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9580 Distribution Ave. San Diego, CA, 92121


Over 20 000 sq.ft. of textured climbing surface. Over 250 beginner, intermediate and advanced routes. Featuring and adjustable crack system, chimney, rappel station, finger boards, rock rings and canvas board.

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  1. Tsailing Wong
    Tsailing Wong
    Vertical Hold

    I'm at Vertical Hold

  2. Leah Bugg
    Leah Bugg
    Vertical Hold

    Hi, I've just moved to San Diego and will be working not far from Vertical Hold. Looking for people to climb with (at any of the walls / outside in San Diego). I've been a few times but would say I'm still fairly new to climbing in the grand scheme of … ...

    • Tayloe Kelly
      Tayloe Kelly 186 weeks ago

      Hey Leah, I'm always looking for climbing partners! I'm nursing a hurt finger, but it's like 95% healed, so I should be back in action in the next week or two. I climb at Mesa Rim. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's pretty rad. Can't climb tomorrow, but hit me up if you want to go out next week! 619-794-4717. Text is good! Tayloe

    • Leah Bugg
      Leah Bugg 186 weeks ago

      Nice one! My gear hasn't come over yet but should arrive in the next couple of weeks so rest that finger and I'll give you a shout when I can climb. I may also have a USA phone by then (I'm from the UK). Thanks, Leah

  3. Courtney Chu
    Courtney Chu
    Vertical Hold

    Looking for a TR partner, any ability, around noon today. I'm headed there right now and will be bouldering until I find someone - light blue tank top and black pants. Thanks!

  4. Anna Kim
    Anna Kim
    Vertical Hold

    Shoot me a text if you are up to top rope tomorrow evening starting 7pm. 650-787-7930

  5. Anna Kim
    Anna Kim
    Vertical Hold

    I'll be in town this week and would like to climb on Thursday evening for a couple of house. I can start any time after 6:30pm. I climb 5/11s and can belay any level. Please send me a message if you're interested in. You also can call or text me to 650- … ...

  6. Cody B Mercer
    Cody B Mercer
    Vertical Hold

    I'm at Vertical Hold

  7. Hector Murua Jr
    Hector Murua Jr
    Vertical Hold

    looking for a climbing buddy... dont really like to go alone :/ this call is not only for today so you can txt me at (714)350-1390 thank you

  8. Cheryl Hackworth
    Cheryl Hackworth
    Vertical Hold

    Visiting San Diego over the Christmas holiday. Would love to TR or lead with someone. Ping me if you're available! Thanks!

    • Matt Pennock
      Matt Pennock 269 weeks ago

      I will be visiting SD as well.. would like to visit Mission Gorge or somewhere where there's good sport climbing... -Matt

  9. Karen Grace Alegre
    Karen Grace Alegre
    Vertical Hold

    I'm at Vertical Hold

  10. Tony C
    Tony C
    Vertical Hold

    I'm at Vertical Hold