Indoor climbing, The Yetis Lair at The Ledge

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Rock Climbing The Yetis Lair at The Ledge
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369 S. 6th Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

(541) 882-5586

As of October 2007, "The Yeti's Lair" Climbing gym is the first and only of its type currently located in Klamath Falls. Designed by High Performance Climbing Walls of Vancouver, British Columbia, there is approximately five thousand square feet of wall with multiple routes that are changed regularly. We at The Yeti's Lair feel that a climbing gym should be a challenging experience, with an ever-changing environment. This creates an opportunity for everyone to be limited only by his or her own effort. Not only physically challenging, a gym is also a great way to interact socially, from ages 2 to 102.

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