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2845 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 443-1505

COMMITMENT + MOTIVATION + COMMUNITY We are proud to be Boulder's newest and most energy efficient climbing and fitness facility. A combination of ample daylighting thanks to Jim Logan Architects design, solar panels and solar thermal heaters from Lighthouse Solar providing over 80% of our energy, and high-quality, efficient building materials and practices from Harrington Homes and Costen LLC have helped to create one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly commercial buildings in the country. Cort Gariepy and the Rockwerx Team invested 18 months in design and 4 months in construction to design and build walls that accomodate all types of climbers from beginners to World Cup athletes.

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  1. James Cranston
    James Cranston
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Hey there! I'm new to Boulder and looking to become a member of Movement. I'd like to meet regular partners for the gym, and mostly plan to lead climb. If you want to climb, let me know! My number is 914.364.6142 and email is … ...

  2. Eddy Kim
    Eddy Kim
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Just moved to the area after finishing grad school and looking to get back into climbing. I don't have a membership yet (still trying to figure out Movement vs BRC), but would like to find a partner who can climb after work (after 7pm) or on the weekend … ...

  3. christine
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Hi! I'm looking for additional partners to climb. I'm available early afternoon or evenings. I can top rope 5.8-5.10a and will bely any level of difficulty (TR). Chris

  4. christine
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Hi! I just moved to Boulder and would love to get back into climbing. I was intermediate top roping, but it's been a while so I'd like to start with beginners/intermediate doing 5.6-5.8. I have a flexible schedule so can climb in the day or evening.

    • Kyle T Johnson
      Kyle T Johnson 61 weeks ago

      Hey! I'm looking for partners too. Schedule is random but pretty open. Give a ring or text sometime. Kyle 510-332-1818

    • christine
      christine 58 weeks ago

      Hi Kyle, I'm sorry but I was off Climbfind and didn't see your response. I was an intermediate 5.8 climber but have not climbed for a few years and looking to get back into it. I would be up to meet up this week sometime if my abilities weren't a hindrance to you. I don't mind if you belay me on 5.6-5.7 and I belay you on harder climbs. Would you be up for it? Thanks! Christine 646-691-5109

  5. Kyle T Johnson
    Kyle T Johnson
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Hey, just moved to Boulder. Excited for indoor at Movement Boulder or outdoor anywhere. Skills ranges all. Say hello. Open availability mostly. Thanks Kyle 510-332-1818

  6. Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    I'm interested in climbing more often than my current climbing partner schedule allows. If you are interested in meeting at Movement Boulder during the week beginning between 3 and 4PM give me a call or text. 303-909-8094.

  7. Gareth Morl
    Gareth Morl
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Looking for a regular lead partner. Any time and any days work for me!

  8. Rob Derstadt
    Rob Derstadt
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Looking for an early morning climbing partner (lead or TR) to climb any or all of Wed-Fri mornings when the gym opens (or say 6:30am) until about 8:30am).

  9. anna lea littleton
    anna lea littleton
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Let's climb!

  10. Eric
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Anyone want to get some early morning climbing in? New in town with a job interview tomorrow and thought getting some climbing in would help get mentally ready. TR/Sport whatever. Don't care the grade, just want to climb. I'm also looking for some outd … ...

  11. Sayar
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Looking for a partner, sport or TR. I am free any day of the week. Can lead up to 5.12a.

  12. Brook V
    Brook V
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    Looking for a chill gal to climb weeknights at Movement, perhaps weekends outside. Prefer someone who climbs (sport) around a 5.10, boulder around a V2... most of all looking for someone to have some fun with!

  13. Erika
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    I am looking a partner who wants to climb once or have a more regular schedule (maybe 3-4 times per week). My time is very flexible, but I prefer to go during the day hours. Let me know...

  14. Tiara Hunter
    Tiara Hunter
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    I'm at Movement Climbing & Fitness

  15. Miska
    Movement Climbing & Fitness

    I'm at Movement Climbing & Fitness


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  • jkresner

    Incredible architecture and awesome long steam lead lines. Great gym for getting strong that's for sure...