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2295 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94110


Mission Cliffs, in San Francisco was the original Touchstone gym - built back in 1995 - and remains impressive to this day. With a spectacular headwall that ascends over 50 feet, it has some of the highest indoor climbing you will find anywhere. The terrain ranges from steep and challenging for expert climbers to moderate and gently sloping for those just learning the ropes. For those times when you don't want to tie in, Mission Cliffs also has exceptional bouldering terrain. We have just added a new programs room to our San Francisco location that features yoga, performance cycling and other exciting fitness programs. Add to that a weight room and over a dozen cardio machines and you'll be certain to get an all-around workout. 50 ft. High Lead Wall 14,000 sq. ft. of Climbing Terrain 2,000 sq. ft. of Bouldering Over 80 Top and Lead Ropes

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  1. Nate
    Mission Cliffs

    Hi there! Will be heading here to climb since it's close to a place I'm meeting with friends at a later time. I usually go to Planet Granite in Belmont. If you can hook me up with a Guest Pass, I can just pay you instead or I can return the favor if … ...

  2. James Cranston
    James Cranston
    Mission Cliffs

    Hey! Going to Mission Cliffs for the first time either this Saturday or Sunday (Sunday more likely than Saturday) - but either day works, depending on when I can find a belay partner. I'm looking to do some indoor leading and have a group of climbing fri … ...

    • James Cranston
      James Cranston 5 weeks ago

      Will be going with a friend to Missions Cliffs Sunday afternoon, 7/27/14. I'm looking for a lead climbing partner, since my current group is not certified, and the lead wall at Mission Cliffs looks great! I'm happy to use my rope. If you want do some leading, message me or text 914.364.6142

  3. Danielle Traphagen
    Danielle Traphagen
    Mission Cliffs

    Hey everyone. Looking for a climbing partner to meet a couple times a week at Mission Cliffs. Currently on 5.10s myself... Will climb with any level. Must be OK with occasional jokes and bad dancing upon successful route completion. Dani: 949-331-8005

    • Gabbie
      Gabbie 5 weeks ago

      Hi! When are you available? I could meet weekdays from 8-10 am and sometimes in the evening. -Gabbie

  4. Jaclyn
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday at around 6:30 pm. Message or text me at 206-790-0610.

  5. Gabbie
    Mission Cliffs

    Hi All! Total climbing newbie here. Looking to find a belay (TR) partner who can meet up once or twice a week. Late morning or mid-day is ideal. Might be able to swing other times depending on day. I'm happy to learn so happy to hang with more e … ...

  6. Gabbie
    Mission Cliffs

    I'm at Mission Cliffs

  7. eric
    Mission Cliffs

    Work keeps me busy. Keep failing at committing to a normal routine. Out of shape. Back down to .10a-c. Anyone free for Wednesday or Thursday afternoon?

  8. Mark
    Mission Cliffs

    Hi, I'm looking for a belay partner (TR or lead) anytime tomorrow or Friday for Mission Cliffs. Reply here or text fouronefive 729-5763.

  9. Ryan M.
    Ryan M.
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone for climbing (TR or lead) tomorrow morning? Txt 714-697-0137

  10. Jaclyn
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner Friday after work (around 6:30, but flexible). Recently moved here and starting to get back into climbing (was climbing somewhat regularly for a couple years). Also up for climbing other times during the week, preferably arou … ...

  11. Ray
    Mission Cliffs

    Partner had to bail last minute, anyone want to climb Monday 6:30a- 8:30a? I climb 10a-10d but will belay anything. Message me!

  12. Alicia
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone want to TR tomorrow around 3?

    • Eric Schwelm
      Eric Schwelm 8 weeks ago

      Hi Alicia, I'd love to climb around 3 tomorrow. Txt me at 3056077767 if interested -Eric

  13. Giovanni Walter Vatieri
    Giovanni Walter Vatieri
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone interested for today? Thanks, G.

  14. Alicia Jabbar
    Alicia Jabbar
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner Thursday morning 6/26 first thing in the morning @ 6:30 am. Climb 5.10a/b+ but can belay anything. Text me @ 952-451-7879

  15. Christina Wong
    Christina Wong
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone want to top rope on Sat for 2 hours? I'm around 10.a-11a

  16. Christine
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone free to lead around 2pm or later today? -Christine - text 415-669-4488

  17. Ari Neulight
    Ari Neulight
    Mission Cliffs

    My partner is out today. Would love to either lead or top rope (any level) for about 90 minutes this evening starting at around 5:45pm. Text me at 415-308-2321 if interested.

  18. Vaughn Korbin
    Vaughn Korbin
    Mission Cliffs

    Lead climbing partner wanted for Fridays during the day. I'd like to start sometime between 9 am and 2 pm ideally. Hit me up even if you are only available sometimes during this time frame, but I'd prefer a weekly thing.

    • Mark
      Mark 12 weeks ago

      Sounds good, Mr. Korbin. Prefer mornings during the summer. Mark

  19. Kristina Clair
    Kristina Clair
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner Tuesday 6/10 from 9pm-11pm. I climb in the 5.10s Planet Granite gradings and am happy climbing with anyone who has been belaying for at least a half a year.

    • Kristina Clair
      Kristina Clair 12 weeks ago

      Partner found. Will repost if plans change.

  20. Nancy Ru
    Nancy Ru
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner for Sunday morning, time is flexible. I climb 5.10s. Please text me if interested 562-519-4976.

    • Nancy Ru
      Nancy Ru 12 weeks ago

      Partner found, thanks!


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  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor

    The staff aren't that knowledgeable or careful about belay safety, the routes are nice, but the mid-grade routes are DRAMATICALLY overrated. 5.9's are really 5.6's at other gyms, in my experience.

  • Valdeir Faria-Filho
    Valdeir Faria-Filho

    Just got back from an arm injury and was able to do a lot more than what I hoped for!

  • Ignacio Zuleta
    Ignacio Zuleta

    love the place and the people - great energy!

  • Kat McGhee
    Kat McGhee

    The bouldering area is teeny tiny and usually packed.

  • Miki

    I find tape coloring system at MC a bit confusing, especially when looking for foot hold by looking down.