing wall is a state of the art bouldering facility built by Entreprise climbing walls. The contoured surface looks like real rock. Modular holds bolted onto the wall can be rotated and moved to create new routes and challenges. The Noyes wall is between ten and 12 feet tall and 25 feet long. No ropes or harnesses are required. No experience or training is necessary to use the facility. Climbing shoes are provided for you at no additional cost.

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