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116 N. 16th Street Sacramento, CA 95814


Sacramento Pipeworks has some of the most phenomenal climbing terrain that you will ever grab hold of. The main structure offers routes that start at moderate and range toward incredibly challenging. But not to fear, we have a whole wall designed specifically for beginners as well. The bouldering area is large and spacious with tons of impressive terrain. The cardio equipment is high quality and there is a fully-equiped weight room to top off your workout. At Pipeworks in Sacramento Yoga classes are fun and low-key, with something for all abilities. 40 ft. High Lead Wall 11,000 sq. ft. of Climbing Terrain 2,000 sq. ft. of Innovative Bouldering Over 70 Top and Lead Ropes

Sacramento Pipeworks climbs, routes & problems

Grade unknown Badddassss Badddassss Not yet rated
Grade unknown Helios Helios
Grade unknown ITS WORKING! thumbnail Not yet rated
Grade unknown RARRRR RARRRR Not yet rated
Grade unknown SO CLOSE SO CLOSE Not yet rated
5.10a BackNack BackNack Not yet rated

5.10b Last Time Last Time Not yet rated
5.11b Chili Sauce thumbnail Not yet rated
5.11d FunkyToes thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12b Oh Hell Yes Oh Hell Yes Not yet rated

5.5 New climb via iPhone New climb via iPhone Not yet rated
V12 Rock and Roll Rock and Roll Not yet rated
V5 Titanium is for WIMPS thumbnail Not yet rated
V8 CARTER CARTER Not yet rated

Sacramento Pipeworks activity

  1. chris gian
    chris gian
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    In town. Would love to climb, in or out. I have all my gear.

  2. Mike Hagele
    Mike Hagele
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for a Sac Pipeworks partner for Sunday morning/early afternoon. Heading back from Tahoe to the Bay Area. Pls. text @ 415 717 1441. Thanks, Mike

  3. Liz Mallett
    Liz Mallett
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for climbing partners to TR or lead in daytime, afternoon or evenings at Pipeworks weekdays or weekends. I climb 11s lead or so, reach me at 4084604320 --Liz

    • Amara
      Amara 166 weeks ago

      Hi Liz, I'll be in Sacramento from the the 22-26th and would like to get some climbs in. I haven't climbed for about a month now, but probably lead in the 11s still. 916-254-8816 Amara

    • Cassie
      Cassie 74 weeks ago

      Hi Liz. Are you interested in climbing early weekday mornings?

  4. Irene Lugo
    Irene Lugo
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Hi! Anyone looking for a top rope partner for Mon 9/7/15 at Pipeworks? Let me know if you'd like to meet up!

  5. Liz Mallett
    Liz Mallett
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Hey anyone interested in lead climbing this Thursday evening or any time Friday (afternoon or evening easiest)? My schedule is flexible. Interested in trying some intermediate/advanced stuff but can climb with any level :)

  6. Alexander Smirnoff
    Alexander Smirnoff
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    I am new in Sac. Moved from Bay Area. Looking for partners. Top rope and lead. Intermediate and higher. Mostly during a weekdays, but can do outdoors sometimes. Sasha. Text me 415-497-5071

  7. spring lam
    spring lam
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    In town from LA and wanted to do some top rope climbing at Pipeworks. Beginner climber (L8/L9) just looking for a belay partner for either of these 2 days!

  8. Chris Nebel
    Chris Nebel
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    I usually climb at Diablo Rock in the East Bay, but I'm going to be in Sac. on Thursday and would love to check out Pipeworks! If anyone is down for an early afternoon session let me know. 714.767.5135

  9. Amara
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    In town for the weekend--looking for a partner for Sunday morning, preferably lead.

  10. Jasna Hodzic
    Jasna Hodzic
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for a lead climbing partner at Pipeworks. I live in Davis but would like to climb in Pipeworks during the month of July. My schedule is very ,very flexible. Please shoot me a text or email if interested for some lead climbing on a regular basis f … ...

    • Bill Howard
      Bill Howard 138 weeks ago

      My apologies, I forgot to take my partner request down from this site. I am no longer in the Sacramento area, as I have returned to Colorado. Thank you for your interest and take care, Bill

  11. erik griffith
    erik griffith
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for lead partners for indoor training, outside sport and trad partner as well. Down for ice if you have gear

    • Bill Howard
      Bill Howard 147 weeks ago

      Are you still looking for a climbing partner? Thank, Bill

  12. Ronald Roundy
    Ronald Roundy
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for regular partner for TR and lead climbing at Pipeworks during weeknights and weekends. Can lead 5.10 and follow 5.11. I don't flake and I show up on time.

  13. Giovanni Tufo
    Giovanni Tufo
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for a climbing partner on weekdays after 5pm. I enjoy toprope and bouldering. Will climb with any ability but I am comfortable with all 5.10 and breaking into 5.11. New to Sac and a pipeworks member. Let me know

  14. EDDIE
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    I'm at Sacramento Pipeworks

  15. Tianyi Wang
    Tianyi Wang
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Hi, just moved to Sacramento and I need new climbing partners for top rope. I'm free mostly after around 630/7 on the weekdays. For whatever it's worth I climb between 5.9-5.10b although I'm not what the rating system is going to be like at pipeworks. … ...

  16. Marcus Turbo
    Marcus Turbo
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Looking for morning climbing partners. 5.8 to 5.10a range. Saturday through Tuesday 8am, Wednesdays 10am. I'll be at Pipeworks, Sacramento. Also interested going on an outdoor climb someday.

  17. Lattha
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    I'm at Sacramento Pipeworks

  18. Heidi Wohle
    Heidi Wohle
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Hey I just started climbing at Pipeworks and looking for partners to climb on Mon and Tues nights as well as weekends. I'm currently climbing 5.10b-c but would love to learn from a more experienced climber too. Text me at 916 539-0141.

  19. Katherine Stone
    Katherine Stone
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    Hey everyone! I'm a new Pipeworks member, and have some climbing experience, but it's been a looong time! I plan on climbing every day, or as often as I can! I would definitely consider myself a beginner, but I hope to change that soon... and get in to c … ...

    • Sara Burke
      Sara Burke 266 weeks ago

      If you're still looking for a climbing buddy, I'd be happy to join you. I'm a beginner, and looking to seriously get into a regular habit of climbing. Currently a 5.9 and looking to start 5.10 by the end of the month. I really want a motivated partner. I need to leave for work at 8:00am on weekdays. If you're willing to get up early for climbing, you'll make my day. I'll PM my phone number.

    • Kristen
      Kristen 251 weeks ago

      Hey guys! I know this was posted a long time ago, but let me know if either of you are looking for a partner :) I'm climbing 5.9 and some 5.10a's right now and looking to improve. Hope to hear from you!

    • Heidi Wohle
      Heidi Wohle 211 weeks ago

      I just joined Pipeworks and looking for climbing partners for Mon and Tues nights and weekends. I'm currently climbing 5.10a-c

  20. Michael S Livermore
    Michael S Livermore
    Sacramento Pipeworks

    I'm at Sacramento Pipeworks