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104 Bronson Street, Santa Cruz, CA


The Main Room - Top-Rope and Lead Cave The Main Room contains 11,000 square feet of climbing including the top-rope and lead area. There are 23 top ropes and over 50 routes ranging in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.12. In addition, there are four cracks: finger, hand, chimney and off-width. The Lead Cave has approximately 25 lead routes ranging in difficulty from 5.9 to 5.13. The Bouldering is Extensive! The bouldering area has over 2,000 square feet of climbing surface and hosts a multitude of angles and close to one hundred routes. Most recently remodeled in 2003, we added more overhanging and steep terrain. The Teaching Room This smaller room, with 1,500 square feet of climbing terrain, is removed from the main room specifically to encourage undistracted instruction. There are 10 top ropes and over 25 routes in this room, including a new layback crack. This mini-gym also serves as a quiet get-away when not in use for classes. The Teaching Room features a natural rock wall used to teach anchor placement. Coming soon...a dedicated campus-training wall.

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  1. Eileen hemeryck
    Eileen hemeryck
    Pacific Edge

    Hi! Anyone wanna toprope around noon on Wednesday? Thanks! Eileen

  2. Eileen hemeryck
    Eileen hemeryck
    Pacific Edge

    looking for someone to take the lead test with and start lead climbing...i have my lead card at PG and Touchstone already. please message me if interested...i'm available most evenings after 6. thanks! -eileen

  3. Eileen hemeryck
    Eileen hemeryck
    Pacific Edge

    Hi!! Moving to Santa Cruz from San Jose and would like to start climbing at Pacific Edge a couple times a week! I'll continue to climb at PG Sunnyvale where my friends are... But looking to meet some new climbing partners/friends out here as well!! Than … ...

  4. Keri Robinson
    Keri Robinson
    Pacific Edge

    Looking for someone to climb with Sunday July 27th 6pm and also a regular climbing partner for weekday eves or Sat/Sun a.m. or Sun p.m. Getting back at it after shoulder surgery. Climbing 5.8s and 9s now. Can lead belay. Thanks!

  5. Sierra Zacks
    Sierra Zacks
    Pacific Edge

    I am a student at UC Santa Cruz and I'm looking for a climbing partner to go two to three times a week to Pacific Edge! Message me if you're interested. I would love to go climb!

    • Eben Andrews
      Eben Andrews 157 weeks ago

      Hey, I am interested in climbing 2 x week. Been climbing at PAC edge a couple years. Safe belay. Only experience is indoor. Hit me up if you still need a partner.

  6. Chris C
    Chris C
    Pacific Edge

    Just moved to town, looking for a climbing partner to TR or lead at Pacific Edge in Santa Cruz. Any level is cool. 831-345-7789. -Chris

  7. Monica Cecilio Toole
    Monica Cecilio Toole
    Pacific Edge

    Hey all! I just relocated to Santa Cruz and Pacific Edge will be my new gym. I've only been climbing about a year and have only done 2 outdoors climbs. I'm a very safe belayer. Hit me up if you want to climb!

  8. Michael Zeller
    Michael Zeller
    Pacific Edge

    Hi, I'm looking for a new climbing partner to top rope and lead climb both at the gym (Pacific Edge) and outdoors. I lead 11's in the gym and am a safe belayer - I've been climbing for about 10 years. I'm available during the week after 6pm and on the … ...

    • Simon W
      Simon W 190 weeks ago

      Climb with Mike! He's safe and has a brand new orange grigri2 :)

    • Michael Zeller
      Michael Zeller 190 weeks ago

      thanks dude, climbing partners around here are sparse!

    • Carolyn Conant
      Carolyn Conant 182 weeks ago

      hi mike, im in town for about a week from the east coast and am dying to get some climbing in, especially outdoors!! I lead around 11b in the gym but haven't climbed for a few months because I was working out of the country. let me know if you're interesed!! take care

  9. Ed Shelley
    Ed Shelley
    Pacific Edge

    In town for a few days seeing if someone wants to tr. Any abilities are awesome.

  10. Brit H
    Brit H
    Pacific Edge

    New to climbing and looking for a partner to go climbing with a couple times a week. Let me know if interested!

    • Karin Gruell
      Karin Gruell 184 weeks ago

      I'm new and need a partner if you haven't found someone yet!

  11. bryan young
    bryan young
    Pacific Edge

    beginner looking for a climbing partner for thursdays after 4pm. havent clinbed in 5 years and looking to get back into it.

    • Karin Gruell
      Karin Gruell 184 weeks ago

      Hi I'm taking the intro to safety and belaying class Thursday at 6pm. I've never climbed before but have been dying to get into it! I don't really need a partner for that class and I'm sure you don't need it since you've climes b4 but I would like to climb after the class if you don't mind a complete newbie :) lmk

  12. Jenna
    Pacific Edge

    Hey! I'm brand new to the area and could use some climbing partners. I've been climbing for about 2 years now, TR or Lead. My work hours are pretty flexible...Email me at

  13. Daniel J Nevares
    Daniel J Nevares
    Pacific Edge

    Anyone interested in a tutorial on outdoor sport climbing? I am looking for another person or two who want to come along on a group lesson. The lesson covers safety and mechanics of setting up an anchor on bolts, how to clean an anchor off safely and how … ...

  14. Zac R
    Zac R
    Pacific Edge

    Looking for a semi-regular partner to climb at Pacific Edge 2-4 times/week, mostly top-roping and/or leading. I'm usually free weeknights 7:30-10pm. I climb ~.12a but I'm down to climb with anyone who's a competent belayer. I'm also happy to help any new … ...

  15. Keri Robinson
    Keri Robinson
    Pacific Edge

    Hey I'm looking for someone to top rope with Wed 3/5 and/or Thurs 3/6 in the late afternoon. Anyone? Thanks!

  16. Chris Harding
    Chris Harding
    Pacific Edge

    I'd like to climb once every weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Looking for a TR partner since my friend is bailing on me! I've been a member for 6 months and climb 5.9 / 5.10. Let me know if anyone's interested!

  17. Simon W
    Simon W
    Pacific Edge

    Hey, I'm moving to Santa Cruz in January and looking for a regular lead partner for Pacific Edge. I'm planning on getting a membership and hoping to climb 3 times a week. Lemme know! -Simon

  18. Alix Tillett
    Alix Tillett
    Pacific Edge

    Let's climb! Always up for it!

  19. john muratet
    john muratet
    Pacific Edge

    I'm at Pacific Edge

  20. Austin Not-Austin
    Austin Not-Austin
    Pacific Edge

    looking for someone to climb with! I go ever other day...