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21 NE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232

(503) 232-8310

12,000 sq. ft. climbing area, 40 ft. toprope and lead walls. Large bouldering area.

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  1. Melissa Lehman
    Melissa Lehman
    Portland Rock Gym

    I'm looking for a partner for lead and toprope. I lead 10- and toprope 10+ to 11-. I'm available most weekdays after 4 or 4:30.

  2. Alison Chan
    Alison Chan
    Portland Rock Gym

    I'm visiting Portland from March 5 to March 15 and would like to get in a couple of climbs. I climb 10- and 10+, and working towards 11-'s more consistently. I'm somewhat flexible right now :) March 9/10/11 - after work hours, say any time after 6 … ...

  3. Elizabeth Cole
    Elizabeth Cole
    Portland Rock Gym

    Let's take a long climbing trip somewhere sunny! I have a lot of time off, a car, and trad gear. I am not experienced at leading trad or sport, but I can lead belay and follow and clean at about 5.9. I have led both trad and sport, but I am just … ...

  4. Elizabeth Cole
    Elizabeth Cole
    Portland Rock Gym

    I'm looking for a regular climbing partner who can climb Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9:00 AM. I'm trying to move into the 5.10 range and get my lead card.

  5. Stephen
    Portland Rock Gym

    Anyone for climbing anytime after 4 Today!!!???

    • Jeff Nichols
      Jeff Nichols 35 weeks ago

      yes! my cell is in my profile so text me for details. i'd normally have climbed this morning but other plans got in the way. itching to climb this evening.

    • James Scheidt
      James Scheidt 35 weeks ago

      There's a meetup at PRG at 6:30 Tuesday (7/29),

  6. Bryan Condon
    Bryan Condon
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for a TR partner for Friday after 5pm. How bout it? -Bryan

    • Ryan Kelley
      Ryan Kelley 36 weeks ago

      Hey, I am looking to line up a climbing partner for the fall. Probably Mondays and Wednesdays after 7.

  7. Jeff Nichols
    Jeff Nichols
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hoping to line up a partner to climb with Thursday about 1-3. Would love to lead (will bring a rope) but top rope would be good too. I'm a bigger guy (200 lbs.) but am comfortable and experienced climbing with much lighter partners.

  8. Andrew McGuire
    Andrew McGuire
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking to climb today early afternoon. Let me know if you're interested. Lead or top rope is fine. Thanks!

  9. Stephen
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hi all! I'll be in the bouldering room today at the rock gym, from 3-3:30 until 4:30 at earliest. Come join if you want to top rope or a bouldering buddy. My climbing shoes are grey with bright yellow laces. Stephen

  10. Wendy Gorton
    Wendy Gorton
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hey all! Looking for a belay buddy for Top Rope sometime the next two weeks (not weekends). I'm still hovering around 5.8's to get back into climbing shape but happy to belay you on whatever you need!

    • Stephen
      Stephen 41 weeks ago

      Still looking!? Weekday availability is good!

  11. Megan C
    Megan C
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hey all, I'm looking to get into climbing... the challenge is I have no prior experience or knowledge whatsoever; however, I am up for the challenge! I've always wanted to get into climbing and would love for either other beginners or more experienced cl … ...

    • DIAN OTT
      DIAN OTT 46 weeks ago

      Megan has anyone responded to you yet?

    • Megan C
      Megan C 46 weeks ago

      Hi Dian! Thanks for your response! I've mostly just received information about beginners basics, but no plans yet (:

    • Matt Pennock
      Matt Pennock 42 weeks ago

      Hi Megan, I am a professional instructor. Are you looking to get indoors or outdoors?

    • Stephen
      Stephen 42 weeks ago

      Hi Megan I'm new to the area but live right around Portland rock gym. If you're interested enough to pick up a membership it would be nice to have another consistent person to climb with in the area. I have a moderate to intermediate level of experience from climbing for several years.

  12. Bryan Condon
    Bryan Condon
    Portland Rock Gym

    Anyone up for a TR climb sesh Friday afternoon/evening? Kyle?

  13. Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones
    Portland Rock Gym

    Last minute, looking to get in a few laps. Will be there Saturday at 9am. Lead or TR is fine.

  14. Bryan Condon
    Bryan Condon
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for a top rope partner for Friday afternoon @PRG. Anyone gonna be in town?

  15. Dave
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for a partner to climb with. I'm flexible on time day/evening between 5/26 and 6/1.

    • Wendy Gorton
      Wendy Gorton 45 weeks ago

      You around this week at all?

    • Dave
      Dave 45 weeks ago

      I am not, I'll be in Portland next week though.

  16. Brian Leggs
    Brian Leggs
    Portland Rock Gym

    I could use TR partner tonight. Pref to climb lots of laps to get a solid workout! Starting at 430ish and going for at least 2.5-3 hours. Lead partner might be ok, but i just wanna get a lot of laps in tonight.

  17. Brian Leggs
    Brian Leggs
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for an experienced TR/Lead partner for the weekend. Sat or Sun, flexible sched.

    • Ryan Kelley
      Ryan Kelley 46 weeks ago

      I am down to climb outside at Broughtons / Ozone Saturday or Sunday. 509.385.4175

  18. Brian Leggs
    Brian Leggs
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for an experienced TR/Lead partner for the weekend. Sat or Sun, flexible sched.

  19. Dave
    Portland Rock Gym

    Hey all, I will be in the Portland area at the end of the month and was wondering if anyone wanted to hook up to sport climb somewhere? If all else fails, I suppose I could climb inside too if I can't get outside. Let me know if anyone wants to trade … ...

  20. Brian Leggs
    Brian Leggs
    Portland Rock Gym

    Looking for a partner tonight. Just want a great workout. TR pref. and or lead. 2+ hours. 4ish? Anyone anyone?


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  • Jenn

    I'm glad I checked it out- I really liked the masonry wall. The auto-belays were interesting and sort of fun but... overall, the walls are as slick as painted sheetrock and the holds are all very old and grungy. This is the first climbing gym where I felt like I was actually climbing on walls inside an office building -- no way to flag out on the wall. I just wanted to take down all the holds and scrub them with a brush in a bucket of bleach & hot water!

  • R Michael Torrey
    R Michael Torrey

    I learned to climb at PRG and couldn't have chosen a better place. Great people, great atmosphere and challenging climbs that change often enough to keep it interesting. Was sorry to have to leave it when I moved away, otherwise I'd still be there. Always wished they'd open a branch on the west side.

  • Rebekah Mitchell
    Rebekah Mitchell

    It's been a solid 8 months of climbing for me at the PRG and I've never had a negative experience here. The staff are all great. There's always something new to try as the route setters generally replace a good chunk of the space every few months. All of the classes I've taken (Intro to Climbing, Technique 101 and 202, and a variety of yoga and pilates) have all been very well worth it. Can't imagine I'd find a gym anywhere else that I'd like better.