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396 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113


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  1. Nicholas
    The Studio

    San Jose climbers - I need a belay partner at the Studio this afternoon. Looking to climb any time from 1:00 to close. If you have good belay skills and are available, let me know!

  2. Pamela
    The Studio

    Anyone want to climb at The Studio today? Flexible on time (available anytime as of now).

  3. Shawna
    The Studio

    Looking for some semi regular belay partners (random work travel makes regular difficult).

  4. Carla Rosa
    Carla Rosa
    The Studio

    I'm looking for a regular partner for either top rope or lead climb with (or both!) at the Studio in San Jose. Currently working on TR 11a and leading 10s. I'm coming off of a climbing hiatus that I took to nurse an injury and I'm trying to get back into … ...

  5. Pete Laskey
    Pete Laskey
    The Studio

    I'm at The Studio

  6. Eric
    The Studio

    Looking for a TR partner 3 days a week, MWTH. Usually can do 530 pm. Email is best

  7. Ricky Zhou
    Ricky Zhou
    The Studio

    I just move to San Jose. I am looking for a regular belay partner for TR or leading at the Studio during the evening of weekdays or weekends at the Studio. I am pretty flexible about the climbing days of the week. Text me if you are interested: … ...

  8. Wanning
    The Studio

    Looking to climb for a couple of hours starting around 4:30pm or 5pm at The Studio. Text me if interested! (408) 892-5369

  9. Geordon Bean
    Geordon Bean
    The Studio

    I'm looking for a regular partner and someone who would like to lead climb. I've been lead climbing for a few years now, both indoors and outdoors, so I only need to pass the lead test. Feel free to call or text me 650-537-8051

  10. Liz Mallett
    Liz Mallett
    The Studio

    Anyone want to climb ropes sometime in the next few hours (fri Apr 4th morning/afternoon) at Studio? Text me 4084604320 if interested :)

  11. Wanning
    The Studio

    Anyone up for climbing for a couple of hours today starting around 10am? (408)892-5369

  12. Geordon Bean
    Geordon Bean
    The Studio

    Hello, I recently joined The Studio and my regular partner stayed at Planet Granite. I'm looking for a regular partner and someone who would like to lead climb. I've been lead climbing for a few years now at Planet Granite as well as outdoors so I on … ...

  13. Ivana Y
    Ivana Y
    The Studio

    I'm at The Studio

  14. Ivana Y
    Ivana Y
    The Studio

    Hello--just got my gym membership for The Studio and I'm looking for a regular belay partner for Tuesday evenings, 6pm-whenever. I'm currently working on 11s and boulder V2-V3s. Shoot me a text if interested! Ivana (408) 821-1596

  15. Wanning
    The Studio

    I'm looking to climb for a couple of hours starting around 3:30pm - 5:30pm. I climb around 5.10s and working on 5.11as, and am open to any level. Text me if interested: (408) 892-5369.

  16. Chris C
    Chris C
    The Studio

    Looking for TR or Lead partner at THE STUDIO today (Monday, 26-Aug). This afternoon/eve. Thanks!

  17. EDDIE
    The Studio

    I'm at The Studio

  18. Liz Mallett
    Liz Mallett
    The Studio

    hey, anyone interested in doing some lead or toprope at the studio this afternoon/evening? i'm in the area and hoping to climb. Text me 4084604320

  19. Christina
    The Studio

    Looking for a climbing partner tomorrow, for some top roping! Time flexible! Shoot me an email at

  20. Cecilia Carrillo
    Cecilia Carrillo
    The Studio

    Hey everyone! I'm a beginner who just joined The Studio in San Jose looking for a climbing partner. I'm pretty much new to climbing in general and would love if someone could help me transition into this new sport. Any day during the evenings would work … ...

    • Grace
      Grace 109 weeks ago

      Hi Cecilia! I am a beginner climber as well, also looking for a partner. I think you might be searching for someone with some experience, but let me know if you'd also like someone who is new to the scene. I am usually free during evenings too!

    • Eileen hemeryck
      Eileen hemeryck 109 weeks ago

      Hi Cecilia and Grace! I'm joining the gym tonight...and am looking for others to climb with. I am also a beginner and free most evenings. Let me know if you'd like to meet up. Thanks!!

    • Cecilia Carrillo
      Cecilia Carrillo 109 weeks ago

      Hi Grace, Eileen! I would love to join both of you. :) I'm definitely okay with climbing with you two. I've been climbing all month. I'm free pretty much every day in the evenings. It might change later on due to work but I'll let you know ahead of time. Send me a text or give me a call! (209)485-3625


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  • ajay fay
    ajay fay

    this place is legit!! Most climbing Gyms are basically the same- with few variations, like quality of the holds they use, and the type of routes they set.. And they all have shirtless dusche bags that are in charge of setting and running the place.. But NOT the studio.. Their Staff is Sooo Chill!! AND there routes are great. Both Lead and boulder.. I love this place! Come Climb here! The only recommendation would be to toss the giant empty fish tank and rearrange the weights area.. But really, its no big deal..

  • Will

    I really enjoyed visiting this awesome gym! The staff was very welcoming and friendly, and the facility was clean and bright. Tons of TR, lead and bouldering. You should bring your own belay device as the ropes do not have them, and you will need to be tested before belaying. I think they DO lend belay devices though. The routes are taped large and clear. I love that they tape on TOP of certain holds over overhangs so it's easier to identify! They have allen keys readily available should there be spinners. I also love that it used to be a movie theatre, so you'll def have a cool experience. Early bird discount as well before 3pm on weekdays.