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100 El Camino Real Belmont CA 94002


Planet Granite Belmont is a world-class, 19,000 sq.ft. climbing facility designed to provide an incredible training ground for experienced climbers, an ideal learning environment for first-time climbers, and plenty of varied terrain for all levels and ages. PG Belmont offers 80 top ropes reaching up to 50 foot heights, two separate bouldering areas including a cave, realistic hand-carved cracks, and enough overhanging and long vertical lead terrain to pump out the strongest climbers. If you are new to climbing, our specially designed courses and beginner climbing routes are the perfect way to discover the sport that has been sweeping the nation. Climbing is not only fun, but has been recognized as a phenomenal all over body workout! Add our dedicated yoga studio, ab & core fitness classes, and full fitness lines of cardio and strength equipment to the mix and you'll find we are the premier fitness destination on the Peninsula. But PG isn't just for working out; it is also a great place for memorable kid's birthday parties, corporate team building events and unique group get-togethers.

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  1. Danny Pham
    Danny Pham
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for a top rope partner for tomorrow, Friday, August 1st at 5:30PM or later. Will belay any level. Shoot me a text to confirm 415-793-7043.

  2. Richard Peterson
    Richard Peterson
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hello and thank you for reading. My name is Richard, I really want to get back into indoor rock climbing at planet granite in Belmont. I can meet mornings and evenings, weekdays or weekends. Saturday at 9:00 am is best. I'm open and flexible to time a … ...

  3. angela chou
    angela chou
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Beginner climber looking for last minute TR climbing partner today from 4-5:30, or 7:30-8:30p.

    • MJ
      MJ 4 weeks ago

      I'll be down to climb around 7:30. Text me to confirm at 9196995183

  4. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking to top rope at PG Sunnyvale this afternoon/evening. Please text me if interested 408-309-1036. Thanks! Tara

  5. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hi there- looking to top rope tonight at PG Belmont after yoga around 7:30 pm. Pls text me at 408-309-1036 if interested. Thanks! Tara

  6. Gabe Sukman
    Gabe Sukman
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Anyone around to TR or lead this afternoon before the rush? Starting sometime around 2-3 pm maybe? 650.714.4143

  7. Dmitriy Kukharev
    Dmitriy Kukharev
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for a TR partner. Any day after 6:30 - 7pm. Any level. text me at 909 503 7104. Dmitriy.

  8. Nina Chen
    Nina Chen
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Looking for a similar-level partner - weekday mornings, semi-regular, for a relaxed couple of hours of climbing. Flexible on time.

  9. Travis Hawk
    Travis Hawk
    Planet Granite Belmont

    I'm at Planet Granite Belmont

  10. Nika Bogoslovsky
    Nika Bogoslovsky
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hi! Looking for a TR partner to climb with regularly once or twice a week at PG Belmont at around 7:30pm. Text me at 650.678.4820. Thanks, Nika :)

  11. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hi there! Anyone want to top rope at PG Belmont, Sunday around 11ish? Please text me if you're interested 408-309-1036. Thanks, Tara

  12. Aileen L
    Aileen L
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Anyone want to TR tomorrow- can do PG Belmont or Sunnyvale. Flexible on the time...early eve the best.

  13. Dorothy Mei
    Dorothy Mei
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Anyone free to climb TR Saturday 6/28? I am free all day. Safe and attentive belayer. Text 858.344.5668

  14. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Anyone looking to top rope Friday aft? Thanks!

  15. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Anyone interested in top roping tomorrow am? I can start as early as 6 am. 408-309-1036. Thanks! Tara

  16. Codruţ Stancu
    Codruţ Stancu
    Planet Granite Belmont

    I am back in the bay for the summer. I am looking to climb (semi)regularly after work, 6pm. I am back to climbing after a few months break due to an injury so I'll take it easy. Text me at 949-529-7206.

  17. Tara McDonough
    Tara McDonough
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Short notice, but anyone up for top rope at PG Belmont tomorrow am? Can start as early as 7 and as late as 9 am.

  18. Pamela
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Getting off a bit early today and would love to get in some climbing early. I climb to 10d-ish but can belay any level. Safe belayer sought! Text 650-740-6299

    • Pamela
      Pamela 11 weeks ago

      HI - someone already texted and meeting up. Thanks!!!

  19. Erik
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Last minute partner call! Looking to top rope tonight around 6pm. I am intermediate climber, safe belayer, chill person.. text 650 703 2049 if you can make it this evening. Thanks - Erik

  20. Eldar noe
    Eldar noe
    Planet Granite Belmont

    Hi, I'm an Intermediate climber at Belmont, looking for a climbing partner. I'm currently at 5.10c-d, working on 5.11s. I am also interested in starting to lead climb here. I used to lead at another gym a few years ago, but i'd have to retrain here a … ...

    • Elaine Dulay
      Elaine Dulay 12 weeks ago

      Hey Eldar, So sorry I can't make it tonight afterall at 7:30. I couldn't find a phone number to contact you to let you know. Something came up at work and I have to stay to finish a project.


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  • Ian Ames
    Ian Ames

    Excellent staff. Took their beginners' class and highly recommend it to anyone new to climbing. A bit smaller than Sunnyvale, but has a wide variety of routes for both bouldering and top rope.

  • Nadav Zivelin
    Nadav Zivelin

    Planet Granite Belmont is a nice climbing gym. Two bouldering rooms offer a pretty good variety of climbs. Sadly you cannot top out on the climbs/ Rope areas includes TR and lead routes. Although smaller than PG Sunnyvale this gym tends to get a lot less crowded. Climbing crowd seems a bit older than Sunnyvale and is generally friendly. Non climbing workout facilities are also pretty good and seperate from climbing area.

  • Peter Minearo
    Peter Minearo

    Planet Granite Belmont is a great place to climb. The staff is friendly and the vibe is pleasant. There are a lot of good routes to be had at PG Belmont.