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Rock Climbing Sportrock Alexandria
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5308 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA 22304





$18 Walk-up Fee, $10 for all gear

12,000 square feet and one of the premier indoor climbing facilities in the country.

Sportrock Alexandria climbs, routes & problems

5.10 Blobby Mess of DOOM thumbnail Not yet rated
5.11b Bigfoot thumbnail Not yet rated
5.11c Wedding Bliss thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12a Citrus Queen thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12a Tic, Tac, Explode thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12a Natalie Portman thumbnail Not yet rated

5.12b Orion the Pacifist thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12c Power Bomb thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12c Work Harder thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12d Superstar thumbnail Not yet rated
5.13b Sea Monster thumbnail Not yet rated
V4 Yellow Delicious thumbnail Not yet rated

V6 I Was Going for Awkward! thumbnail Not yet rated
V7 I'm Upside Down thumbnail Not yet rated
V7 Unnamed thumbnail Not yet rated
V9 Unnamed thumbnail Not yet rated
V9 Unnamed thumbnail Not yet rated

Sportrock Alexandria activity

  1. Kirsten Denney
    Kirsten Denney
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for some rides this afternoon - anytime btw 3 and 7 (as long as done by 7). Anyone?? Been climbing a long time so you're safe w me!

  2. bhavya
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Hey there! I'm new in town, and also to climbing, and would like to meet some people to climb with. I'm a beginner (5.7 atm), and I can belay although I will have to pass the check. I'd rather not belay the first couple of times, just because I've o … ...

  3. Karen Christie
    Karen Christie
    Sportrock Alexandria

    In the DC area for a work trip and would love to get some climbing in. I'm a safe, experienced belayer (to rope & lead). Text me at 510-612-7434

  4. Jessica Baker
    Jessica Baker
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for a regular partner to train with weekday evenings. Any level okay, as long as you can lead belay and are committed. Cheers

    • Jason
      Jason 85 weeks ago

      I climb about twice per week with a variety of partners. You are welcome to join us. I can introduce you to some others. Most of us prefer to lead.

    • Jessica Baker
      Jessica Baker 85 weeks ago

      Hi Jason, Thanks. Sounds cool. Are you guys climbing this week any night?

    • Jason
      Jason 85 weeks ago

      I am going to be at the sterling gym tomorrow. I have a class there at 7, but can go earlier. Tuesday and Wednesday I can go to any gym, but it will be daytime hours as I have work at 4:00 both days. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a meetup at the Alexandria gym at 7:30. There usually is one or two people that lead there, but I won't be there this Tuesday evening because of work. I might be there Thursday at 6:30.

    • Jessica Baker
      Jessica Baker 84 weeks ago

      Jason, will you be going tomorrow night to Alexandria? I might be able to make it...

    • Jason
      Jason 84 weeks ago

      I'll probably be there by 6:30.

    • Jay
      Jay 79 weeks ago

      Hi Jessica and Jason, Even though this post is old, I figured I'd reply. I live in Alexandria and am looking for a partner this evening if either of you are interested in climbing. Lead or toprope. J.

    • Jessica Baker
      Jessica Baker 79 weeks ago

      Jay, just PM'ed you.

  5. Trevor
    Sportrock Alexandria

    I'm looking for a climbing partner available ideally 3-5 days a week within the 9 am to 2ish pm window M-F. I usually climb for 1-2 hours but I would be up for climbing for longer if I'm climbing fewer days. I lead 10a and can top rope up to an 11b, b … ...

    • Jay
      Jay 79 weeks ago

      Hi Trevor, I live near the gym and work from home so I can probably meet up with you. I am looking for a partner this afternoon or evening if you're up for it. J.

  6. Leona Gu
    Leona Gu
    Sportrock Alexandria

    I am available from 7:00pm during weekdays and all day Saturday. I am looking for a climber partner that the time works for both of us. I plan to go rock climbing once or twice a week. Let me know if you are interested. I am a beginner of rock climbin … ...

  7. Jason
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Planning to be at sportrock late afternoons and early evenings. Lead or top rope.

  8. Liang
    Sportrock Alexandria

    looking for a 5.8-5.10 TR partner... weekend preferred, if interested please email thanks.

  9. Michelle Wirges
    Michelle Wirges
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for a belay partner Mon - Thu 3pm and weekends any time!

  10. Maia
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for evening (after 5:30 pm) or weekend belay climbing partner. Have stopped climbing for about 6 months and want to get back into it

    • Benn  Stratton
      Benn Stratton 135 weeks ago

      Hi Maia , checkout the Meetup group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 730 PM at sportrock alexandria. Great group and good way to meet other partners to climb with on your own. Another similar group that meets regularly to climb outdoors is I'm about to go on travel for 10 days. If these don't work for you then let's climb when I get back in town Climb on! Benn

  11. Julien Decosimo
    Julien Decosimo
    Sportrock Alexandria

    What about a top rope lead climbing session on Saturday or Sunday anytime?

  12. Ellery
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for semi-regular gym partners -- nights and weekends, sort of thing, and I'm open to outdoor trips in the area. Please be a super-obsessive belayer, as I am :)

  13. Jenna
    Sportrock Alexandria

    I'll be in town for a short trip and would love to get a climb in while here. If anyone is available Friday afternoon email me! I'm about a 5.10 climber, been climbing off/on for about 5yrs.

  14. Benn  Stratton
    Benn Stratton
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Avid adventure racer (Tough Mudders, etc) who recently moved to Arlington from Baltimore. Looking to get back into climbing after recovering from back injury last Nov. Looking for partners who can climb in evenings after work and occasional weekends. Ind … ...

  15. Katie Bauer
    Katie Bauer
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Hi, I'm looking for an advanced climber to be filmed for a National Geographic documentary in Sudan in March. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please get in touch.

  16. Rachel Funk
    Rachel Funk
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Looking for a TR partner on Sunday morning. Thanks!

  17. Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Hey, I just got back into climbing and I need a belay partner. Beginner or intermediate is fine. Let me know! Thanks!

    • Rachel Funk
      Rachel Funk 172 weeks ago

      Hi, if you're looking for a regular partner, let me know. I just started climbing, so I need a partner too! :-) My email is

  18. Deanna Rhodes
    Deanna Rhodes
    Sportrock Alexandria

    Hi All! I am looking for a (or several) partner to climb with at Sportrock. I just signed up for a trial membership and would like to get there as much as possible. Give me a shout! Deanna

    • Angela Phan
      Angela Phan 177 weeks ago

      Hi! I'm looking to climb tomorrow morning if youre interested! 707 484 3874

  19. Lindsey Kelley
    Lindsey Kelley
    Sportrock Alexandria

    I recently joined Sportock and I'm looking for a partner so I can really work on top roping. I usually go 3-4 times per week, usually once on the weekends and later in the evenings (7:30 on). Any takers?

  20. Christine Yang
    Christine Yang
    Sportrock Alexandria

    New climber and SR member here! Currently 5.8 top rope working toward 5.9s and sport climbing. I usually climb with a friend (5.9 TR) and her husband (5.11 TR; 5.8-5.9 sport lead; occasional trad lead). We'd like to meet another guy who likes climbing fr … ...