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2295 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94110


Mission Cliffs, in San Francisco was the original Touchstone gym - built back in 1995 - and remains impressive to this day. With a spectacular headwall that ascends over 50 feet, it has some of the highest indoor climbing you will find anywhere. The terrain ranges from steep and challenging for expert climbers to moderate and gently sloping for those just learning the ropes. For those times when you don't want to tie in, Mission Cliffs also has exceptional bouldering terrain. We have just added a new programs room to our San Francisco location that features yoga, performance cycling and other exciting fitness programs. Add to that a weight room and over a dozen cardio machines and you'll be certain to get an all-around workout. 50 ft. High Lead Wall 14,000 sq. ft. of Climbing Terrain 2,000 sq. ft. of Bouldering Over 80 Top and Lead Ropes

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  1. Sid
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a climbing partner for tonight. Prefer leading but can TR. I climb around 5.11+ but climbers of all abilities are welcome. Msg/call me at 650-793-2963

  2. Arzan
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking to climb tomorrow (Sunday) - fairly flexible with time during the morning and afternoon. Can be reached at or 262.724.6251

  3. jeff hiebert
    jeff hiebert
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner at 4:30 Wednesday or Thursday. Any level is fine. I'm also available mon-thurs and some fridays any time after 4:30. reply or text 415-596-0790

  4. Gabrielle Perez
    Gabrielle Perez
    Mission Cliffs

    I'm looking for more early morning TR partners on weekdays from 6:30-8am on Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday. Let me know if interested. My email is

  5. Hannah Darling
    Hannah Darling
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner at mission cliffs tonight starting at 5:15. Text me at 415-802-4844. Thanks!- Hannah D.

  6. Emily Chen
    Emily Chen
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a regular weekday TR partner. I am free Tuesday - Friday, from 4-6pm. Would love to find someone who's down to go a couple of times each week. I'm a beginner, climbing at 5.10a level. Emily

  7. Christine
    Mission Cliffs

    I'm looking for more early morning partners on weekdays. This week, I'd like to go Thursday at 7:30am-9am. Lead (preferred) but TR good too. text me Christine (415) 669-4488

  8. Kirsti Gardiner
    Kirsti Gardiner
    Mission Cliffs

    Getting back into climbing. Looking for weekday TR partners between 9:30 and 3:00. Any ability level is welcome.

  9. Zain Memon
    Zain Memon
    Mission Cliffs

    I want to start regularly lead climbing on weekday afternoons (say, sometime between 11am to 4pm). The gym is usually empty during those hours! Let me know if you're available. 408-391-1392

  10. LJ
    Mission Cliffs

    Anybody interested in climbing TR today (Thurs.) sometime during the daytime? (I just have to be finished by around 6 or so - email me if interested:

  11. Christine
    Mission Cliffs

    Anyone free to lead or TR Thursday evening? I can be there at 6pm or I can start later if you like. --Christine (415) 669-4488

  12. Hannah Darling
    Hannah Darling
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a TR partner around 5:15/5:30 today. Text me at 415-802-4844 if you want to climb! -Hannah D.

  13. DL
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a lead climbing partner for mission cliffs for mid day or evening sessions.

  14. Tommy Lloyd-Davies
    Tommy Lloyd-Davies
    Mission Cliffs

    Hey! Looking for climbing partners, weekday evenings @ Mission Cliffs SF (TR&Lead) and weekend trips (Yos?Tahoe?) while the season is still open. -Tommy 949-331-2665

  15. Hannah Darling
    Hannah Darling
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a climbing partner 5:30-6 today for an hour or so. Just coming back to climbing after over a year but can belay all levels. 415-802-4844.

    • Andy Metzger
      Andy Metzger 5 weeks ago

      Hey Hannah! I missed your call on the day of, but I work near the mission so weekday evenings as mission cliffs would be great if we could work it out sometime. I could also do midday bouldering at dogpatch as it seems like your free time is daytime. Let me know!

  16. Hannah Darling
    Hannah Darling
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a climbing partner around 4 pm today. 4158024844

  17. Grace Koerber
    Grace Koerber
    Mission Cliffs

    I'm new to the area and looking for a TR partner. I'd like to climb around 6:30/7:00 pm for about 1.5-2hrs. Any day of the week would work for me. I climb 5.10s - 5.11s. I lead outdoors and would like to get into leading at the gym too.

  18. Ari Neulight
    Ari Neulight
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for top rope partner for about 90 mins meeting at 545pm. Text me at 4153082321 if interested

  19. Usman R
    Usman R
    Mission Cliffs

    Hi! I'm new to the area and would love to check out Mission cliffs at least once before getting a membership. If you're looking for a partner anytime soon, let me know! You can reach me at (209) 965-7299.

  20. Giovanni Walter Vatieri
    Giovanni Walter Vatieri
    Mission Cliffs

    Looking for a lead partner any day this week from 7am to 8.30am. Thanks


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  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor

    The staff aren't that knowledgeable or careful about belay safety, the routes are nice, but the mid-grade routes are DRAMATICALLY overrated. 5.9's are really 5.6's at other gyms, in my experience.

  • Valdeir Faria-Filho
    Valdeir Faria-Filho

    Just got back from an arm injury and was able to do a lot more than what I hoped for!

  • Ignacio Zuleta
    Ignacio Zuleta

    love the place and the people - great energy!

  • Kat McGhee
    Kat McGhee

    The bouldering area is teeny tiny and usually packed.

  • Miki

    I find tape coloring system at MC a bit confusing, especially when looking for foot hold by looking down.