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1220 Diamond Way Suite 140 Concord, CA 94520


Diablo Rock Gym is a full-service facility and it has all the amenities that you could want. It has superb climbing terrain with an impressive prow that will make your mouth water. There is plenty of moderate and beginner terrain, too, and an excellent bouldering area. You will find a wide array of cardio machines, free weights, and weight machines along with two program rooms for indoor cycling, yoga, and many more classes. 32 ft. High Lead Wall 11,000 sq. ft. of Climbing Terrain 2,500 sq. ft. of Innovative Bouldering Over 40 Top and Lead Ropes

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  1. Helen Chan
    Helen Chan
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for a TR and/or lead partner in Tuesday or Wednesday evening starting around 7pm. Text me at 5104358355 if interested. Thanks! Helen

  2. Bell
    Diablo Rock Gym

    weeknights / weekends - I have good belay experience, though currently climbing 5.8-9. Focused, serious, but not competitive. Climbing is an expression of the desire and drive to better myself expressed in physical form. Friendly, easy-going, quiet, not … ...

  3. Holly Wilkerson
    Holly Wilkerson
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for a toprope partner for after work today. Please contact me here if you are interested. Thanks!

  4. Cary Croopnick
    Cary Croopnick
    Diablo Rock Gym

    New to the area. Looking for a safe belayer TR Gym Partner, any level for gym and outdoor climbing. I climb 5.10b to 5.10d in the gym and around 5.10a outside.

  5. Michael Febbo
    Michael Febbo
    Diablo Rock Gym

    I am looking for a top rope and/or lead partner for Diablo Rock Gym, preferably twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays are ideal) after 4pm (flexible after that time). I have been climbing for ten years, mostly moderate trad, and am very safe and not pu … ...

  6. anilshankar
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Just moved to the area and I'm looking to find climbing partners (insta-friends) to boulder or lead-climb or TR with at the DRG.

    • Kelda
      Kelda 91 weeks ago

      Hi. I'm always looking for a new partner. My name is Kelda, you can text me (414) 336-6661. I'm available early mornings and after 5:30.

  7. Gladys
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Anyone free to do some TR tonight. Can also lead belay..txt me 916-429-5168

  8. Andrea Howes
    Andrea Howes
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for someone to TR this afternoon.

  9. Vikas Shah
    Vikas Shah
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Anytime today!

  10. Grace
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for a climbing partner at Diablo Rock. New to the area, but have been climbing for a while. Working on 5.11a/b on TR. Lunch hour, evenings, late afternoons, I'm flexible!

    • Garry
      Garry 110 weeks ago

      Hey Grace, I can climb on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:15 p.m. and thereon with some prior notice, if that works for you. Text me at 510-825-2941 if you're down to hit the walls, thanks.

  11. Larry Barham
    Larry Barham
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Anybody up for top roping tonight, any level, climbing and belaying for years.

  12. Susan
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for partner this evening.

  13. Brian
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking to climb today starting at 3:30pm and can climb until 6pm. Call or text me at 650-248-6475. Thanks, Brian

  14. Andrea Howes
    Andrea Howes
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Hey All, I am looking for a climbing partner for Monday or Friday nights, around 7 would be best though I am flexible. Let me know if you are interested. I am currently climbing at a 5.10c but just getting back into it after a break. Hoping to learn lead … ...

  15. Michael S Livermore
    Michael S Livermore
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking for new partners to climb with in the evenings at Diablo Rock Gym. I can top rope or lead climb, always have a rope with me. Tonight after 6 PM would be wonderful. Thanks, Michael 209-403-1091

  16. Roy Woo
    Roy Woo
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Anyone up for some top rope Tues after work? I've been MIA from the gym for a while with my baby boy so I will be out of shape. I am willing to belay for as much as youd like though.

  17. Caitlin
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Looking to get back into climbing weeknights, 5.10 top rope. I'd like to establish a regular night with a regular partner! 913-908-0467

    • Susan
      Susan 138 weeks ago

      I will be there tonight around 7:15 with a friend. You are welcome to join.

  18. peggy
    Diablo Rock Gym

    am interested in going climbing tomorrow indoors with someone preferably both top rope and lead.

    • Sal Italiano
      Sal Italiano 144 weeks ago

      I can climb between 10 and 12. sal is my name510 6977109

    • peggy
      peggy 144 weeks ago

      hi sal that won't work for me but i will keep you in mind for another time

  19. Vikas Shah
    Vikas Shah
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Climb today? 615-335-3808. Anytime in afternoon

  20. Gladys
    Diablo Rock Gym

    Anyone one out there free to climb tonight? Any level so long as your a safe belayer..

    • Susan
      Susan 154 weeks ago

      Sorry... I just now noticed this tucked away in one of my email folders. I am usually available Tue or Wed evenings and Sat/Sun afternoons. I just can't get away this week until after Thursday. I just wanted to let you know your post was seen.