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11-11 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11101





Over 30,000 sq ft of climbing terrain. One of the largest gym in the country Over 125 top rope stations and tons of lead climbing 16ft Top-out bouldering Rappel tower Expertly set routes for all ability levels, from kids to pros Professional instructors with a passion for climbing Private Climbing & Party room Full Fitness Gym

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  1. Julianna
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a top rope partner either tonight after work [6-8ish] or this Sunday, 3/1. I'm flexible on the time for Sunday, but prefer AM. Beginner climber myself, sticking to 5.7s/5.8s but I'm belay certified so we'd be good to go for wherever you're at … ...

  2. Joyce W Lee
    Joyce W Lee
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Hi folks - just moved here from San Francisco. Looking for TR partner for indoor (and outdoor when season comes around). Free Monday evening for a climb at The Cliff? Hit me up -

  3. Cullen Rude
    Cullen Rude
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a top roping partner preferably for the AM but I'm available in the afternoon as well. My cell is (415) 439-0769.

  4. Kent Santin
    Kent Santin
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking to climb tonight, been climbing for many years and have been getting back into it over the last month or so. Have done plenty of top rope and lead climbing. Message me if interested! Kent

  5. diana
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a top rope partner! Free in the afternoon/ evening. Cheers!

  6. Martina Polo
    Martina Polo
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Hello Climbers! Anyone down to climbing weekday mornings 8am-10am? Message me :-)

  7. Lisa
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a top rope partner for tonight and/or tomorrow morning at Cliffs LIC. Message me!

  8. Marina Kviker
    Marina Kviker
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Anyone down for a little bit of top rope today? Hoping to climb for a couple of hours, hopefully around 3-4 pm-ish :)

  9. Kate
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Hello! I'm looking for a top rope partner at The Cliffs in LIC. I am available weekday evenings and sometimes on the weekends. Send me a message and let's climb!

    • Michael
      Michael 21 weeks ago

      Hi, Kate. I'm free tonight or tomorrow night from approx. 6-9 if you'd like to climb. I can meet at Cliffs LIC or BKB. Txt me if available: 917-280-3370 --Mike

  10. Martina Polo
    Martina Polo
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Hello! I'm looking for a top rope parter tonight. Anyone free?

  11. Allison George
    Allison George
    The Cliffs at LIC

    I'd love to find a regular belay partner for Wednesday or Thursday nights starting around 6 pm. Currently, I climb 5.9s and 5.8s but expect to be working on .10s soon.

  12. Hunter Tuttle
    Hunter Tuttle
    The Cliffs at LIC

    I am looking for a top rope belay partner for Sunday (9/28). I like to go early in the morning when all the ropes are clear, so if you're a fellow morning person and would like to climb, let me know.

  13. Seth Gross
    Seth Gross
    The Cliffs at LIC

    I am going to be at the Cliffs from 2 to 5 this afternoon. Looking for a partner for lead and top rope climbing. I've been climbing for many years, safe belayer. Thanks!

  14. Marina Kviker
    Marina Kviker
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a belay partner for the following times: Monday/Tuesday late afternoon/evening Friday late morning/early afternoon. Not lead certified yet, just top rope.

  15. katherine v
    katherine v
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a top rope partner. I'm available pretty much during the weekends and weekdays after 5 PM. If anyone is interested, please message, thanks!

  16. Kyle Rogers
    Kyle Rogers
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Hey all, I'm looking for a belay partner looking to climb relatively regularly during the week after 5 or early on the weekends. I used to climb a lot, but have done almost zero physical activity over the past year (I was finish my masters, give me a bre … ...

    • Amanda Friedman
      Amanda Friedman 43 weeks ago

      Hey Kyle, I climb at LIC regularly and am always down for more partners. I can get there as early as 5:45pm and usually go on Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday is the weather is crappy. I can top rope or lead. If you want to meet up txt me 443-791-1207!

    • Alex Adisorn
      Alex Adisorn 42 weeks ago

      Hey dude, I'm getting back into climbing as well. I moved here from the west coast where I climbed for years but switched my focus to Muay Thai, but now want to focus more on rockclimbing again. I can climb evenings as well during the week and sometimes on the weekened, depending on how slanted I am from the previous night. How about tomorrow night or wednesday anytime?

  17. Anuja Shah
    Anuja Shah
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Anyone available to trade a belay?

  18. Megan G.
    Megan G.
    The Cliffs at LIC

    Looking for a TR partner for tomorrow afternoon/eve. or weekday eve. at Cliffs LIC

  19. 1b1ad0c0
    The Cliffs at LIC

    I'm at The Cliffs at LIC

  20. Hunter Tuttle
    Hunter Tuttle
    The Cliffs at LIC

    I like to climb after work (around 7:15 or 7:30PM) and on the weekend (generally in the morning). If anyone would be interested in TR climbing at those times feel free to message me. Thanks!