Indoor climbing, Stone Gardens

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Rock Climbing Stone Gardens
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2839 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 781-9828

2 Great Bouldering areas, with separate top-roping and lead sections. 50+ ft. over hanging lead wall.

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  1. candace gossen
    candace gossen
    Stone Gardens

    Hello, I have just moved up to the San Juan Islands for a job. Missing climbing and going to have to organize gym/rock events off the islands. If anyone is climbing close enough between Squamish and Seattle. I am mostly a sport climber from the desert SW … ...

  2. Ada
    Stone Gardens

    Hi, anyone has Monday off and want to top rope at SG? I can lead belay also if anyone's interested.

    • Daniel Polking Jr
      Daniel Polking Jr 52 weeks ago

      Hi. I don't work until 3 on Mondays. If you'd be willing to climb around noon I'd be happy to join you.

  3. Andres Cardona
    Andres Cardona
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for a Dry Tooling partner at SG, weather permitting. Flexible schedule. i can do most nights ( even if cold) or weekends.

  4. Zdenek
    Stone Gardens

    Hey, I'm looking for someone interested in regular climbing/bouldering sessions at Stone Gardens. Let me know. Thanks! /Zdenek

    • Ben Egbers
      Ben Egbers 68 weeks ago or 509-823-3770 Let me know when you want to go. My sched is all over the place.

  5. Zdenek
    Stone Gardens

    Hi, anyone interested in trading belays at Stone Gardens? I'm typically going 3x a week, at workdays after 7pm. Can also do weekends in case I'm in town. Thanks! /Zdenek

    • J Boyle
      J Boyle 96 weeks ago

      Ya just shoot me a call or text, I'm usually try and make it about 2-3 times per week 330-559-4961

    • Lily
      Lily 95 weeks ago

      hi there: i'm interested in looking for a partner who lead climbs as well; do you toprope or lead? thanks!

    • J Boyle
      J Boyle 95 weeks ago

      I do mostly top roping at the gym but tend to lead when I climb outdoors. I do a bunch of boulder at the gym as well. Let me know if you want to meet up

    • Kimberly Marcus
      Kimberly Marcus 69 weeks ago

      Hallo Zdenek, If your around in Febuary from the 8 till the 16th.. Perhaps we could meet up.. Just visiting from Germany.. see you there perhaps.. in-between i try to do some skiing..

  6. Kimberly Marcus
    Kimberly Marcus
    Stone Gardens

    I am visiting Seattle and Leavenworth for ten days and must do a few turns on the wall.. I know I can boulder but it would be nice to climb.. Anyone interested... My weight is 105 lbs.. I think 47 kilos I climb 6a to 7b with comfort.. I am not quite fam … ...

  7. Jonah Jensen-Young
    Jonah Jensen-Young
    Stone Gardens

    Howdy! Been climbing 7 years. Looking for a gym/trad climbing partner able to climb 1x-2x/week and day trips to the mountains. Lead 5.9/10a trad. Have gear but need more to combine with partner's for longer routes. Early morning 7-8 or evenings anytime.

  8. Ben Egbers
    Ben Egbers
    Stone Gardens

    Hey all! Looking for climbing partners to climb with at Stone Gardens-Ballard and outside as well. My work schedule doesn't really allow for regular climbing days and most of my free time is mid-week during the daytime and every other weekend. Trying … ...

  9. Miss M
    Miss M
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for a climbing partner for TR on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evenings. Can also do late morning/afternoon on weekends. I'm still pretty beginner, 5.8-5.9ish, I'm up to go when ever I have the opportunity. Meredith- 360 643 3371.

    • Gareth Coad
      Gareth Coad 92 weeks ago

      I'm assuming this is for stone gardens Ballard. I'm not in Seattle right now, I get back the 8th of June however I'm looking for a partner when I get back. If you can't find anyone sooner or are willing wait til then I'm down.

  10. Lauren B
    Lauren B
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for weekday morning/early afternoon climbing partners. I'm at the 5.9, breaking into 5.10 level on TR. I started sport leading outdoors at Rumney last summer and would like to get back into leading in the gym before heading for real rock this spr … ...

    • J Boyle
      J Boyle 103 weeks ago

      Lauren, I'd be willing to meet up once a week to trade some belays. I've been climbing at the gym for a little over a month and have done all bouldering as I haven't had a partner and have just been working on strength. I climb around 5.9-5.10 and would appreciate getting some rope time before touching real rock. Feel free to email or text me to set up a meet up. Josh 330-559-4961

    • Ben Egbers
      Ben Egbers 103 weeks ago

      Hey Lauren, I would also be up for trading belays as well, same goes for you Josh! Sounds like we are all in the same spot, been bouldering V2's and V3s and using the auto-belays a lot. I also climb around 5.9-5.10-. Been climbing for 11+ years with some breaks in there and looking to meet some folks to climb indoors and outdoors with. Feel free to email or text at or 509-823-3770. Hope to hear from you guys! Ben

    • Lauren B
      Lauren B 103 weeks ago

      Hey guys! Let's do this! I'm free tomorrow afternoon/evening and all day Saturday this week and my mornings should be pretty flexible next week. or 603.276.0085 Lauren

  11. J Boyle
    J Boyle
    Stone Gardens

    I'm looking for a few people who I can meet up at the gym and kind of push each other a bit. Not trying to shred it or send it, just trying to enjoy bouldering and climbing. I go just about anytime from early (6AM) to later (5-9PM) Shoot me an email i … ...

  12. Ada
    Stone Gardens

    Hi, moved to Seattle in September and looking for a weekend climbing partner at Stone Garden. I've been climbing on and off for about 7 years and generally can do 5.8 to 5.10. Just let me know if interested at

  13. Ada
    Stone Gardens

    I'm at Stone Gardens

  14. Eric Andersen
    Eric Andersen
    Stone Gardens

    I just moved to Seattle 3 months ago. I'm looking for a climbing partner who wants to climb twice a week indoors. I also have draws and a rope. Before i moved i could climb 5.10+ on tr and 5.9 on lead outdoors. I need to get back into the swing of things … ...

  15. Erin Rettke
    Erin Rettke
    Stone Gardens

    I'll be in town for a few days and am wanting to hit the walls! I climb 5.8 & 5.9 but can belay any level! I'd love to climb Wed the 21st at 10am for a couple hours!

  16. Elaine L
    Elaine L
    Stone Gardens

    Hi I'm looking for a climb partner at stone gardens. Almost anytime is cool. I usually climb 5.8 to 5.10s.

  17. Elaine L
    Elaine L
    Stone Gardens

    I'm at Stone Gardens

  18. Mark
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for a regular Tue/Thu night partner for TR, leading, bouldering, whatever seems fun that day. SG Seattle, or Exits after work when it gets nice.

  19. Gareth Coad
    Gareth Coad
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for a belay partner for the day, also it would be awesome if they could lead but not necessary. 206 817 9091

  20. Gareth Coad
    Gareth Coad
    Stone Gardens

    Looking for a climbing partner who has a relatively wide open schedule. Preferably someone who can lead or is willing to learn.