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315 Jefferson Street, Olympia, Washington 98501

(360) 596-WALL

At the Warehouse Rock Gym our goal is to teach and learn the art of rock climbing. In the heart of downtown Olympia we have created an atmosphere that embodies fun and learning and is committed to maintaining an all-ages atmosphere where everybody feels welcome to climb at all levels of skill.

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Warehouse Rock Gym activity

  1. Steve Shiflett
    Steve Shiflett
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Looking for a climbing partner for Warehouse Rock Gym or outside

  2. Bill Grantham
    Bill Grantham
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Hi all, I go to the WareHouse Rock Gym 2 to 3 times a week. I'm looking for others interested in indoor climbing a few times a week and outdoor climbing adventures as well. I would love to get down to Tieton and see what that's all about. Also interested … ...

    • Jennifer Wood
      Jennifer Wood 238 weeks ago

      Hi. I am also looking for a climbing partner for a few times per week. What times are you available? I am busy on Tuesdays, but most other weeknights after 4:30 pm are free. I can belay either top or lead rope.

    • Bill Grantham
      Bill Grantham 238 weeks ago

      Hi Jennifer. Thursdays, every other Saturday, and Sundays are usually good for me all day or after 4:30 pm and most other days are good from 12 pm until 2:30 pm, depending on my work schedule. What do you like to climb?

  3. Bill Grantham
    Bill Grantham
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    I'm at Warehouse Rock Gym

  4. Isaiah Akers
    Isaiah Akers
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Looking for a frequent climbing partner to climb with at the Warehouse Rock Gym in Olympia, WA. My goal is to climb at least 3 to 4 times a week and develop my climbing technique further. Hit me up if you wanna tear it up!

  5. Suzanna Stoike
    Suzanna Stoike
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Hi~ Looking for a partner for top rope routes, usually between 5.7 and 5.10a. Nothing too challenging, but I do like to keep moving and get a good workout in. Evenings after 5:30 work best for me!

    • Isaiah Akers
      Isaiah Akers 241 weeks ago

      Still looking for a partner? I am available after 5 everyday. I Top rope climb in the same range as you.

  6. willow henry
    willow henry
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    i am looking for a climbing partner my schedule has been a bit busy but soon will calm down i still do have time for rock climbing looking for some one that knows how to lead. thanks :)

  7. Ashley Lloyd
    Ashley Lloyd
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Hey, I'm in Olympia for most of the summer and looking for a climbing partner. I climb about 5.10a but would love a partner of any ability. My schedule is ridiculously flexible- any time that works for you!

    • Bryan Clark
      Bryan Clark 247 weeks ago

      I climb 5.10a/b top rope/lead and am always looking to climb. My schedule is pretty open so if you ever want to climb let me know.

  8. Bryan Clark
    Bryan Clark
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    I'm at v3-v4 and looking to start top rope routes and eventually lead routes.I have a flexible schedule and I've got the bug to climb...

    • Jeremy Moon
      Jeremy Moon 259 weeks ago

      Hey Bryan, I'll be climbing at the rock gym Wednesday and probably Thursday in the afternoon or evening if you'd like to join me. Feel free to shoot me a message here or email to I'm not commited to any specific time so let me know what works for you.

    • Bryan Clark
      Bryan Clark 259 weeks ago

      As soon as I post I'm flexible my schedule becomes regimented. But if you're down to climb on thursday I could be there around 6:30.

    • Jeremy Moon
      Jeremy Moon 259 weeks ago

      Thursday at 6:30 works for me

  9. Tyler Ryan
    Tyler Ryan
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    I'm at Warehouse Rock Gym

    • Mark Bush
      Mark Bush 262 weeks ago

      hay bro we need to hit 38 again kinda going crazyyyyyy here.

  10. Gregory James Keating
    Gregory James Keating
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    First time visiting the Warehouse Rock Gym. It was a good time and will definitely be back to the point I will be purchasing a membership here. It isn't a huge gym and perhaps this disappointed me some yet will not impact my decision on going back. I ...

  11. Mark Bush
    Mark Bush
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    I'm at Warehouse Rock Gym Looking to met new and fun friends

  12. Jeremy Moon
    Jeremy Moon
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Looking for climbing partners for evenings (5:30pm and later usually) on any day beside Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a lead belay card and lead about 5.9, top rope 5.10a. Bouldering partners would be cool too! I'm down for both chill and more focuse … ...

  13. Nathan D. Gates
    Nathan D. Gates
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Looking for a Belay Partner

  14. Jeremy Moon
    Jeremy Moon
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Onsighted a 5.9 on lead, still working the bottom moves of the 10a in the back near the cave.

  15. Chris Flory
    Chris Flory
    Warehouse Rock Gym

    Just moved to Olympia and looking to meet local climbers! I'd be up for routes or bouldering tomorrrow. Prefer to get there on the early side, 9 or 10. Didn't get in much climbing towards the end of summer so probably on 5.10s/V3, but always a solid bela … ...