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1912 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210


Thrillseekers is constantly being updated. Features and routes are continually changed and added to keep our facility a constant challenge to anyone, from beginners to advanced climbers. * Over 12,000 sq ft of climbing surface * 35 ft Great roof * 19 to 26 ft of vertical ascent (with overhanging features, routes can be significantly longer) * 38 Top Ropes = over 100 routes of all climbing grades * 5 arches = dozens of lead routes of varying difficulty * 300 Foot Mega Bouldering Traverse * Upstairs Bouldering Cave * Rappelling Practice Area * Lessons * Free Weights * Spotter's Cage * Stair Stepper * Training Boards * Campus Board * Stretching Area * Locker Rooms * FREE Lighted Parking with Security Cameras

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  1. Amy Kuether
    Amy Kuether

    Just looking for someone to climb with - anywhere in the Denver area really

  2. Brook V
    Brook V

    I'm at Thrillseekers