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78G Olympia Avenue Woburn, MA 01801

(781) 935-PEAK(7325)

The Boston Rock gym provides a safe, challenging and fun environment for any climbing enthusiast. People of all ages, and all climbing abilities come to the Boston Rock Gym to test their skill on our walls. With routes varying from 5.4 to 5.13 plus, on over 40 ropes, we have something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a beginning climber looking to try out the sport of indoor rock climbing, or a seasoned veteran looking for that off-season pump, the Boston Rock Gym is the place to be!

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  1. Jackie Sweet
    Jackie Sweet
    The Boston Rock Gym

    Looking for regular climbing partners at BRG. TR up to 5.10ish, bouldering around v3, looking to lead again

  2. Jackie Sweet
    Jackie Sweet
    The Boston Rock Gym

    Awesome route setting

  3. Anton Pugachevsky
    Anton Pugachevsky
    The Boston Rock Gym

    I'm a beginner climber (up to 5.10) looking for someone to partner with for a session.

    • Lizzette Mercado
      Lizzette Mercado 143 weeks ago

      I would love you go climbing with you. i'm a strong beginner if that's ok. I go climbing after work during the well around630 i'm at the gym and weekends I go whenever. Let me know!

  4. Lizzette Mercado
    Lizzette Mercado
    The Boston Rock Gym

    Hey guys! Im new to climbing and I'm trying to get some more experience and maybe learn a few things from other people. I don't mind what level you are, as long as you dont mind climbing with a newbie. I'm picking it up very well and i'm pretty sure i'll … ...

  5. Dave Baker
    Dave Baker
    The Boston Rock Gym

    Historic note for myself -- climbed at The Boston Rock Gym while passing through town.

  6. Joseph Townsend
    Joseph Townsend
    The Boston Rock Gym

    I'm looking for someone to lead climb or top rope with tomorrow or Thursday evening. I'll be driving down from the Methuen/Lowell area if you need a lift. I don't mind what grades you climb (I'm around 5.10) as long as you can belay safely. Joe

    • Nicole Keefe
      Nicole Keefe 235 weeks ago

      Hey Joe, If you ever want to climb in Nashua, come join the NH Rock Climbers group on We're going to be having Meetups at Vertical Dreams coming soon. Hope you can come!

  7. Joseph Townsend
    Joseph Townsend
    The Boston Rock Gym

    I recently moved to the area and am looking for someone to top rope and lead climb with on weekday evenings, I climb around 5.10 at the moment but hoping to improve. I'll be driving down from Lowell or Methuen if you need a lift. Joe

    • Michael
      Michael 249 weeks ago

      Hey Joe, let me know if you're still interested climbing tonight past 7:30PM at either RockSpot or Boston Rock Gym.

    • Joseph Townsend
      Joseph Townsend 249 weeks ago

      Hi Mike, Thanks for the invite but unfortunately I won't be able to make it tonight. Let me know if you're free for a trip to BRG tomorrow night or next week though. Joe

  8. Alex Varga
    Alex Varga
    The Boston Rock Gym

    I'm trying to find college aged people (around 19) to climb with north of Boston (near Andover). I climb up to easy 5.10s.

  9. Paul Fleming
    Paul Fleming
    The Boston Rock Gym

    I'm at The Boston Rock Gym