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1235 N. LaSalle Chicago, IL 60610


Fitness Formula-Old Town hosts the most established and popular climbing facility in Chicago. Newly named THELEDGE, it offers not only the most complete climbing program available in the Chicago area, but a unique one as well. A dedicated group of seasoned instructors using both traditional and novel methods, combined with a sharp route setting team, create an environment that is known for developing the best climbers in the midwest! Novice climbers mix comfortably with hard-core enthusiasts. and then become devoted enthusiasts themselves! There is plenty of bouldering, top-roping and lead climbing available on an ample array of well-considered, fun and complex climbing routes-spread evenly over the range of challenges, from entry-level thru moderate phases, leading to the toughest routes around!

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  1. Matt
    FFC Old town

    I'm at FFC Old town

  2. Chris Jager
    Chris Jager
    FFC Old town

    this place kind of sucked.. this was a gym .. that had a climbing wall ...

  3. Logan Schiff
    Logan Schiff
    FFC Old town

    Looking for a TR or lead partner any time from 5pm to 8pm tonight. Text 617-388-3302 or email From out of town so assume will have to take a quick belay test. Any level welcome.