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Rock Climbing Silo City Rocks!
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105 Childs St, Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 228-9153



Silo City Rocks! is a world-class rock climbing and recreation center located in a 100-year-old grain silo on the Buffalo River! You’ve seen those empty grain silos along the waterfront- Buffalo is filled with them. But what are we going to with them? Our idea was turn one of them into a rock climbing gym! Silo City Rocks LLC was founded as a mixed-use recreation–education center in 120’ silos, featuring 8000 sq. ft. of top rope rock climbing and bouldering, a 190’ outdoor wall, a yoga studio in one of our circular bins, a community room for families, corporate events and organizations, a pro-shop, and most importantly, world record-breaking man-made climbing routes. We offer a variety of classes and can accommodate any skill level. Whether you're a complete beginner, experienced, or looking for a group activity, Silo City Rocks! has got you covered!

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    Silo City Rocks!

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    Silo City Rocks!

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    Silo City Rocks!

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