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11866 La Grange Ave West LA, CA 90025

(310) 207 7199

The LA gym is a great oasis in the sometimes crowded bustle that is our city of Los Angeles. With 9000 square feet of climbing wall, there is a lot to do for all ability levels. There is a large boulder area, lots of topropes, and a lead area with an arch that has routes up to 65 feet in length. If you want to train for outside, or just get a workout as you hide from traffic on the 405, LA Rockreation has something to offer you.

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  1. Meg blankenship
    Meg blankenship
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    New to the gym and looking for a climb partner. My work schedule is variable but Im hoping to climb a few times per week. Post surgery, currently climbing lighter but hoping to move up!

  2. Dmitry Zotman
    Dmitry Zotman
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'm at Rockreation Santa Monica

  3. Katie Allen
    Katie Allen
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I have been out of the habit of climbing for a few year but hoping to get back into it. You might have to put up with a bit of a re-learning curve but would love to help out anyone else. Available weekdays after 7/7:30 and on weekends. Let me know!

  4. Jennifer
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Started climbing almost a year ago, but had to take 3 months off due to repeated tendon injury. Looking to ease back in to it on easy top rope routes. Available 6pm or later on weekdays, and possibly on weekends.

  5. Thomas R.
    Thomas R.
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Looking for intermediate/beginner climbing partner to climb. I prefer early evenings, but am pretty flexible. Good for top-rope and lead.

    • Ronald Roundy
      Ronald Roundy 206 weeks ago

      I saw you were looking for a climbing partner and replied to a Malibu thread. I can meet most any weekend. In fact, I've got time next weekend for a Malibu run. I've got a full top rope setup (bolts only, no cams yet). Send me a PM if you want to go out.

  6. Amanda Winther
    Amanda Winther
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'll be in the LA area this week and looking for a climbing partner Thursday evening. I'm flying into LAX and staying in west hollywood, but can be somewhat flexible on location also time. I lead belay and top rope (lead 5.9s, TR 5.10b-d)

  7. Jon Massey
    Jon Massey
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'm at Rockreation Santa Monica - at 4pm

  8. Jon Massey
    Jon Massey
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Hey - Looking for a beginner/intermediate gym partner for top rope and lead. Available weekdays around 4pmish. Cheers

  9. Jennifer
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Just started to climb at the prompting of an out-of-town friend. I took the FG1 class, am scheduled for the other two. So am a complete beginner, but I'd like to think with natural inborn talent :) Anyhow, I don't know anyone else in LA who climbs, so … ...

  10. Justin Skaare
    Justin Skaare
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'd like to find a partner for intermediate climbs in the 5.10 to 5.11 range on the weekdays. Tuesday and Thursday morning would be great, but evenings work as well. Outdoors locally on the weekend with occasional jtree and the high sierra trips.

    • Wes
      Wes 236 weeks ago

      Ohhhh really...! Let's climb one of these evenings. I just sprained my ankle, but I'll be back in business in a couple weeks.

    • Kim Kennedy
      Kim Kennedy 236 weeks ago

      Me too! What time were you thinking? And is this lead climbing or top rope? I am new to this gym, so you might have to take a belay test with me or something...

    • Wes
      Wes 236 weeks ago

      I can do either/or. Have to see how my ankle recovers though...

  11. Kim Kennedy
    Kim Kennedy
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Looking for a partner to climb with- I am new to this gym and a little rusty but I am a safe and experienced belayer and climb in the 10's and 11's after I get back into it a bit. Top rope or lead belay. Probably mostly evenings, and also looking for a w … ...

  12. laura hunt
    laura hunt
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Looking for an enthusiastic beginner level partner for indoor rockclimbing during weekdays in the evening. I've been climbing for a year and loving it.

    • Brad Appel
      Brad Appel 240 weeks ago

      What's up Laura! I'm new to LA and just joined rockreation myself. I'm an average climber. I live close and any weeknights after 8 should be good - let me know!

    • Christina
      Christina 239 weeks ago

      Hey Laura! Visiting LA and wanted to check out the gym. Can TR or Lead and at best I'm doing 5.10b, V3- V5. Pretty open weekday nights as well and will be in town after 8/1. Let me know if you want a partner!

  13. Grant Gallicano
    Grant Gallicano
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Hey I will be in Santa Monica this week (June 11 - 14) and would love to check out some top rope. I have been climbing for a few years now but have a sore knee so I am limited to 5.10a/b climbs. If you have some time to climb with a friendly Canadia … ...

  14. Dan Carlin
    Dan Carlin
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    Hi, just moved to the area for the summer and looking to climb at Rockreation or Hangar 18 (South Bay) weekday evenings and weekends. Happy for a casual climb or regular partner. I top-rope 5.11a-b and lead 10c-d.

  15. Susan Forte
    Susan Forte
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'm at Rockreation Santa Monica

  16. Beverly
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'm at Rockreation Santa Monica

  17. Kyle Hardy
    Kyle Hardy
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I'm at Rockreation Santa Monica

  18. Chris Boldon
    Chris Boldon
    Rockreation Santa Monica

    I just moved the the area and am looking for someone fun to climb with. Mostly boulder or top rop.