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Rock Climbing Solid Rock SAN MARCOS
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992 Rancheros Drive San Marcos, Ca 92069


San Diego area indoor rock climbing gyms offer over 115 top ropes Each top rope sports four routes meaning that you can climb for months without ever repeating a route! We also have over 100 lead routes from 5.7 to 5.12 to try. We are constantly re-setting our routes using top quality route setters from all over the country. Each gym is reset three times per year. Our route setting never ceases and challenging new routes are forever appearing for your climbing pleasure.

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  1. Raluca MacDonald
    Raluca MacDonald
    Solid Rock SAN MARCOS

    I have climbed for about 6 years but stopped about 2 years ago. I am really ready to start getting back into climbing. Because it has been so long, I prefer partners who are at the beginner/intermediate level because I need to start out easy.

  2. Erin Judgement
    Erin Judgement
    Solid Rock SAN MARCOS

    I am fairly new to climbing and would love to go more often, like on a weekday. Would going with a partner who also enjoys climbing.

  3. Jason Young
    Jason Young
    Solid Rock SAN MARCOS

    I'm at Solid Rock SAN MARCOS

  4. Rob Rusnak
    Rob Rusnak
    Solid Rock SAN MARCOS

    Went to Solid Rock SAN MARCOS with my cousin as part of a group 'North County Adventure' -- had fun, my first time in the gym in many many moons.