Rock climbing on White Imperialist Area Rock wall

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A mix of overhang and vertical climbing. Fun wall. Good sun in the afternoon.

Follow the marked trail past Golf Course and Real Good Time. This wall is around the corner from view of lake with overhang on the right side of the wall. A large boulder close to the cliff on the right side with a decline on the right side of the boulder is a good landmark.

Bring mosquito spray in the summer.

White Imperialist Area climbs, routes & problems

5.10a Johnny Mnemonic Johnny Mnemonic Not yet rated
5.10a Golden Horde Golden Horde Not yet rated
5.10b Dark Design Dark Design Not yet rated
5.10b Yellow Peril Yellow Peril Not yet rated
5.10b Spin Spin Not yet rated
5.10b Carom Carom Not yet rated

5.10c Red Menace Red Menace Not yet rated
5.10c Bubble Theory Bubble Theory Not yet rated
5.10c Rhymes with Orange Rhymes with Orange Not yet rated
5.10c Fink Flamingos Fink Flamingos Not yet rated
5.10d White Imperialist White Imperialist Not yet rated
5.11a A Bold New Plan A Bold New Plan Not yet rated

5.12a Chinatown Chinatown Not yet rated
5.12a Dance Me Outside thumbnail Not yet rated
5.12b No Tickee No Laundry No Tickee No Laundry Not yet rated
5.7 Homer Downs a Duff Homer Downs a Duff Not yet rated
5.8 Gizmo Gizmo Not yet rated
5.9 Lawyers, Guns and Money Lawyers, Guns and Money Not yet rated

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